Neptune in the 5th.. Neptune dominant best placements for Clairvoyance? Agree/disagree? And why....
I recently found out, that the birth time I was originally told was off a little. Not a ton, but enough to change the houses of 3 planets. Apparently, I have 4 planets in the 12th and frankly I'm having a difficult time finding any positive info about the
So I have Saturn in the 5th and everything says that's the worst placement for Saturn ☹️ Can anyone explain to me any possible positive attributes from this placement lol. Anyone else have Saturn in the 5th??
im surprise no one has brought this up for discussion but apparently the most common house found throughout sun-pluto is said to be your focus in this lifetime, and your north node dictates the attributes of the sign you should incorporate as your persona
ok, the video doesn't work, but you have to go to Carolyn Mayberry's youtube channel to find it, and it's under Virgo Venus/Virgo mars video with Alyssa Sharpe. I didnt know they were together in a video making.
Those of you who have it, What soothes your anxiety or calm your nerves?
12th house Mars or 12th house Saturn ppl? Or both? I currently have an obsession with houses 🎃
Literally having lots of aspects about females and in particular my own mother. Can anyone interpret the relationship between me and my mom? I'll put down the obvious aspects and placements (All Cancer related placements, all 4th house related placements
my first house is libra and the first house is linked to aries, and like every single house is the polar opposite of the sign attached to the house. what does this mean? 1-12 EVERY single one
Hi, I have had trouble with my relationship--it feels very muddy and I'm new to astrology, not sure what to make of the details... My Mars is in his 12th house, I have a Mars in Scorpio My Mars is Trine his Cancer Jupiter Sextile his Capricorn Saturn
My chart ruler is Neptune. With my rising sign being in pisces which is ruled by Neptune, but I have a Capricorn dominance, with cap being in Neptune 11th house. What would this mean? Any ideas?
Seeking knowledge in regards to confusion about my 3°4 Leo Sun, which some websites have listed my Sun as being "technically in/at the end of the 4th house but since the 5th house cusp begins at 3°36 Leo, my Sun is conjunct the 5th house cusp and is inte
Hey, everyone... I'm just learning about house overlays in synastry and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. My Taurus Venus falls into my partners 4th house (Aries) & his Aquarius Venus falls into my 6th house.. I've been reading up on how 4th
Aquarius men inbox me I'm you're soulmate
Kind of new to astrology? What are decans and how do you find out your Decan
How am I supposed to cope with this placement?? Okay, there are worse placements.... But this one is underestimated. One
Hi guys! I just wanna ask how does it feel to have saturn in 7th house. Are you guys really afraid to commit before your saturn return? Are you married or still single until your saturn return came? What kind of person usually you are attracted too? Would
My Nessus is in my 8th House! From what I read it means in summary I was or will be abused at some point in my life. This is scary! In which House is placed your Nessus and what does it says for you?
Anyone who can relate to it? some info i found was pretty acurate to me.
How do you know what planet do you have in each of your houses? I want to know and understand that.
Who else is with me?? I've always been interested in this placement. What effect do you think it has on your personality?

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Second guess yourself? I read a ton of Astro stuff that says when a cancer has a gut feeling it is usually right and so on. But I almost never go with it because it seems wrong?, im unsure so I never go with my gut. Does this describe you? Or is this an a
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What Crab would move abroad to be with someone who they really love? Or is that one of the more hidden aspects of Cancer? they will literally give up being patriotic, in their shell and will go after what they know is real? Sag midheaven though coul
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How to tell if a Cancer guy likes you? Are there any special tells?. Also how do I find out if he's already in a relationship/married?
I used to be a good at reading in high school. Always would raise my hand to read for the class. But I've seemed to have lost that aspect. Like I feel its more of a chore than anything. I can never focus. My mind always drifts to somewhere else. Usually m
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