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  • Lioness888
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    Posted by RockyMountainOysters
    Posted by Lioness888
    Why is this in Chinese horoscopes forum 😕😂

    Cause I'm a Chinese chicken and the forum wasnt getting any love.
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    It's racist. I want a Lebanese horoscopes forum. This butter ain't fair.
  • Lioness888
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    Why is this in Chinese horoscopes forum 😕😂
  • I dont believe in those daily horoscopes, they're usually too vague. The placements to help indicate a person's behavior and personality usually is a bit spot on....at least so far
  • EvatheDiva52
    Pisces: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, AND Chiron
    53 years old female

    Neptune goes into retrograde in Pisces on June 18, 2018 and ends on November 24, 2018. Tap into your creativity during this time. You'll be extra sensitive and open to new pathways, so you might create something you're really proud of.

    http://starsign style .com/neptune-retrograde-pisces/


    This is definitely one for the Pisces Rising among us, plus those with Neptune highlighted strongly in the chart and those born under this zodiac sign of the Fish in general. Before we get too excited, take note that Neptune appears Retro nearly half the time. Yes, 40% of the year Neptune appears Retrograde. Neptune appearing retrograde heightens our collective sensitivity and receptivity but things could still be mighty confusing. Perhaps we can see and sense more, with heightened intuition and a different, more insightful perspective – yet our vision could still be blurry as we wrestle with the truth – true reality.

    Neptune retrograde can internalize your fears and anxieties by stripping away the illusions, dreams and false realities that have clouded your vision. The destruction of your fantasy world will reveal those harsh realities you sought to avoid at some stage in the past. Maybe you have been kidding yourself about true love, your financial situation or your career prospects.

    Delusion Possible!

    From June 19th to November 25th 2018, Neptune will be retrograde, with the worst implications being unrealistic, idealistic and self-deluding tendencies. Don’t be one of those! Be more grounded and realistic; regain a sense of realism rather than disappointment (as oppose to loss and longing). Figure out what’s real and what’s fantasy – see your horoscope below to understand what areas this might play out in for you.

    Avoid! Avoid! Super Sensitive? Avoid the following: Drugs (including strong medicine), chemicals, stimulants, addictive personalities, psychic attractions, overwhelming people and places that drain your energy…Read more about Neptune in Astrology, here. Neptune Retrograde Horoscopes: Advice For Your Sign -- Know your rising sign? Read your horoscope for that zodiac sign too… (My rising is Aquarius)

    Hug cyber hugs!


  • OCJack
    Shwiggity shwag what's in da quantum electrodynamic bag?
    24 years old male from The Void, Damned To, Hell
    Everybody here knows about and follows the full chart astrology.

    So why is it that everybody here calls themselves their Sun Sign? Or for that matter no matter your other placements, people will say "you're not X" because it's not your sun sign.

    The fact of the matter is, this sort of thinking 100% comes directly from modernized western Sun Sign Astrology. The astrology that most Americans are introduced to, without ever learning about full chart astrology. Thing is, Sun Sign astrology is completely bullbutter? Horoscopes are bullbutter, and Sun Sign Astrology is just a cheap simplified knockoff of the real thing.

    Before Sun Sign astrology, this trend of calling yourself your sun sign was COMPLETELY NONEXISTENT. Especially back in ancient times, nobody thought like this. So the people who invented this butter don't even agree with you.

    This is indisputable fact, don't like it you can go suck a dick?