libra man aquarius woman

By 2MoonJanuary 10, 2019 8:11pm — 6 replies
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Seeing Aquarius ex 2 Years Later..?
hello everyone so i joined this forum group wondering if an aquarius ex would come back after he broke up with me in november i no longer care whether he will or will not as i realized he did not value me as much as i deserve to be valued but somethi
Aquarius Man
ive been on and off with an aquarius man and the last time i talked to him i kind of went off because i feel like he doesnt make me a priority and texts me back hours later or even a day should i even reach out to the individual he hasnt responded a
Was I too emotional with him?
guys so last night on new years eve i hung out with the aquarius man ive been seeing for the past month weve been friends for years and hes fancied me but only recently ive reciprocated normally we keep it fun and light we talk about movies musi
Will He Come Back?
hi everyone so i dated an aquarius man for almost 4 months we broke up november 14 he broke up with me after a big fight i was drunk during the fight he stormed out of my house and texted me have a nice life now the kicker is we have known each o
hope youve all had a great xmas and a start to a wonderful year love from this household filled with too much aqua pisces placements that i wanna puke and crawl into a rock
Some insight into this guy please
right so i actually posted about this guy in 2013 but with a different username we fancied each other back then but he had a girlfriend so i cut ties with him then he went traveling for 4 years but would text me throughout the years and visit me every
Why he responded to his ex???
so my aqua guy posts stuff about us and his ex obviously saw it and liked the post then reached out to him saying she wants to see him he told me about it and said he wasnt going to respond to her he said he hasnt talked to her in two years and shes
Any Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon people?
my mom is this sweet soul but pretty impulsive and has some anxiety girl ive been seeing recently has these placements too shes not too emotional but when it comes she says it just overcomes her but is pretty smart though doesnt show it much
I think Aquarius women are the funniest women in the zodiac.
you guys really bring it i love your humor
Aquarius Friend's Vanishing Act
my aqua friend had just reappeared well kinda my group of friends consist of several signs one of which is an aqua who vanished for about 3-4 years he contacted our cancer friend once in that time frame but didnt respond when the cancer guy replied