Can’t Understand My Aquarius Guy.

So I met this Aquarius a little over a month ago . . . At first I wasn’t interested because he came off a little too strong & it was just too much for me. He entered my life by writing to me... I answered him but he asked for my number too quickly & I
  • Calirose

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    Hey dear Aquas, I'm very interested in what your love language is. And please tell me why... There are 5: Words of Affirmation Acts of Service Receiving Gifts Quality Time Physical Touch If you don't know, and feel like doing a test (10 m
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    Interested to see if there are other aquas out there who are either suffering from depression or anxiety or bit of both as I'm very fascinated at how our belief systems are formed especially how rooted and environmental they can be even if it appears to b
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    The Waffle House shooter is an Aquarius, although it is just his Sun that he has in Aquarius. He is Capricorn dominant and is experiencing his Saturn return. Sun Aquarius 12°52' Moon Sagittarius 13°37' Mercury Capricorn 27°06' R Venus
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    I met an aquarius man on dating website. We hit it off from our first conversation. A month later we had a little desagreement. He asked me for my instagram, at first, I was a little hesistant to give it to him, which he did not like, but I still sent hi
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    Because it was about time somebody did this :D For all the sweet, funny, caring Aqua women here who make the effort to explain Aqua behavior to all those confused men. :P And all the other Aqua women that brighten up our lives. Thank you! https:
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    I am currently being stalked by phone by a Taurus I met online born 5/15 and I had to get the police involved. We had a couple of phone conversations before deciding to meet one day. When I met him it was less than 5 minutes. I looked down at his hand and
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    He is very confusing to me. One day he says he wants me to be on his side and cares for me, says wants to meet me and when will i be available and then next day nothing unless i start a conversation. Says he is afraid that he dont want to lose the frien
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    Would you blame an ex if a mutual friend distanced themself from you when your relationship ended? My exAqua told me he hadn't heard from his godbrother since we broke up. He used to visit him about once a week at his workshop. But when we ended, he s
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    Okay for anyone who has been following, thank you! your feedback helps. Long story short was messaging this Aquarius guy for a week and our conversations were flowing. Went on a first date with him and had sex on our first date, something I haven't don
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    You surprise me 1000x I was adjusting to you being cold and distant. Being aloof. But now.....OMG. You prove me once again that you are an unpredictable mothertreetrunker. I’m on your gmail and you email me from work. But you also text me on Whatsapp. You