Talk to me Aries men

By sweetheartsApril 20, 2022 8:32am — 93 replies
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this aries man i met on tinder early march i do not understand him we had connection for sure on the first date we extended the date and did several fun things that evening wed also kissed he texted me after telling me he had a good time and bla bla
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ive been with my fair share of aries women and i notice that while the first month or two of railing them in fun they always get confrontational and start hitting you after they get comfortable with you like not only do they hit you they are all into
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ive been talking to an aries guy who ive recently become attracted to i know he isnt into a long-term relationship and thats fine because ive got a lot going on in my life too but i do want to connect with him as a long term friend im afraid of
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first off im leo man met this aries girl few months ago in class and we kicked it off pretty well fast forward a little bit i end up asking her out somewhere with me and we had a good time at one point i raise the question cause i was curious if shed
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