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Sun and Mercury placements
what are yours im sun conjunct mercury in aries both in the third house im always thinking it drives me nuts sometimes
Steven Seagal
so sad hes an aries hes an embarrassment
(Aries men) What signs are you most and least attracted to?
im a cancer who likes aries men but i moreso seem to attract leos
Aries Guys With Their Mercury in Pisces
question for my aries guys with their mercury in pisces who do you attract and where is their mercury
Mercury in Aries Rigid and Stale?
is it a mercury in aries thing for them to be very rigid and narrow minded i noticed a lot of them seem to be kinda boring with ideas and conversation in general it s like they can never understand where you re coming from the ones i m talking about were
Question For Aries Guys
for the aries guys with a venus retrograde who was your best match
Dating Aries Guy Who Started As A Friend
gemini girl here ive had this aries friend met through mutual friends for about 5 years now when i first met him i thought he was cute and had a crush on him but nothing ever came of it i never told him and it kinda faded away with time the o
Aries woman borderline blackmailing me to keep sleeping with her, what can I do?
so i brought home an aries cougar a few months ago and f-cked her brains out we had matched on a dating app it was fun we did it raw and i even ate her out which made her have an orgasm think she must have had like four of those when we did it afte
Do Aries guys just shoot their shot at whoever they think might catch it?
no disrespect i just get that vibe from aries in general so i was just wondering cause aries people tend to be quite brave in getting what they want at the time they want it your impulsive desires an aries guy seems to not be getting the hint that i