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  • How are you aquas with aries? Idk why but i feel overwhelmed by aries approach, he's nice and gentleman like. But something scared me off i don't even dare to meet him in person *I know i said that i'm outta the dating bowl, but duh
  • So, I'm not sure if anyone remembers my post about me going thru drama with my aqua man and his aqua best friend. Well, things have been going well with my boyfriend. Some days are a downer but we are able to communicate and move past the negative emotion
  • I love all you Aquas...... Even with all the arguing in other threads( by some), I still have no issues with none of you! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays and I hope all of your dreams come true in this life, even if those dreams are realized a little b
  • Can't seem to find the Aqua Lounge to leave this I hope APC is doing well and lurking around or perhaps a name change? Anyway, hope all of you have a well and fun Christmas filled with family and laughter or loved ones or even by yourselves.
  • I really hope this isn't true ffs!!! How To Capture Each Zodiac Sign’s Heart Aquarius Man: Act Dumber Than Him The one thing you need to know about Aquarian men is that they think they are God; they have a God complex. That makes them arrogant an
  • Met this Aqua guys 5 or 6 months ago we met twice but we stop talking for like 3 months just a little text sometimes, he used to text me first and send me pics then recently we had sex lol but we arent in a rel we were intoxicated! It was me who iniate it
  • Basically, we broke up 3 months ago after spending 2 and a half years together. It was not mutual because even though I was feeling him a bit off a few months prior, I thought we could figure out what was the issue in our relationship. To keep everythi
  • I feel like my aqua sister sensed me. I’ve been feeling disconnected and isolated from everything and everyone I’ve ever loved. There are things that I feel I have no one to talk to With this aqua sister when we were young we once shared a dream. Two
  • Do Aquarius men like women with issues? Like women that they feel they can "fix"?? When a woman is giving her all and treating a aqua dude like a king he doesn't value her or appreciate her. Not until she has to treat him like someone not that important f
  • I am a libra. So I have known the aqua since middle school. It's a long, complicated story but we have been sleeping together for 7 years now. We did try a relationship when we were 18 but we broke up because we went to colleges that were across the
  • So I've heard from Sagittarius and Leo men that they say aquarius women are boring in bed they are not initiative and mostly very distant even in long Relationships. my best Leo friend that I've known for 9 years has been with an aquarius for 4 years onl
  • Hey Fellow Aquas (or actually whoever wants to respond), Monday my sister passed away. It was all of a sudden. She wasn’t sick.... she was still young (only 43). My mom and I were extremely close to my sister.... extremely... like the 3 musketeers...
  • As some of you lot may know or don’t know Lol, I have an Aqua friend who we are both interested in each other but for some reason he’s not pursuing anything with me. He took a girl out on a date and from that day I decided to not wait for him and to j
  • Hi, Im a Scorpio with rising sign Pisces, and i've become interested in an Aquarius guy with rising sign Gemini. The first time we met there was a spark between us and we stared at each other for about 15 seconds before coming back to reality. Long story
  • Is it normal for them to pull away after having a really romantic night (i.e. cuddling, holding hands, stroking hair, sleeping entangled in each other all night, etc.?)
  • What’s the prediction on this union? So far it feels like we are twins. He is a microbiologist very successful and mild and totally like ‘take me’ kind of a man... Feels like we known each other forever. Laughs all the way. Just wondering about what
  • i broke down and had sex with my friend (scorpio male). it was horrible. he was working with VERY VERY LITTLE. so today
  • Jesus Christ what the fuck was she thinking!?!? Ok so I have this Leo work mate and she’s going through a hard time with her partner who is abusing her, he hit her in the drive through, he needs help because he has anger issues because his mum died las
  • Hi guys, this time I have an unusual question... It's almost Christmas here, so we decided to organize a "Secret Santa" event in our office. I drew the name of a co-worker, an Aquarius man of 30yo that is married and has a toddler girl. The budget is 15