What makes an Aquarius man come back?

I have been seeing a aqua guy for like 6 months on and off. He disappears for a few weeks but comes back. I never call or text when he does this. Its happened like 3 times. I am a taurus so I know I this is a mistake but I feel strongly for this guy. Does it mean they really care about you? Are they afraid? Any insight is great... Thanks for the help!
Is this FWB ? What does it mean "seeing him on and off" ?... I feel like I'm living in the dinasour time myself when talking to most people about relationships these days. Also, just knew about FWB, no string, one night etc just a year ago from a good friend who thinks that I need an education about relationships immediately. Therefore, please excuse my ignorant question.
Exam- we are more than FWB but not in a committed relationship.

Thanks for the posts. Think I might try being feisty and setting some ground rules!
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Well there's a difference b/w a man (& an Aqua man at that) needing his usual space every now & then vs. someone being down right inconsistent & wishy-washy. Yes, Aqua men, even when they are deeply in love with them, can sometimes pull the disappearing/distant act BUT even when this happens, it's usually not even personal and/or necessarily a bad sign.

It all depends. Some guys disappear around the time they start really feeling someone stronger/harder than they expected. Some Aquas hate dealing with their emotions & when they start falling for someone, it's easier for them to TEMPORARILY (keyword) retreat into their little shells to figure/sort everything out. Once it's all sorted out & once they are finally comfortable/content in/with their own feelings, they'll be back.

And then there are the guys who disappear b/c they either 1. Aren't really serious about a woman and/or 2. B/c they are starting to be turned OFF by the friendship/relationship, thus it only makes sense to them to slowly but surely DECREASE the amount of time/effort/energy they were putting into the situation.

And then there's people who are just down right inconsistent, unreliable & wishy-washy. No matter what the issue is, no matter what zodiac sign you are & no matter what kind of personality a person has, communication is important. And it's ESSENTIAL to/in EVERY relationship. If this guy is great with his communication with you 1 minute but yet completely MIA the next minute, it's time for a talk. If he's not interested, he needs to just say that & be gone for good instead of leading you on time & time again. And if he's doing this moreso b/c he's afraid of his own feelings for you then giving him his space is fine, BUT he atleast needs to make it clear to you that you've done nothing wrong. He can ATLEAST give you some type of clarity/explanation so that his own inner emotional battles aren't something you have to suffer/pay for.

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