The forum doesn't seem to get used much, leta hope there is someone out there! Moon in the 11th house. Do you have it and what's been your experience with friendships, social life, dating? I found this site to be, maybe a little sadly, accurate.
So I have Saturn in the 5th and everything says that's the worst placement for Saturn ☹️ Can anyone explain to me any possible positive attributes from this placement lol. Anyone else have Saturn in the 5th??
Are we the kindest people out there?
Hi guys these events transpired in my first year of college when I lived in an accommodation and I just wanted some explanation on the whole situation. Ok so it starts when everyone in the dorm was meeting each other this guys introduced me to his friend
so i read in many astro sites that 1st house is accidental ego, and it gives Leo flavour. what does a 5th house sun give out?? or a 9th house sun? or any of the other houses? what do you all think? just curious cause lots of people in ast
Do you ever have issues with winning and being the first and being yourself? If so, how do you feel if you lose? How do you cope with it afterwards? A little focused on people with Sun at first house but all answers appreciated.
in your opinion what is the most important houses in zodiac and why
my sun sign is Aquarius i'm just wondering how having Scorpio as the 12th house will affect me
I can't see how yall are so good at the infinite seeming levels of astrology. I know a few things but it is endless but takes time and focus I'm sure.
SO!!!! my moon in aqua placed in 4th house ( cancer) now everything is making sense why my emotion is constantly contradicting!!! and spend most of my time getting confused with my own emotion..... can somebody please help me explain.... does thi
HP: the house person SP: the Saturn person PP: the planet person
Does anyone know or have information on this? Supposedly you can be betrayed by people whose Saturn is in your 12th house. I think there may be some truth to this but would like more info but haven't been able to find anything. Does anyone have persona
What is this exactly , sex worker?
Neptune in the 5th.. Neptune dominant best placements for Clairvoyance? Agree/disagree? And why....
I recently found out, that the birth time I was originally told was off a little. Not a ton, but enough to change the houses of 3 planets. Apparently, I have 4 planets in the 12th and frankly I'm having a difficult time finding any positive info about the
ok, the video doesn't work, but you have to go to Carolyn Mayberry's youtube channel to find it, and it's under Virgo Venus/Virgo mars video with Alyssa Sharpe. I didnt know they were together in a video making.
12th house Mars or 12th house Saturn ppl? Or both? I currently have an obsession with houses ?
Literally having lots of aspects about females and in particular my own mother. Can anyone interpret the relationship between me and my mom? I'll put down the obvious aspects and placements (All Cancer related placements, all 4th house related placements
my first house is libra and the first house is linked to aries, and like every single house is the polar opposite of the sign attached to the house. what does this mean? 1-12 EVERY single one

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So before I go tha treetrunk asleep. I got an idea. Post what your "qualifications" for dating would look like in "resume" form. For example: Requirements to Date: Unacceptable: Pros: Cons: So for instance mind would be like; Requirements to Date: Ho
So bored on this Friday night And what is your birth chart like? My celebrity crush is Jeremy Allen white Sun- Aries Moon- Capricorn Mercury- Aries Venus- Pisces Mars- Aquarius Jupiter- Virgo Saturn- Aquarius Uranus- Capricorn Nept
A survey by the Positive Birth Movement and Channel Mum has found that six per cent of women say they have had an orgasm during birth. Although, seldom discussed, academics and midwives have also said that they have observed this happening to some women.
How do you think two of the same sun signs work out? 1 Aries man and 1 Aries woman 1 Taurus woman and 1 Taurus man Etc How do you think it would work?
In short, all the latest meetings were like - him talking to people online, me, waiting stupidly with my back turned on. Great anniversary!
I always see different answers... Some say look at the woman’s venus and the mans mars Some say a mans moon and a woman’s Jupiter I always hear different answers I always felt like it was sun vs sun (example an Aries woman with a leo man) Then moo
Hi all, Came across this on Facebook the other day.. wish I hadn't tbh.. So the guy I'm with (and have been for 8 months) did mention to me a while ago about a girl he met in a nightclub over a year ago, who he briefly dated (just kissed, no further)
Hi y'all! I'm new here so please be nice. Lol. I have read some stories about Libra men and how they can be so confusing...welp here I am confused too and in hopes someone can help. Long story short, we were friends, we crossed the line of just a platonic
Sag proposed to me the other day. He went down on his knees and ask if I would be his wife. I didn't expect that because I thought Sag wouldn't want to be married too soon. I laugh at him and he said I'm serious. I said yes and now, he's working on a
Have we talked about this yet?!? I don't remember having a heated argument over this yet.... I treetrunking haaaaate that this is even a subject, what the treetrunk are people thinking?!? I swear some people are starting to be convinced that it's breaking the la
Gifs and art welcome. Leo and Aquarius
if you are not born between oct 23 and nov 21 please STFU. no one cares about your scorpio placements. or your dominance. or anything else. placing it here because i'm trying to reach the most try hards i can and this seems to be the easiest place t
I feel as if this post has been done before...Heck I may have done one a year ago. There seem to be a lot of questions regarding Leos (a lot about Leo Men too). So if you don't feel like posting a new topic but just want to pick a Leo;s brain, feel free.
So my ex pisces gf unblocked me from her phone to see how I am doing, and I told her to shove that goddamn phone on her stupid a$$. Being the taurus that i am, which is the most easiest & baddest mofos in the known galaxy even stephen hawkin doesn't try t
Basically, i have always fallen for a lion and keep failing in getting them.(I have no problem in attract them so far) However, this time i manage to wait and see cause normally i would go confess very fast lol (my venus is being a jerk) Him: Ascend
Ol. Those who I was pming with I can still do. New one I wanted to send pm I have to buy points. Isnitnreal since...when?
I'm an Aquarian and I have a friend who is a Leo who I had come to think more as a colleague. For some reason out of the blue we will have these crazy fights where we will scream at each other because he always tries to stand over me and takes advantage
Which gemini decan do you not get along with? Gemini – Gemini May 21 – May 31 – 1st Gemini Decan Gemini – LIBRA June 1 – June 10 – 2nd Gemini Decan Gemini – Aquarius June 11 – June 20 – 3rd Gemini Decan I can't get along with the third one.
It’s not a big deal but I can’t upload a profile pic. And every time I post I get an error but I think my posts are visible? They are to me so yeah, pretty sure they are. It’s ok though. Glad you’re back dxp. Love, Livenluv