Understand The Libra Man Using Astrology

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  • heliumfiasco
    Sun Lib12- Moon Gem 8- Merc Lib12-Venus/Mars Virgo11- Asc Lib-Pluto Scorp1st.
    For a Libra man to straight up tell you he doesn't want a relationship or to move forward- he means that crap. We love conversing, attention and flirtation. Even the prospect of a potential relationship is so exciting to us. We will keep entertaining if we aren't sure, because we always think 'well maybbeeeee". He said that flat out, thats heavy for us...he is not interested at all.
  • halalbae
    hard to forget
    Posted by tiziani
    Posted by halalbae
    Cancer with Gemini stellium

    How come Gemini stellium? I don't know how you see Gemini energy but it strikes me as though you have a different take on it to most.
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    Shhhh, no questions. Youre a Libra man, youve seen it all. Just listen to me and play it safe this time
  • 2Moon
    Balancing coffee
    Posted by Apis
    Kim Kardashian

    Good example tbh!

    she is not what she is pretending to be!

    Kardashians are smart!

    if you read between the lines and observe her you will understand what i am saying!

    any libra man? Big Grin
  • 2Moon
    Balancing coffee
    Most of the time Libra man won't approach you if you don't go towards him.

    We can be really indecisive indeed and sometimes shy / reserved.

    We prefer if you approach us.. we also love being wanted, desired and someone that is devoted to us! smile

    But it's really GIVE - GIVE with us!
    You spoil us, we spoil you.

    We just need some reassurance sometimes..

    Then we become more assertive.. initiative

  • Posted by hollyhock
    I can't believe so many are saying Cap and Libra. I never see this pair or have ever heard about it.

    Cap only seems to be able to function with: other caps, aqua, virgo, cancer, rarely a scorpio maybe every now and then a pisces.
    i'm surprised too! Wonder if its Cap woman - Libra man or Cap man - Libra woman that always find a way back to eachother ❤