to other virgo risings/ascendants do you find your body to be super sensitive? "One of the biggest personality traits of this position is body-awareness. People with Virgo ascendants are sensitive to any discomfort or other signals their body gives
I know there are plenty of other aspects to it, but I've noticed that many of my friends have fire/air sun signs, risings, or both. I've been theorizing that this is mainly due to my Sagittarius ascendant (and probably my Aries moon), except I also draw i
Also how much do you relate? "Having a nature which is more or less "spongelike," you have to be especially careful in choosing your environment and associates, for very soon you start to identify with and reflect whatever is close at hand. Pick, insof Its a very cool site and I find its descriptions, which are actually samples pretty accurate. Especially the horoscopes by Liz Green. You should check it out.
ever notice that pattern? for example, Capricorn rising Dylan mcdermott, to his fiance's Mars Taurus. Trine. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Here's one, Harry Hamlin (Virgo risi
Name a top 3 1.Taurus Rising male and female Halle berry & Conor mcgregor [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] 2.Sagittarius Rising male and female Bradley cooper & Hilary Swank
Post anything guys :P. Anything from venting everything out to posting pics of Libra rising celebs, talk about the birds and the bees, show off your cute picture whatever. Just troll the hell out this thread anyway you want.
What are the characteristics of each male water sign risings as far as looks, personality, mannerisms, etc? Who is the best? Who's the sexiest? Who's the most handsome/charming?
Any Leo risings here? I have a Leo ascendant and feel like I have a spotlight shined on me (not literally) and feel like I'm the center of attention to a certain degree when I'm out and about in public. I was wondering if any people with this placement fe
so i've got this rising and people often say that i'm a terrible liar coz whenever i attempt to lie, they always go: "no stop, it's written all over your face" or "your eyes say differently" and i'm confused asf like i constantly hear these phras
What does each water rising signs look like based on their decans and why? Does the sun sign have any say so at all?
Does it irritate you when people try to copy you or imitate you? Dress like you? Just basically steal ur swag or originality? If so how do you deal with it Aqua Rising or other signs?

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I mean, I feel that I need someone to talk to I need people ... I just “need” to talk with someone I never notice this about me, its like I express my true self when I’m around people! Is this a gemini moon thing? I know that all human bei
Artists of Dxp, how did you get your idea in your mind to compose that music, to draw that piece of art, to dance that style or to write that poetry? What are ways that has worked for you?
I’m an Aquarius female and my boyfriend/baby daddy is a Pisces male. We’ve been living together for 3 1/2 years now. We’ve been in a bad spot in our relationship for some time. I’ve tried over and over and over to let him know that I feel like some of my
How much it cost to buy: puppy. Hypo allergenic. None smelling. Small. I want a companion. Vet fees? Training fees? Cleaning fees? Feeding( monthly cost) Anything else Thanx
What are the steps to having a relationship with a Capricorn woman or man? This is the actual game play thread. If you wish to find a team/placement to represent or would like to discuss the going ons in the league please go to the DXPIL Players Lounge here: https://www.dxpnet
Because most of the Aries men i know can’t I only know one who could take jokes. We happen to have the same birthday just different years Maybe when they are younger they joke around but as they grow they become so anti joke. Like their sense of humo
In the past 4 years, I've not posted any single thing seeking any kind of return for some self gratifying reasons/motive. I don't care if you agree with me on that or not because it's true, and the only reason I am saying that is to hopefully solidify & d
cap on cap
I really want to be in love with a Taurus woman. I'm not talking about a specific person, but the idea in general. You people sound perfect on paper. I only dated one. She was half cookiemonster half witch. I swore, never again. But I'm liking the idea agai
A place for geminis to hang. Post Gemini thingz - photos, GIFS, music, poems, videos, random questions or streams of consciousness, or just any thoughts that pop into your mind that don’t have any other home on this board. I know there’s a lot going on in
Is it safe to say i have Cap stellium when my Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all in Capricorn? Also anybody have this in their chart? Im curious about your decision-making style, communication style in matters of career and love. Please enlighten me.
Hey all!! I'm currently in a relationship with a Leo Man (with a Cancer Moon) and I'm seeking advice! He's awesome - very giving, very passionate, and fun-loving. Our communication is a bit skewed at times though. Everything will be going fine, and then a
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
I like the Air - Water combination. I like the mixture of the sharp mind, detached personality with a deep, unbreakable, unspoken emotional connection.