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Zodiac Signs of Government Leaders
im sure this has been posted before but it is funny to look at the current leaders astrology signs and see how they act with one another theyre all fire or air signs trump 06 14 and pence 06 07 are both geminis and i believe they perfectly rep
Gemini man confusing me!
i am a sag female who has been dating a gemini guy for the last year he was single when i met him although he failed to tell me about his ex of 22 years who he was apparently trying to work things out with she is also a saggi for the last year he has b
Gemini Man confusing me..
theres a gem guy in my life that i used to be best friends with when i was younger about 2 months ago we reconnected after like 8 years of not talking we began sleeping together amp seeing each other every week for a little over 2 months last week
Gemini and cancer potential relationship... or not
so the story goes like this i met this girl online we hitted it immediately very strong verbal and mental connection she asked for my number switched from forum dms to whatsapp one week of texting more and i finally invited her for a coffee we l
Gemini says we need talk...
i asked what about and he says it s about us we ll talk i apologize for the way i been acting be a little patient with me please can someone break this down please
Who loves Gemini women more?
scorpio men or capricorn
can anyone tell me more about my Gemini man from his Birthchart placements ?
zodiac tropical sun gemini 17 37 moon aquarius 4 53 mercury cancer 9 58 venus taurus 1 52 mars leo 21 33 jupiter libra 4 50 saturn pisces 0 19 uranus capricorn 21 28 r neptune capricorn 20 37 r pluto scorpio 23
How do yall let go of people you are invested in?
i am a gemini sun moon mars taurus mercury with aries venus i find it so hard to let go even if they cut me off even if i get hurt i get my heartbroken then i fall into depression with my placements so much air i would be cutting people off left a
Aqua messing up w a Gemini man.
so yeah here it goes this is a very aqua thread language i started seeing a gemini man heres the butter i drove to his house we sat down he jumped all over me i didnt even have time to realize if i really liked him but he kissed me tou
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