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12. Gemini 11. Aquarius 10. Leo 9. Libra 8. Virgo 7. Pisces 6. Capricorn 5. Aries 4. Taurus 3. Sagittarius 2. Scorpio 1. Cancer Lol @ Cancer being #1. I'm surprised Pisces isn't in the top 5. Here is the description as to why. http://
seen this online was amused credit to (user oceanwitch) ARIES AS THE ROGUE COP Heโ€™s quick to anger, and he does what he wants. He breaks protocol, and isnโ€™t opposed to beating suspects to get information. To cover his tracks, he also forges and thr
I've done extensive research on astrology signs with anti-social personality disorder or what most people know as psychopathy. There has been a published research paper from a psychiatric doctor who analyzed patients with this diagnosis along with astrolo
i started watching the Jaycee Duggard on Netflix. it's this version. i heard about the story years ago but wasn't into astrology so, now i have looked up her chart. it's on astrotheme. http://ww
I saw this in the news, I dont know what's going on but I went and googled his instagram,
i saw this on Netflix. He's called the Scarsborough Rapist, and later met and married Karla Homolka, who agreed to drug
there's a NEW true crime story on OJ Simpson, 2016, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as OJ Simpson. He portrays really well the emotional man, screaming and yelling only in front of people who he was close to. and acted very nice and polite to strangers.
if he/she showed up as your preferred gender? it's gonna be the male/ female version of you, will you go for it? if not, why not? backstory: last night I dreamt I meet my male counterpart. I am so shocked at the incredibility of it as we tell the sa
Probly the most efficient serial killer in all of american history. I have watched nearly all of his interviews and as much as he likes to put on a cold calculated face of a hitman. There is a deep sadness to him.
We have all thought and posted about all the famous criminals ... but, what about just the traits of a criminal. Whic
I saw this on the news today because one of his son's said he believes his father did it, and his father's been sentenced to 38 years prison. he married 4x, and killed 2 of his wives supposedly. One missing body, and the other wife's body was exhumed a
I don't understand. How someone who get caught with a possession of drugs( cocain, weed, ect.. ) or caught with a weapon (gun). Receive a higher prison sentences. Compare to a person who rapes or a pedophile. I feel each sentence should be equally. I was
Which astrological placement yields the most stalkers? Is it sun sign ? Is it a house placement or an aspect? Also what sign is a more violent stalker?
(December 6, 1941โ€“December 5, 1991) was a mass murderer who systematically killed eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital on July 14, 1966. July 14, 1966, Speck broke into a South Chicago townhouse and took as hostages nurses Gloria
I saw this in the news, she hung herself. she said she was being abused in the relationship so she pushed her husband off the balcony. she probably had enough but she regretted it of course.
mm I have seen and heard ppl mention Paul Bernardo, Richard Biegenwald and a few others. But I wasn't really satisfied with their definition of a Virgo serial killer. I remembered the story of John list and after rewatching the doc I believe him to b
I was re watching sleeping with the enemy and saw this on youtube. thought it was really interesting, he was found guilty much later, but before then, he was able to get insurance
Here you go
have you all seen this? she's not guilty, her and the Aries sun/Taurus moon boyfriend were accused /suspected of murder but they were acquitted. they found the killer, but he says he didn't do it either. Although evidence/blood says otherwise. h
Here you can read an article about Astrology and Criminology
Warning : Potentially triggering. Please proceed with caution or skip this thread altogether Looks can be so deceiving sometimes. A monster hidden behind the mask of an ordinary guy.
I saw this in the news, there's obviously a bunch of free roaming citizens in Syria who behead and rape, and mutiliate gay men. This is a very very horrific and sad story. "The headless, mutilated
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so last night was the first time I've seen my bf this drunk. to be fair I'm truly disgusted.happened to me before with another ex scorp. now I know i gotta be supportive but all I'm able to do right now is be critical and think about all the butter he told
What should a Pisces learn from an Aries? To slow down?
I love having reasonably long nails but can't keep the length all even.. at some point or another one would break and I will cut it all off and start again.. I recently went back to having SNS on them after a year's hiatus to keep the nails from breaki what do you think of all the 8-22 year olds you know?
So I made a post yesterday about the radio guy... first let me say it's been 3 weeks, of Talking everyday, so this is not even a "relationship" but he never said friends either which at this point it's about to be that... we text or call, and skype (video
Um... WOW. ๐ŸŽ‡ ๐ŸŽ† ๐ŸŽ‡ ๐ŸŽ† Sensual, lustful, touchy, pillowtalk on point... They even demand cuddling after sex lol. By far the best, even beats out the sensitive Crab! Love, Virgal in Lust
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Pretty sure I've tried them ALL.... Zero positive results.... Tell me which ones you honestly clicked with! COCONUT COUNT @sakuraflowers-5 @CaramelizedCoffee-4 @Effervescent-6 @starwars-6 @FknNerd-2
My man is turning 24 on the 28th of June and I was wondering what are some great ideas for a cancer man!? Thank you!!
Time ago I met a pisces. I liked him much. We started dating. I'm cancer lady. There was a good connection. He told me he wanted to be with me, but I should wait and give him some time because he was supporting his ex girlfriend and he still had feelings
So I got a new friend request today on Facebook and it's a girl I had problems with like literally 20 years ago Part of me is like "it was 20 years ago" The other part is like "why though ?" Do I just ignore her request? Decline? Or send her a me
when i was crushing a girls hardly, i search for every damn planet and aspect on her to see if we were compatible, she was a gemini...
Head is off the ground For a long time I was so weary I found sound" How do you interpret this? "I was broken" r.p. Sags dig in Everything crazy
My best friend has feelings for my room mates son, he is 12 years younger than her. She described her feelings as very loving and caring, that if he was older she would date him. I can tell he feels the same but he is not 18 yet. Has anyone gone through
That has completely nothing to do with them and they're wrong the entire time... We just found out some huge news that could have been resolved had this woman listen in the first place. And instead of making her responsible for how everything went do
Witnessed an argument today. Basically a woman, when she was younger, got put out by her mom. Went to stay with a friend and the entire two months there, her friend and the people that lived there treated her like complete crap. This young lady gets
Damn I hate saying this but it's the reality of the situation.. I'm watching my cousins little girl who is second cousins to my daughter (they adore each other). The parents are straight up butter. This baby calls everyone mommy. She can't distinguish