How am I supposed to cope with this placement?? Okay, there are worse placements.... But this one is underestimated. One
12th house Mars or 12th house Saturn ppl? Or both? I currently have an obsession with houses 🎃
I have my Sun Saturn North node Uranus Neptune All packed in my sixth house. Idk what to do with this.
I think I met a person with their moon in 1st house... Are you guys very moody? What do you like and dislike about your Moon being in your 1st house?
Does it mean I'm afraid to confront my emotions? Or what's the tendency to supressing it? What is the best way to handle this? I just don't want to be taxed more than I could pay for no more. I'm definitely broke in this dept. I just watched this h
What's your perspective on friendships and (figuratively) burning bridges? When / what circumstances do you find yourself cutting someone out of your life? My Saturn in the 7th, a lot of the articles I read are about high expectations in romance and
Why do we always look to the first house for appearance?? To me the first house is about coming into yourself. Its that conscious awaking when you realize who and what you are. Its the house that throws ppl off when guessing your zodiac sign because they
Anyone have their Sun, Moon, Venus, and/or Saturn in 6th? How's your relationship with coworkers? Do you "attract" enemies? Are you a routines individual? Include the sign in your 6th as well.
Are we the kindest people out there?
this has probably been done before, but have you looked into your ex's /current partner's Juno sign? if you look through all the couple's juno signs and house placement you'll see how spot on it is. lol for example Gavn Rossdale's Juno is in Aquar
by: Tracy Porter Copyright 1998 Partners, who are ruled by the 7th house are not to be confused with lovers, who are ruled by the 5th house of the horoscope. Lovers are those we are especially attracted to but do not necessarily form a lasting bond with
Ive been googling Sun & Saturn in someone's 12th house. But nothing is coming up, if anyone knows anything on this pls share. And if you have experience with this, pls share that as well..
It's 8th house season. Let's check something together. Does the 8th house tell us about death cause and circumstation? O
Hi guys! I just wanna ask how does it feel to have saturn in 7th house. Are you guys really afraid to commit before your saturn return? Are you married or still single until your saturn return came? What kind of person usually you are attracted too? Would
hey guys, Im wondering if this happened to someone. I meet 4 guys with very similar energy: 1. sun in virgo, libra rising - his sun trine to my venus - trine to my north node oposite 2. sun virgo, virgo rising, stellium in libra - his AC conj my DC, h
My whole life I've been wondering why I attract so many Scorpio and Cancers. I thought it was my 8th house moon.... But perhaps not. Does this placement really create a Scorpio like personality? Makes a lot of sense to me. I've been lost on this for awhil
Anyone with a 4th house stellium and/or strong cancer energy in their chart along with a Taurus moon. Holy butter are they stubborn! 😳
1st house - aries 2nd house - taurus 3rd house - gemini 4th house - cancer 5th house - cancer 6th house - leo 7th house - libra 8th house - scorpio 9th house - sagg 10th house - Capricorn 11th house - Capricorn 12th house - Aquarius Anyone
or even if it's empty, you're still a dominant energy? for example, when I look at Ryan Reynold's chart. he has an empty 7th, but he is Neptune and Uranus dominant. because his Aquarius and Pisces are in the 7th house. he has no other pisces o
Hi everyone. Can someone please tell me if the position of the houses are important in the natal chart? If so, what exactly do they mean? For example: Cancer in 2nd house Leo in 3rd house, etc
stupid question I know :P. this thread is a kind of a redemption to the no house in planets thread but goes much far beyond the surface. is there any possibility for someone to have no planets in their houses at all? like all zero? and if that does exi
Moon, Saturn and Pluto 12 house Sun, merc,Juno and Chiron 7th house Venus, Jupiter, vesta and node 8th house. What would you say about this?
Any solid couple out here with incompatible synastry in their composite charts? Like your planets falls in the wrong houses which would astrologically prevent you guys to be together yet you are.. Anyone? Tell us
I have Saturn (R) and Moon in my 10th house. Moon in 11° Sagittarius Saturn in 19° Sagittarius (R) What are the effects of this combo ?
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So I made her a surprise gift for her birthday while she is in a relationship,she knows my feelings for her but she didn't expect that and now maybe she is mad with me...Will she ever forgive me in the future? Or I am done with a horn strike?
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I've been into Astrology since 2012 and I still can't read charts to save my life. I don't know which symbol represents what sign except for Gemini. So if someone has a bunch of symbols representing their placements in their profile, I'm just like...
Everything hurt their feelings, they think are always victims and seems they are always depressed for any little issue
Of murdering his GF. Claims she choked on his massive penis while performing oral sex.
Just wanted to share this link. I thought this was an awesome personality test.. I have done it 3 times and the results were pretty much exactly the same every time. Mostly curious to see how many people rank this poorly in friendliness XD So share your s
Hello I've been on two dates with a Sagittarius man. We met online, he asked me out straight away and we had a nice first date, just talking. Gave me a little hug at the end and said we should repeat it. Then no contact at all. Nothing. Five days later
If they explained the misunderstanding even if it was something awful. Would they be forgiven ?
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Hi All, Ok so questions... I hear the top 5 planets when determining if a relationship will be successful is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.... Venus and Mars standing out more. I'm coming across guys who have harmonious and compatible Suns wi
I really am baffled right now that I'm looking at my chart again from extended astrodienst chart. It says: I have Asc in sag but MC in Leo (sag 4 deg, leo 27 deg) and also am confused as to why now my 11th house is in virgo (29 deg) and house 3 in
how emotional does this placement make you? does it make you emotional? any stories
at this point I have this anticipation and the answer can make things go south I'm really hoping I get the answer that will make me happy and I'm really dreading if this answer is the opposite of happiness. Today I need good vibes please send me good v
What do you make of this aspect
i have a partner, but i just curious what sign is the best for me based on my natal chart. like who should i date? everyone is welcomed. chart is in Placidus. Thanks.
I am very attracted to a taurus woman since 3years now,I exposed my feelings for her but she is in a relationship,at some point,two months after she made her new relationship, we made a chat and she was asking me about my feelings and why i am so persiste
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