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  • Him; Aries sun, Leo moon, mars libra and Taurus Venus Me; Leo sun, aires moon, mars cancer and Leo Venus So the Aries I had been talking to for about over a year now as "friends", has stood me up recently. I don't really want a way to fix it, but I fe
  • I haven’t had much luck with my Pisces man as a Taurus female. My sister is an Aries, also just met a Pisces man. She’s much more temperamental and harsh than myself and insensitive. I have told her what I have experienced with my Pisces to kind of guide
  • I told my Aries bf of 3 months that I love him last night..and he said "do you mean that"?! Whaaaaaat?
  • I just gave birth to an Aries boy a little over a month ago. I’m curious to see if any of you Aries out there have any Taurus parents and how you get along with them. Also, his dad is a Libra, if you have any Libra parents I’d like to know how you get alo
  • I wanted your opinion on some thoughts I have. This Aries guy I have been on 4 dates with, certainly likes me but is obsessed with another girl he cannot have (and he doesn't want to have these thoughts). He seemed almost in pain when he told me this, a
  • i recently saw my aries friend's boyfriend makeout and dance with another girl at this bar we were at. i wanted to tell her that night (i took many videos -- i literally was standing next to them and took them with the flash on so they would stop but they
  • Are you aries men really talking about marriage stuff even since the very beginning of talking to someone you like?
  • I have an Aries daughter, and a Libra daughter and am currently, completely crushed. I got several calls late last night, and found that my 2 daughters (who live 1600 miles away from me) had gone out together drinking, but the night ended in my oldest (L
  • I'm doing some research on a guy I'm talking to.. what do you seem more attracted to? Why? and do you guys have to be pursued or like to be the pursuer? do you like consistent attention or do you like you space? What makes you tick.
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