Astrology and Crime

  • signs as antagonist *evil smirk*

    seen this online was amused credit to (user oceanwitch) ARIES AS THE ROGUE COP He’s quick to anger, and he does what he wants. He breaks protocol, and isn’t opposed to beating suspects to get information. To cover his tracks, he also forges and thr
  • Dr. who injected his gf with HIV and hep C

    @lisabethur8 can you find out Dr. Richard J. Schmidt's DOB?
  • Reverend Death

    Possibly the most chilling documentary I've watched in a while. This is the 6-year story of a unitarian reverend, George Exoo, who believed it was his calling to aid others (even non-termina
  • do you sympathize with criminals?

    i notice some people do, and i wonder if it's a healthy thing to do.
  • amberWright

    [IMG][/IMG] she was the cause of 15 year old Seath Tyler Jackson's murder, she was 15 years old at the time, and her current boyfriend at the time with other accomplises also participated in a brutal murder. yo
  • SheilaDavalloo, connecticut murder

    oh wow this woman is a very very dangerous woman. talk about Algol gone bad. and not the abused algol but the one who does the abusing. she is very successful, she got two degrees, went to two colleges,
  • jimmy joste/rhonda glover

    this was a very interesting case. it was mysterious in a way because no one seemed to care if she was abused and no one found any evidence. It was very evident that there were drugs involved ect. also, unlike the OJ simpson case you can actually see th
  • Rebecca Fenton

    here's an interesting case. Been watching female killers this week, and this one is really something.. it took the police six years to see if she really killed her husband. this is the dark side of algol if this is the case. Instead of her being abu
  • Why do a lot of murders happen between 22nd and 26th of Oct?

    I've watched a lot of crime docs and almost always these crimes takes place during the 4 days of October. Many of them on the 23rd of Oct. I noticed this because I know over a 100 people's birthday by memory and every crime doc always reminds me of the Sc
  • The most dangerous water sign

    I think it's Pisces I know what your thinking... No.. Cancan they are the sweetest... The most chill.. and that's exactly what they want you to think!
  • Dan & Linda Broderick murdered

    murdered by this woman who was scorned. any thoughts on this? what do you think?' i was interested in some conversation, insights and analysis on what you think? i also saw this mentioned on Li
  • Ever been stolen from?

    Does anyone else struggle to get over the anger of the sheer violation of being stolen of personal possessions? Share your theft story. Over the years i've been robbed of 2 diamond rings, a Versace watch, diamond earrings, $8000 cash and Rolex box a
  • Jaycee Duggard

    i started watching the Jaycee Duggard on Netflix. it's this version. i heard about the story years ago but wasn't into astrology so, now i have looked up her chart. it's on astrotheme. http://ww
  • Just heard jeffrey Dhamer's story

    Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, was an American serial killer and sex offender, who committed the rape, murder, and dismemberment of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. His birth chart https://www.astrotheme.c
  • connecticut home invasion murders

    lisabethur8 i saw this on the news, and read how horrifying. but a thought occured to me, why did the killers not kill the father/husband down in the basement?? i th
  • Find me a man...

    ...on DXP who will match my desires and mentally satisfied me at any point of my life!
  • In memory of, Anene Booysen

    i was reading through Reeva Steenkamp's file, and she, along with Anene Booysen were represented in South Africa for awareness of women being abused/ murdered and even raped. this is Anene Booysen, (she has a similar story to the tragedy of the Indian

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