aries, are we jealous or possessive?

35 years old female from usa
"Be happy, or at least give it a shot."
Some times I feel like I'm being too jealous, but sometimes I think it stems from being possessiveness. For example, I don't like to see the guy I like flirt with another girl, but at times, it's more like. Hey, listen girl! He's mine!
35 years old female from usa
"Be happy, or at least give it a shot."
Don't you think that we're a little hipocritical, cause we can display our jealousy, but then when our boy/girlfriends get jealous it's flippin' annoying.
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Aries men are cavemen. Not that there is anything wrong with a caveman. Cavemen are jealous and possessive in the old fashion way.
i was engaged to an aries guy for almost a year and we dated during high school and five years later (on/off dating, and we both dated other people), we got engaged. he didn't seem jealous when we were together, but whenever we broke up and i began to date other guys, he would come around, try to date me, buy me things, really wine and dine me. because i still had a soft spot for him -- he made me laugh (it's hard to resist a guy who makes you laugh!). anyways, i don't know if it was the jealousy or possessiveness that made him always try to get me back, but it never failed that he would try. no, we didn't get married because i realized i wasn't "in love" with him.
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Aprilbaby has it right. She's not jealous because she's secure in her womanhood, secure in her ability to be the female for her man. If a person is jealous, in any sign, it's because they feel inferiour within themselves, like they believe they aren't good enough, or capable of providing him with the woman he needs.

Possessive, now that's another story. Aries are to the extreme. What is theirs, is theirs - make no mistake. But, that's not necessarily a bad thing. The other extreme is probably worse. I suppose possessiveness is an insecurity as well, the fear of losing something. And, we all know, the Ram does NOT like to lose, lol
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I too agree 100% with AB! Possessive? Nah...I believe that nothing is really mine as it can be gone in a sec. So...if something leaves my life I look at it as it is meant to be, if it returns and I want it back! I do not fear losing anything.

I also believe that as with any sign, as we grow we change - some of these behavours are dependant upon the age of a person.

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"""Follow Your Bliss"" ~Joseph Campbell When you find someone without a si

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