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Does Gemini man always prioritize friends?
early days of dating a gemini man but i m starting to notice that time with friends seem to take a priority for him over dates even when sex is guaranteed lol i hear from him every day by text although the texts are usually brief we see each other a
Am I wrong for this ?
i havent posted on here for quite a while as i didnt want to annoy the shit out of you all like i did before with my problems with the gem in my life anyway most of you know our past so rencetly things have been worst than its ever been she told me
My very personal Love/Hurt relationships with Geminis
first off i read on a twitter discussion that this sign is of the the most abused and mocked sign in popular culture if a character is crazy we found out later its because its a gemini so posters of this sign protested this misrepresentation i
Intrigued to know
question for gems can i ask how can you be so in love and in need of someone one day and then the next day keep it all casual like not worried if things work or not is this just normal for you guys but when i start to pull back and mirror my gem she st
Gemini man losing interest or just needs time?
hi im a sagittarius girl pisces moon virgo rising scorpio venus and have recently matched with a gemini guy taurus venus on tinder on monday we started having small talk and eventually started texting via snapchat on tuesday where we hit it off
Is there a difference between a MAY and JUNE gemini?
i recently started seeing a june gemini and he s already calling me his girlfriend we ve been on multiple dates hes going to a dinner party with me for my friend and always checks in is this normal not to mention he s haitian just throwing that in
Gemini girl losing interest or too early to tell?
hi thanks for taking the time to read a bit of background i started talking to a gem girl around the start of this year wed seen each other before but never talked we initially talked over a group conference i remember her first impression of me
Are Gemini men obvious when they are interested?
i realize geminis tend to be hot and cold but is it clear when they are actually interested in someone ive met this gemini and im not sure what to make of him he is 39 and i am 30 according to a couple of mutual friends he isnt ready for anything
Gemini man posted this? Need help with meaning lol
so i ve been dating yet another confusing gemini it s weird because he has the same birth chart as my ex the only difference is he s a leo mars amp rising so we met on easter he told me was in town and he invited to his airbnb for a pool day i m th
Gemini Men have a certain charm to them
but what i honestly want to know is why gemini men are so addicting has anyone else experienced something similar what about a gemini drives you wild