Does Aquarius man easily propose commitment?

By bubupapoSeptember 6, 2020 2:52pm — 6 replies
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long story short i met this aqua woman 2 months ago she approached me in the beginning she was all about flirt and games since im a cap i dont usually fall into this trap when my gut is giving me a cold shower of red flags later she told me that s
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hi i m a scorpio woman who has been dating an aquarius man for the last 3 weeks everything has been perfect we speak everyday we have had multiple 3 hour conversations at night are very affectionate with eachother have a lot in common see a lot of
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im a 24 f aries and the guy i was dating is a 24 m aquarius we started dating in march then in mid june he started being weird and said he cant handle a relationship right now but he loves me and doesnt want to let me go he said he just has a lot goi
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hello i m a leo woman dealing with an aquarius for about 8 months now we ve had a lot of ups and downs but things are starting to smooth out the issue i have is he wants to text and talk to me everyday which i know he cares but has mentioned he s not
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i met an aquarius guy who had a 2 year old daughter at my friends house his uncle lived next door to her the first day we met we clicked we talked about different things and laughed and had great chemistry we hung out every weekend for the first 3 we
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https youtu be -v3ogvigulc
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went out on a date with an aquarius man one time he doesnt initiate any conversation but he answers me and doesnt ignore me when i initiate he also randomly compliments me when i put up a picture why isnt he asking me out
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went out with an aquarius male and things seemed fine and he even asked me what i was doing the next night after the first date he never texted me and its been two days why does he back off if he likes me and will he appreciate it if i am forward and as
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we actually used to date years ago he moved out east and then i moved out of state years ago but we both came back home due to the quarantine we reconnected when we got back and decided to spend the day at the lake the moment we saw each other it was l