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  • I'm dating a Libra man (on the Virgo cusp) with a Scorpio moon

    So far the relationship is very intense, we seem to have a strong connection and understand each other well emotionally. So far so good. ;)
  • How come Aries women can detach so quickly? (Libra man)

    So any Aries woman I've dated has been able to move on so quickly. I just personally can't move on so quickly. The way I've seen all of the ones I've dated move on, like the relationship was another Monday. Very chill about it.
  • Libra man... what they REALLY mean when they say this???

    what's a Libra man really mean when he says he likes hanging out and having fun with you but you want more than he can give right now because he's trying to get his life together....
  • How do you gems get someone out of your head????

    I recently ended my limbo dating/ hangout(whatever it was) relationship with a Libra man ... it's DEF for the best. I usually have no problems walking away and hardly think twice but for some reason I'm having a hard time getting this guy outta my head!!!
  • leo girls i need some help here

    libra man here. working with a leo girl in the same company (but different departments ) every time i see this girl she gives me these long sharp piercing stares with a smile, and she is not afraid to make long eye contact . we say hi to each other every
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  • 2Moon

    Liev Schreiber (Libra) and Naomi watts (Libra) after 12 years together they are no longer together.

    I don't know how to feel about this, I like Libra - Libra.. But!
    he has already moved on, he is dating a Sagittarius woman now and I like Sag - Libra together...

    😂😂😂😂😂 I'm like fine... I like both
    (shrug!) 😁😂

    Our new Libra man and Sagittarius woman couple

    User Submitted Image 2C0px% 2C2000px% 2C1051px&resize=1200% 2C630&ssl=1

    User Submitted Image

    liev schreiber (50) taylor neisen (26)

    She is model, former Miss South Dakota

    Look at the comments here, people are talking butter about him and them..

    "He divorced his old wife to be with someone the age of my daughter"

    "Gross old man"

    😄😅 😆 😂😂😂

    I don't really care about age difference , I believe in the Libra - Sag chemistry. It's always real and strong

    Magical connection to me
  • i have this libra man he approached my about a year ago was very upfront said he wanted to get to know me intimately. I liked his direct approach and we started making contact but i was the one that contacts him all the time. He never makes the effort. During this time he said he loves me and we started getting close. But still no efforts to contact me.. i discovered awhile back that he is married but is separated from his wife...lives with his parents. But i still wanted to see him cos i also love him. Now he says his phone is not working and he has not made any attempts to contact him. I have been over to his place to see him twice waited outside his house, got lucky and saw him just once. Im not sure how to figure this one out. Has he lost interest in this relationship, is there someone else, should i just not forget him? Help me please ...crazy Aries
  • Posted by Awesomeyoo
    Posted by kitten_
    I'm jealous of all people who are not Capricorn. I mean it sucks to have Pisces women as your only option for love.

    But i'm still grateful, because actually Cap men doesn't deserve to be loved at all.

    lol so pessimistic click to expand
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    I want to be a Libra man, they are dearly beloved by Gemini women 😍
  • Posted by Awesomeyoo
    Posted by kitten_
    Capricorn men feel unappreciated by fixed sign women. It's common problem, thats why this pairing never last.

    And when you appreciate them, they feel overappreciated lol. Then they start doubting you and run back into their holes... no kidding. -- this is about Capricorn women. click to expand
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    Capricorn women are too cold for Libra man. But you can teach them to take it easy, they are eager to learn 😝.
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by MyStarsShine
    Lisa and Pleistoanax

    Do you both just have Aqua Sun or other planets there too?

    um star weve been communicating on this platform dxp for years.

    u already know that. Confused

    i only have one planet in aqua and i dont know about P.

    and yes of course i read the section on Linda Goodman's book on Aquarius .....thats why I know about what she wrote, that she felt it very very watery.

    i know u like Libra ( i notice this very much.... with yur 7th house packed house and your son is libra moon)

    so i dont know why u didnt get with a Libra man. U should.

    Aqua sun or Aqua moon is not good for u, only friendship (you got along with ur ex) so that is good smile