the real planet of luck

By virgoOPPPMay 28, 2022 3:44am — 14 replies
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Your dxp natal chart
the date you joined dxp holds great significance as you felt compelled to register into this dark abyss i don t get users who keep deleting and recreating vs just logging off for extended periods of time as needed but i guess y alls multiple recreation d
Do you hate parties where you know no one?
where you know absolutely no one there at all what yall think of them i went to one last weekend and couldnt for the life of me think of what to say thats a bit next level final boss type socializing public speaking is a breeze compared because it
Kundli and planetary position
never heard of that is this anything interesting
Your venus persona chart
they say your venus persona chart goes in depth on how you love or are in relationships what does yours look like does it feel fitting post yours and describe how you are in relationships are you affectionate how do you show you care about someo
The asteroid Ceres in the natal chart
ive tried so hard to find more info on this asteroid but there isn t much im interested in what this asteroid means because i have it conjunct my moon in the 12th house does anyone know what this could mean indicate thanks
Wtf is wrong with me?
so all of my life plans are somehow tied to having a life with someone like everything else will automatically fall into piece for example there is a man i like who is not interested in my existence and he lives in a nice big city here i am dreaming
Ask a 12th house person anything
im bored and thought it would be interesting what questions ppl have for 12th house ppls any one who is a 12th houser can respond too if you re not sure if your a 12th house person this astrologer uses this criteria having a 12th house stellium
signs of fictional characters
what are the signs of some fictional characters that you feel strongly resemble them snow from fables ive always thought def a virgo shes so virgo it makes me uncomfortable lol but i know a capricorn dude basically created her character descript
5/10 Mercury Retrograde, Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
this shit has been hell i just found out i have to pay a large sum of money because i was paid too much work has been such a mess and i bumped into a parked car in the parking lot at my gym so im anxiety ridden especially because this is my dads car
Scorpio lunar eclipse (5/15-5/16)
as written by astromomma posted on facebook total lunar eclipse in scorpio- the only way out is through intense total transformation the skeletons of the past come back on may 15 16th we have the massive and life changing total lunar eclipse i