not sure if houses mean any difference, like they do juno ...for example juno scorpio 11th house, brad pitt chooses aquarius, or 11th housers who have a strong plutonic energy. and for women, it's how yo
stupid question I know :P. this thread is a kind of a redemption to the no house in planets thread but goes much far beyond the surface. is there any possibility for someone to have no planets in their houses at all? like all zero? and if that does exi
What does it mean if you don't have any planets in your natal chart house? I read from lindagoodman that, "Houses lacking planets mean you do not devote as much energy to them as you do the houses which contain them" And I have no planets in house 2
My Nessus is in my 8th House! From what I read it means in summary I was or will be abused at some point in my life. This is scary! In which House is placed your Nessus and what does it says for you?
My Nessus is in my 8th House! From what I read it means in summary I was or will be abused at some point in my life. This is scary! In which House is placed your Nessus and what does it says for you?
What's in your third house? Does anyone here have moon in the 3rd house?
What does it mean when two people have the same 5th, 6th & 7th houses ?
How is gemini in 8th supposed to affect the person..?
Hi. Does anyone else have these placements too? I'm a Cap sun with a moon in Leo... I also think my midheaven is Scorpio...
my sun-Aquarius,10 house moon-Scorpio,6 house rising sign is Taurus Mercury-Aquarius,10 house Venus-Capricorn,9 house Mars-Pisces,11 house Jupiter-Pisces,10 house Saturn-Aries,12 house Uranus-Aquarius,10 house Neptune-Aquarius,9 house Pluto-Sagi
Do you notice a pattern? In regards to love/romantic interests... How do you feel about each individual that Sun falls in your 6th, 7th, and 8th house?
Hi everyone. Can someone please tell me if the position of the houses are important in the natal chart? If so, what exactly do they mean? For example: Cancer in 2nd house Leo in 3rd house, etc
I'm new here, so bear with me. I have my Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in my 7th house. Astrologically, how can this be interpreted? Additionally, both my Sun and Mars lie in the the 8th house.
Throughout your Pluto 12. When you reach mid-childhood it will transit your 1st house, late teens and 20's your 2nd house etc...l think the main thing to focus on is when it hits your 1st... If it hits you in childhood it'll work your subcons
How do you know what planet do you have in each of your houses? I want to know and understand that.
Give me 1 house n the zodiac sign that rules n tell me why you like it.
So I have a lot of placements in the 8th and 12th, houses of Scorpio and Pisces. Does this explain why I get along with water signs so well...and almost exclusively?!
I used to always use the birth chart calculator on and that had an option for "unknown birth time", and I thought the descriptions of the houses that my Sun, Moon, etc were in were accurate. My parents don't remember my exact birth
The last few day I stumbled through the Message Board and I wonder how the Dharmachakra or the Wheel of the Dharma has been left out somehow? Or was it discarded? Wiki gives some information about the wheel. I might have overlooked it, I'
I've had about 4 dreams in a row about this particular person who has his mars, Venus, and pluto in my 12th. All of them were somewhat realistic and happened after I lost contact with him. I'm the house person so I don't know if he dreams of me. Doe
Hi guys, what sign is in your 2nd house? I'd like to know how you attain/keep your money, how you value yourself and perceive your worth. Here's one site related to the topic: Do you find the descrip
Aquarius men inbox me I'm you're soulmate
What does it mean to have Saturn in the 6th house?
What does it mean to have Neptune in the 5th house?
So whats the importance of intercepted signs? I have intercepted jupiter and uranus in aqua in 1st and intercepted leo in 7th. Do you have intercepted signs? How does it affect us? Id really like to know so share if you know ;)
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Wondering if this would produce two people who had similar "love languages" and went at the same pace, or a total disaster of chasing and backing off. I only recently met this guy, but AGAIN he's got a damn Scorpio Moon (last two guys I've dated over
I feel like caps have an effect of being a good influence to certain people and bring out threat truth in a person and that's amazing I got to page 2 and realized I was losing the ability to do simple math. Read it to your own peril.
What's up with Taurus moon/Scorpio sun combo chooses Scorpio sun women? is it the Mars too and the Venus. When astrologers say that for men it's the Venus and Moon for long term durability, I noticed a pattern, with Taurus moon, their long ter
Are there scorpios who tend to be very narcissistic? Why is that?
My Aquarian man took a step further by inviting me to an outing with some of his friends. That same night he noticed me and asked if I was ok. I guess he asked this b/c he was paying more attention to his friends than me. He looked me in my eyes and a
Has or is anyone dating a libra man? Long story short with mine... We dated for half a year. He lost a family member really close to him. He left me for one of his friends and dated her for two months. After the left her he told me he realized what he ha
Found new sounds. Worried moon shining bright Can I sleep here tonight right beside you? I got a long way to go I'll be off in the morning And I hope but I don't know If she will have me back again Or only want m
I am dating an aquarius who broke up with his ex in December because he was afraid of commitment and she wanted to get married. He misses her and says she was 'perfect'. Is there no chance here for me? Does he need time and it is possible for him to like
For me: Kavinsky 'Nightcall' - always gets me, if I´m alone. Just saw the movie agian yesterday, and I just keep seing that scene from the elevator, when I hear that song. Something about that whole thing is for some reason extremely sad or heartfelt to m
There is a plethora of people whose mißsion is to put others down.
I've been getting to know this Virgo women for a few months now.. it seems a couple times before she would give off intense flirtatious type behaviours but then seemed a bit reserved & standoffish later on.. help?