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  • MoonshineLeo
    24 years old female from Texas
    I image a leo with virgo moon to be a very hard work and huge analyzer
  • peachy06
    ♏️ sun ♐️ moon
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    I think both of you's are waiting on each other in a way...and then try to struggle it off. So that's why you and him have been taken awhile to actually make a move of interaction!
    Friendships and connections are important things to us, we would hate to throw it away because it will make us feel lonely.

    It feels like that. But at the same time it feels like the timing isn't right yet.

    I feel you, must be frustrating. I think it's probably best to cut him out and stay out of contact especially if you are already feeling this way. At the end you're still protecting yourself if you don't want hurt your ego anymore.

    Cutting someone off who hasn't done anything mean is kind of harsh. I don't have that much meaness in me and i don't hate him to do that. If he was a jerk or hurt me i would but he's always been nice to me

    Girl, after everything you wrote here, I'm 100% positive it's all about your need of attention. It's a mix of your Leo sun and Aries moon, both need constant attention. No offense but you keep saying you don't want your ego to be bruised, yet you do everything for that to happen.

    And no offense again, but it's such a turn off. 😐

    Doesn't everyone need attention sometimes? No one wants to be invisible you know. I'm not trying to turn you on... so... i don't understand why it matters if you're turned off πŸ˜•.
    Thanks for trying to be nice but you're no good at it. Just be yourself i don't care when you're harsh. You don't need to add the no offense and girl 100% stuff with me. I'm used to the attacks anyway.

    "Doesn't everyone need attention sometimes?"

    I don't.

    Nah, I didn't mean like that lmao. I said "a turn off' because if I were him and someone would act like this toward me, I'd find it kinda gross. Because you apparently wanted to protect your ego, yet your words don't match your actions.

    And, I wasn't trying to" be nice". I'm not.
    it's kind of weird going on chat forum with the intention of being ignored and avoiding attention.

    I don't know how you think I acted towards him that was so gross. I haven't done or said anything needy or clingy. I only asked him one time if he wants to do something and then I never brought it up again to him. I'm just on here asking why keep talking to someone if you have no intention of seeing them again. Yet no one has even answered that. Mostly the responses have been about how pathetic I am for making a topic about a guy on a chat forum about once a month.
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    I actually find people who need attention on internet weird. But, again, you're a Leo and your sign is notorious for being attention just like mes.
    Look honey, I don't know you but it's been weeks you keep talking about that guy, so how do you expect us to see you ? I don't know you, but if he was just an "ex" you wouldn't have kept contacting him. Or even mentioning him everywhere here. Almost everyone told you, you shouldn't expect anything from him, yet you keep bringing him up everytime. If you don't want or advice or suggestion, then don't be surprised by our opinions. And I know as a fellow fixed sign, you won't give a butter.
  • I am a Leo with a Libra moon (on the cusp of virgo) AND in the 6th house

    I'd say I am an over thinker, self critical, worrisome
    But I am very giving, loving, and loyal.

    I can be emotionally detached for awhile but if you are patient with me I will open up (for the right person)
  • Oak
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    Has anyone ever hurled a plate @ you?

    Yes the Scorpio,both Scorpios.

    How do you drive people to that state of mind? I’ve only managed to have a USB cable and hairclip thrown at me

    I think it boils down to not reacting. Is that what you did too?

    Plus @ellesbelles said something one time that I will never forget. You can really drive someone up a while if you talk in passive language while they're talking in active language, but less so vice-versa for some reason.

    I made lame jokes/laughed all throughout and dodged every time which pissed them off even more
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    did they have mars in leo
  • nanobot
    πŸ¦‡πŸ§ πŸ›ΈπŸ›πŸ€Ίβš‘
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    Depends. I need some background. What sign are you today?

    My bad, i missed this.

    I'm Libra Big Grin

    with Gemini Moon and a Virgo Venus/Mars
    I say go with your moon, date a Gem. She'll be the extroverted air sign, and the mercury connection will be good for your virgo parts. Big Grin
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    I think if anyone banks on a gemini being extroverted per astrological descriptions, they might be sorely disappointed 😏 Maybe if she had a Leo or Aries moon or something.