I need help with Gemini guy?

By Bee93October 24, 2020 12:14pm — 6 replies
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i love her my gem partner but i know it may not work out and i don t think she has my kids best interest etc i can t seem to let go of her
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https youtu be tfxu9ucerdk does this resonates with anyone
what s the best way to help a gemini woman when she s fed up with life and it becomes a routine what can i do to help her it s a hard question as she has 2 children and the dad isn t really involved at the moment i just want to take her away from it
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from her memoir abc of my life i like the joie de vivre the vitality the speed the absence of chichi in gemini women my women friends happen all to be born under that sign i want to say that i am completely agreed with this i adore gemini wom
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so i had a 3 years very intense relationship with a gemini man who treated me badly together with the fact that he jokes a lot and i used to take his jokes like literally personal we finally broke up bc of his constant cheating flirting and talking w o
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