happy birthday @Jumpin_Jupiter

By hydorahJune 13, 2022 11:08pm — 18 replies
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Happy Birthday, @borednbeautiful 🎂
wish you all the best https www funimada com assets images cards big gemini-5 gif
Are Gemini's always clueless of what they actually want?
especially if they have heavily fixed placement state with your mars placements plz
No DREAMS forum?
i had a dream being at new job at the company that apparently has to do something with paper i am wearing knock-out designer suit ivory color and high heels an i am feeling well like knock out myself huge company building so many ours and paper every
On MY BDAY you can expect to have following
aries the moon in your sign aries connects with saturn in aquarius which could find you forming solid social connections and you re feeling especially attractive as the moon meets venus in aries your career goals might be shifting as the moon squa
Gemini women appreciation thread.
i just wanted to say that gemini women are amazing and deserve their own appreciation thread that is all
Why am I feeling crappy and numb
for about 2 months now i am feeling fatigue and numb and like staying in bed thursday i pulled myself by the hair and went to this huge event downtown coming back i wanted to lay down and staying in bed and do nothing but worse that i don t feel any
5 months with Gémini, im cap
greetings first off why do g minis even exist is the 700 friends that you dont even know in facebook a common thing or does my g mini just have low self steem all of you have messy rooms houses i know youre all about ideas and communicating but re
Stages of love
when you falling in love - the scary thing is to lose the person you in love right then he is assuring you he is not going anywhere still who knows he might change his mind right time goes by and relationship is even and fun and we learning about e
Children and me
i see sum beeches removed my thread whatever liberal asses i ll make it boring why don t i like children they love me i don t bullshit them i talk to them like if they were people my chart below still who removed my thread sun gemin