Aries Men

  • Aries spoken

    For those who have nerves not to follow my love life I will repeat. I am with Aries since 10/3 and he had not missed one morning to wake me up with (Internet) flowers and funny messages, and he keeps in touch in any way possible during the day... He alre
  • Aries and I

    I suspect my messages became visible because ive got tons of notifications. Ok. Let’s try. Divorce with my Cap is in a full blow and he is trying to hurt me financially but my Aries is helping by being a good man. Spent 3 days of Valentines together.
  • Can someone help me decode this damn Aries man?

    So, okay. This guy and I talked over Snapchat for almost a year before we even decide to hang out with each other. Once we did, I came over to his house and we got along super well. We talked for 6 hours straight, I went with him on a drive to pick up his
  • Is it ok?

    If i tell my aries man that i miss him? Well, it probably sounds like a stupid and like a highschoolers kind of question but i am really nervous about it. He is affectionate and said that to me few times but i never said it to him. Neither have i t
  • Aries man started talking to me & is now ignoring

    So, this guy I used to work with who just so happens to be an Aries man asked for my number and we started talking recently. He started saying how he would like to take me out on a date and that he has always been interested in me and wants me. The last t
  • Advice for Aries man

    I just need advice since I’ve digged myself a bit of a hole... im Leo, 21 and this Aries is almost 27. We work together, and instantly hit it off, platonically, though it didn’t take long for us to friendly flirt. Two weeks later, I found out he was marri
  • I am shocked by Aries

    After 3 months of non stop communications and few dates that were magic...last night among all he tells me ‘I want you to be my better half’... He said many things before that I was dismissing due to a craziness of it and short time of knowing each other.
  • What will Aries say...

    ...if I went for a drink with another man after he told me we are exclusive?
  • Aries curiosity...

    Is it non existent? This morning he woke me up at 6am with flowers, penguin and dog... Told me...again...that he isn’t going anywhere... In about an hour he texted me...’are you Gemitati?’ My heart stopped but I said did you find THAT out... He
  • Do Aries men too proud?

    If I’ll offer to pay for anything - will Aries be offended? Just feeling like I want to participate but considering him being DA MAN...I don’t want to make him 👀 mad...or upset...or thinking I am undermining his abilities to afford whatever it is going o
  • Aries is real is it?

    He sent me pictures of him with his son. I had never expect THAT! He is getting a huge deal publishing his book and we are talking...and he is abnormally normal... Which makes me to ask annoying as it is...are Arieses so good honestly or I’ve
  • Aries man broke up

    He broke up. He sent me the message via text, and our lives are not exactly collided in order for me to appear around and show him any improvements or 'new beginning' as all the astrology sites are saying. Basically, if we break up and there is no inte
  • Can Aries men jelly?

    so in secret is an Aries man jelly but dont show it because it is not a mocho to be? and if you find yourself jelly what do you do? or maybe the jelly is from the other signs in the birthchart
  • Aries on Fire

    This is seriously serious. I do like him a lot! We just hanged up after he asked me how are we going to proceed and if I will ever consider being with him. I said we are too fresh to early. Let’s cross this bridge when we get to it. He agreed. And asked w
  • Has Aries Gone Cold on Me? Should I just give space?

    Hi. I'm a Sag that was being pursued by an Aries, right up until the weekend just gone. We've only been on 6 dates, and the last 2 we were intimate, where he asked me to spend the night at his house, and meet his temporary housemates. That last weekend
  • My Aries is all and more...

    He is a musician but I didn’t know he is a writer as well! Today he had gotten copy of his book! I’ve just ordered it because I can’t wait! I am super high! I am also writing a book but I am too lazy... Never thought I’ll meet a writer! The cover is bea
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