17 hour date with an aqua 😳

By WaterDevilMarch 18, 2019 11:03am — 25 replies
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Are his feelings getting deeper?
i hope someone can give me some insight on my aquarius fwb currently we have been fwb for like 6 months the past 3 months we havent seen each other or had sex due to busy schedules and him cancelling plans last minute all of a sudden my fwb starts tell
If an Aquarius sent you this?
is this a subtle way of telling someone to move on from them we have always sent each other inspirational things but he has never sent me anything like that before
Seducing Aquarius?
hi everyone so i have posted quite a few questions on this aquarius sun taurus moon man we will def be hanging out again in about 4 weeks it will be our third time hanging out i was wondering how to seduce an aquarius with this placement would it be
I want to blow his little Aquarian Mind
not with sex with intellectual stimulation emotional intimacy and unpredictability i feek like i need to change things up and surprise him something fun that would be touching and unexpected what would you suggest sun aqua moon libra venus capri
Aqua women
should be an inspiration to the rest of women amp men for their strong sense of self confidence amp work ethic i always thought they were wierd kinda flip floppy bit i kinda have a new found respect for them they are very wise amp perceptive of i
Aquarius sun Taurus moon interested?
hi yall so i think ive been kinda talking to an aquarius with taurus moon we have a long story and have known each other for a very long time recently he texted me to hang out we did cool it was a great time didnt text after that but agreed we
Broke up with Aquarius after an intense telenovela-like relationship. Did it really end?
i hate sounding so clingy but i am im a cancer and have been with this aquarius for 6 years he is an amazing guy but he is one of the strangest guys ive ever met when we started dating everything was fireworks everywhere in bed on the street
Who is @Mariposa_
can she be trusted
Aquarius guy disappearing?
hey everyone i met an aquarius a few months ago im a gemini he also has moon in gemini we had instant connection and he was super into me we spent nye together and his birthday i met all his friends we havent slept together yet he hasnt really
Aquas do you have trouble living a conventional life?
and wtf is that as an aqua i am floaty i can t work a regular 9-5 job it bores me i can t stay in a normal relationship it bores me anything conventional bores me i m a kinda live on the edge of my seat person if i m not happy in a situation i w