Aries Man Wants To "Start Over"

By lilmzsunshineJanuary 10, 2018 6:15am — 30 replies
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so i had a what are we talk with my aries guy last week he let me know that though he likes me but he s seeing other people and we re just chillin i let him know that if that s the case we should just reach out to each other when we want to have sex
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what should someone who wants to date you pursue a relationship with you know currently fwb with aries man but he calls facetime me often we go out on dates etc i can tell he likes me reaches out is very affectionate when i see him has talk
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how the fuck does this work i m pretty sure he likes me but how do i kno for sure how does this guy decide to become serious is he the type to try to play it cool even though he s really feeling you no one ever talks about the aries man so i wa
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let me make this as short and sweet as possible and maybe someone can give me some insight lol this is the first aries man ive ever dated so far what im realizing is hes such a gentleman and thoughtful here is where i am confused he told me he t
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i broke it off with my aries man chased me 6 months first long-term-relationship after 1 5y together and 2 years dating alltogether what bothers me is he went silent and is avoiding me he pretends we dont know eachother im confused i hoped to sta
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so this aries guy i think broke up with his girlfriend and then texted me then left me on seen then when i told him i m very confused he said i confuse him too and that i act odd but he is not giving me any explanation what is going on with him and wha
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i ve known of this guy for 5 years but only talked in passing he s a yoga instructor at the gym i went to and he s a hairdresser he s ridiculously good looking vegan and i avoided him all this time because it all just seemed a little forced so i re
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so my ex aries male and i broke up a few months ago stayed friends then we decided to not talk for a while and give each other space so i could accept he didnt want to date anymore and get over my feelings for him and such last night i emailed him a
I'm coming for you ! Aries man
for some of you whove followed my posts thank you hes jetting off in few days friday is supposed to be our last night together and now he has invited me to his parents place on monday night which is the night before he flys ive requested t