Aries With Water in Their Chart

By JayTheFantasticAugust 12, 2021 11:21pm — 66 replies
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is this typical for them the aries i m dealing with was really hot and heavy before our first date and for several days after but he became a bit cold and did not communicate as much when he texts me it s never just a few words but paragraphs it a
It worked out!
im leo sun and my partner is aries i used to come onto this forum and write about my worries and woes well 3 years on we have made it through and having a baby in afew months i honestly think manifesting this helped and the fact we laugh together
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aries men who are in the early stages of dating do you typically initiate communication daily if you really like someone do you prefer to do all of the initiating and pursuing or do you like it when the person you are dating initiates as well does
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we all know aries are fiery as ffff which can be super entertaining this is my favorite moment post yours https www youtube com watch v 0otfsdkrq88
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it is not supposed to be a good match yet i know so many of them being in a long-term relationship even since childhood right up to marriage some openly say how they are looking for a scorpio man knowing aries women and being in a relationship with th
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i want to be adventurous and funloving but that doesn t come natural to me so tell me the anecdotes you tell people about your adventures do you party do you travel do you work as a mercenary in third world country
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met this aries man almost 2 months ago i just got out of something serious amp terrible so i didnt want to hookup with anyone or get into a relationship so when he tried to kiss me when we hungout for the 2nd time i said no amp pulled away but th
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alright bear with me trying to make this as short as possible so i had been texting this aries guy for about 3 weeks he was super chill and laidback through text but maybe a bit dry i left him on read once thinking he wasn t as into it but lucky for m
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witchmitcharies i don t know what happened to you but i hope all is well with you i miss your tarot reading videos that you used to post oh and you might want to hit the white privilege thread up