Aquas and sex

By hellosaggySeptember 16, 2018 7:06pm — 19 replies
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Aquas have so many friends..
how does this phenomenon happen they seem to be able to relate to everyone on at least some level and if not they have an open mind and the world is their friend i couldnt make a friend if my life depended on it damn im the master of how not to
Get my Aqua Man back
i met my boyfriend in february - in the beginning he did all the chasing he was constantly telling me he d never felt this way about anyone and we had the perfect relationship he is still married but separated for over 2 years and has 2 children i m
What's the difference with these Aquas?
forgive me if this has been asked before i checked the past 10 pages so i tried lol ive noticed on here when posters talk about aquas theres this thing with january aquas and feb aquas as if theyre night and day can someone explain what this means
Endings - Why would they keep writing ?
hello there dear water bearers the other thread was getting a bit long as an a further update he has continued to write me during the time we were together he kept shoving it in my face that he will move away from the city that we are in to anoth
Endings - Are Water Bearers usually this Callous and Vindictive ?
hello there dear water bearers to those that have followed my story it has come to an end or so i believe a brief overview of the story an evening a few days ago he went out on evening with a friend frankly he was quite strange the entire
what sun sign description pairing do u like?
for aquarius i like the description of cancer man aquarius woman lol i read this a long time ago and i like it lol it is true that aquarius uranus and saturn likes unconventional but there is a deep very deep desire to just blend into the cro
Are all Aqua's, trouble makers
so over the years ive noticed a theme with aquas they love to find out your secrets and use that info to twist it negatively and turn it into ways to either tell on you to a superior to gain favour or create tension between other people and you this
Another roller coaster with AQUARIUS man - loosing my sanity!
hello firs of all sorry for my english it s not my native language at all i had created this topic about aquarius man 4 month before i will write all story again but its long but i feel like im losing my sanity again i m aries so after i wro
Figuring out the aquarius man — early stages
so i met this aquarius guy last month amp have been hanging out with him amp his friends a bunch he s kind of sleezy amp has sex with many women but i m also no saint but i decided to hookup with him recently he initiated it because i do like h
Am I being dumb? Do guys drink skinny girl margarita?
so i found half drank skinny girl margarita in my boyfriends fridge my friends are filling in my head that he may be cheating i don t think so since i have a drawer at his place and he sees me twice a week and has half custody of kids so he doesn t r