What's your ideal partner - Dream Man/Dream Girl

By LibraJacksonOctober 30, 2019 10:16am — 27 replies
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what sign or placements would you think is more fit and compatible for me im a capricorn sun aries moon saggitarius venus and scorpio rising
nothing you have to report about last days-week?
with all these cardinal signs cap-can-ar-lib aspects not even what happened yesterday in the stadium saturn in capricorn at 14 degree pluto in capricorn at 20 degree north node in cancer at 12 degree mars in libra at 15 degree yesterday was moon in
12th House Attraction
i have my 12th house in gemini i have found over the last three or so years that i am highly attracted to geminis it s like a feeling inside that i will end up being with a gem sun or some other personal gemini placement this was also after i fell i
you ever noticed that theres an axis theme in the shadowy sectors organized crimes secret societies rumored power shifts of a new order and all other things that people like to whisper about and their past seems always to be littered with abuse th
Sign you have social disconnect with? (Opposite sex)
air signs its like our humor is totally opposite they dont laugh at stupid stuff the way i do they are more long winded in conversation while i lose interest amp get bored so i try to butt in mid conversation amp expand on idea i like to get my
i d really appreciate if you guys reply i was dating a scorpio man being an aquarius myself i gave my freedom for us to work out he loves me or he loved me idk but he thinks i wasn t committed enough and somehow he think i m not loyal he is accusing me
Advice: Sag Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Venus, Virgo Mars
what would be your general interpretation and advice guys would love to hear your opinions
What do you think of these placements in a man?
sun-sag moon-gem rising-scorp mars-scorp venus-sag mercury-scorp
Thank you for this useful tip!
the other day i posted in an aries forum about my ex whos making his way back into my life all the feedback was super helpful one in particular stood out to me this person told me to go back and read my old topics i did and i also went back and