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  • The ascendant is how we perceive our personality, our true self.
    The descendant is how we are perceived by others in our partnerships.

    For example, a Gemini ascendant would describe himself as a lifelong learner, curious and adaptable but other people would describe him as a Sagg (wise, a teacher and adventurous) because only the person or someone who is really close would know that the person like to learn and are curious but by result of all this knowledge and curiosity the person would appear wise and a explorer to others.

    Do you agree?

    Why is it relevant? There are people like me (Neptunian) who have trouble knowing what is the image they Project onto others and the descendant is this image.

    The real challenge here is balancing who you really are with who you are through a partner lens like a mirror.
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Posted by sagittariusxo
    Posted by Damnata
    I used to be really emotionally volatile when I hit puberty. Prior to that I was very melancholic and shy.

    My mother's way of dealing with this was to yell back and slam doors and cry and make scenes and I never was one for theatrics. Deep down I was ashamed of my own, let alone witness someone else. I remember looking at her and thinking "this woman is barely managing her own emotions, let alone doing anything in the way of discipline. nothing to respect here". To this day that behavior in people leaves me cold.

    My father on the other hand..he would refuse to engage me. He'd walk out the room and all I could get from him was silence or looking at me sad and sighing. I'd want the ground to open up and swallow me...that's the level of shame I felt. I'd get my act together quick.

    i have heard this before. and im not sure where i stand or how my son sees me.
    i think im emotionally stable but at times, not often i do lose it, i get very overwhelmed with him, and how he is treating me, how he is acting, ungrateful and disrespectful and i will go Hulk monster on him... just Yelling, throwing things away, i will slap his mouth or grab his arm and toss him (not abusively but aggressively) in his room. he will cry and he will say he hates his life.. i always feel terrible when this happens, that i let him get me so upset that much......and i usually always apologize when times settle (ill say that im sorry, that i hate when i get that way, that he made me so angry by doing or pushing me the way that he did. i tell him i don't want to be that way but i need his help. it doesn't happen often tho. but i can only imagine him getting older and that getting worse. and that scares me.

    my sons dad, although has been up and down with his abilities to be a proper man and able to be present has recenely turned his life around but welcoming a new son, and has establish a new relationship and family with someone my son does like so their relationship is a good one. and i stay positive for him in that aspect because i think its important for my son and his father to be friends while we raise him. so luckily i support my sons love for his dad and his dad is doing his best to be the best for our son. i don't know how that relationship is behind closed doors but he loves his dad and can talk to his dad and defends his dad unmeasurablity so i support that and i think that's good for my son.

    but i do feel very hurt that my son may want to leave me for the family his dad so QUICKLY establish and i move slowly into allowing that to be my life.

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    In what house is your capricorn moon if i may ask i do not mean to offend you haha my stepdad was a leo with a capricorn moon and gemini ascendant he was very negative and harsh and ofcourse with a woman it's different.
  • Gemini ascendant: how you approach love at the beginning, your ideal type

    Gemini moon: where you’re most comfortable in a relationship, how you want to be nurtured and cared for

    Sag venus: your “true” venus and values in love

    Scorp mercury: how you express affection, how vocal you are about love

    Taurus mars: how you approach sex, seduction, and flirtation

    Not sure how I feel about that.
  • Hey guys,

    I have the placements above plus Mars in the 1st house (Gemini Ascendant)

    I've Always dreamt about starting my own business and I'm brainstorming ideas.
    As an Astro Junkie, I've been looking for clues of what kind of business should I start based on my natal chart.

    My #1 passion is bodybuilding and today I had an eureka moment...
    To create (Aries) an online forum (11th house) focused on Bodybuilding (Mars) and Self Improvement (Scorpio Moon and Pluto 6th house)

    My 2nd house is ruled by the Moon so Money coming from the public.

    From an Astrologial POV, Is there a potential?

    Venus 12th house could point to Money coming from the Neptunian stuff (arts, films, drugs, healing methods, beauty and etc)... I have an youtube channel too that made me a bit of Money.

    A fitness/bodybuilding online community = Aries 11th house and Mars 1st house
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Posted by GemLover
    Sorry I don't agree to the op. I think water signs tend to age the worst. And if you doubt me, just take a look at bill Cosby for example.
    my mom is a cancer she looks pretty old but that's also because she smoked since she was 12 she does have a Gemini rising but a moon on cancer as well and Venus also in cancer. My grandpa who is 86 Aquarius with moon in Aries has no wrinkles only circles under his eyes my other grandpa Libra with moon in Aquarius actually looks older.
    The girlfriend of my step-dad Virgo with Aries moon looks young for her age. Same for my step-dad Leo with Capricorn moon Gemini Ascendant.

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