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  • That’s me. With Gem moon/AS/mars I feel intense in new connections, but I also have a tendency to emotionally jump to the next best thing. Emotional cheaters? Maybe - or maybe having emotions spread to more than one person, just not necessarily equally
  • do you know a Pisces is interested? And what if you rejected them once? Would that make them less forward? I may like this Pisces guy but I friend zoned him a while back because well there was reasons. And none of them were to do with him 😖. So
  • I hate having Gemini in the 12th house hbu?
  • I am pisces woman and i have a Gemini ex . It has been 9 years since we last talked . I recently added him on FB and he immediately accepted it . We started talking from there . He keeps on complimenting me . I was just shocked since he still remembered e
  • i thought it was love at first sight to realize that his libra BM meant more to him uh i cant believe i admitted that. anyways. He would have kept us both but she gave him an ultimatum and he chose her...smh. i didnt care about titles i just knew when we
  • He loves me already? My aquarius man and I started dating a month ago, he's moving fast and i am too. We're def have a connection we made it exclusive three weeks in and now he says he loves me. I'm a gem so i can go with the flow but I'm scared to use th
  • I want out! It's been a quite nice couple of months but its just never felt right...It's come to a natural end for me. He's gone away for a week for work, we've had to cancel a trip we had booked this weekend. There's no physical contact, not sure old a c
  • I find it so hard to stick to a decision especially when I'm dating. Even if I have an inkling the guy is shit I get so curious as to why people are a certain way I either stay in the situation or say I'm not going to contact them again and end up doing i
  • I've read so many conflicting things lately about Geminis... Some sources say they are super clingy, need constant attention, and don't like being alone. Other things say they need a ton of space and don't like clingy people. What's a person supposed t
  • Me and the Gem text a little each day but sometimes they come across as cold/not bothered. We don't see each other more than a couple of times a week because we work different shift patterns. Today he said he missed me but it feels like he's not totally m
  • So this Gemini I've ben FB friends with for a few years has been trying to date me. I was never single and told him this. He kept saying no ring, yet jokingly. I recently ended things with my ex and waited a couple of weeks and hit him up. He was skeptica
  • I am a cancer leo cusp female My Gem bf said we are on a break. We were about to move in together, and right on the day of it happening he flipped out and we are on a break instead. I was pissed how he did this so childishly, I said I'm not upset you nee
  • So hey, yall probably know how i was hooked on this gemini guy right? Well... we stopped talking and i was actually glad because i started to see how he didnt really seem all that interested and it was me who was making excuses up for his behaviour. So h
  • remove please!
  • Hey DXP! It's been a while! I got my one bff on here that I text daily and stopped coming! Anywho, I'm back for serious advice. So I'm dating a Gem. I never thought I'd be attracted to one, but I am so in love. We have only been dating a few months, bu
  • And the "same time" girl are out at the same amusement park I am and I'm ready to fight him so bad.
  • So... yall probably know about this Gemini guy I like, well I thought I was crazy because he was so hot n cold and maybe it was all in my head? Well nope, I googled it and apparently it’s very common for Gemini men, they’re sweet talkers but their actions
  • ignoring me out of the blue. Yesterday we were having a blast, laughing and everything, today he wont even say "Hi" :D I feel betrayed yall, why u do this gem people
  • What up gemini? I'm another gemini who is struggling to commit to someone who struggles to just be considerate. Whats your advice on dealing with someone whose super selfish?
  • I have not been posting lately as I was away on vacation. I have am amazing time visiting my cousin in Paris who took me to some beautiful villages in the south of France. Things are going so fast and smoothly with my Aries I suspect a proposal by Chris