Ok people post relationship Q's and they get replies like. Wow is his venus in (insert sign here), or wow he must have a (insert sign here) moon! What do these different things mean exactly. I get that your sun is your actual sign for the day you were b
Heya, what actually defines a stellium? Having four planets in the same house on the birth chart? Or having four planets in the same zodiac sign on the birth chart? Also, either way, are there other rules before one's birth chart can be considered to b
So I'm still trying to figure out how the placement of all the planets has an effect on a person. I'm a sag and from the first time I read Linda Goodman's chapter on sag I could not believe how accurately it described me, it was as though she knew me bet
Warning! Long thread! So we have an internal "battle" /arguement in my family for some years now but i think it has got too far.My mothers husband is constantly trying to persuade me that i am the one that should fix the arguement or at least start fixin
Hello. I am new one in astrology. Im searching,reading and analysing my natal chart and transits. I have read book and many posts about the time about sell property,but didnt found something usefull. Can you please tell which is the transiting signs in ch
I found this on the internet today and it totally explains me to a T. I always thought I was different from other Cappy females...I am a lot warmer and caring than most capps. I am so intrigued. What else am I missing. I was born 1-1-1976. Thanks. Scorp
So this is probably a slightly juvenile question but it's really irritating me : ) When I look at my transits historically (using this site: http://astro.cafeastrology.com), I can't see any that would explain major events in my life, such as relations
Some people cannot learn until they ask questions and listen to the answers. For all other people who can read, let us collect here all the links we often use (the well established sites). Or recommend (the new sites to read for evaluation). So far
From a specific date in the past? How do you do it? Request step by step guide for dummies version, s'il vous plait merci
How can you tell someone's astrology without asking them?
DISCLAIMER: I am not stating that this description miraculously applies to each and every single person with dominant Scorpio placements. The purpose of this thread is to help people develop a clear understanding should they come in contact with this beha
2017 is Year of the Chicken or Rooster and it will arrive on February 3, 2017. Many people must be eager to know if they will have better luck in the coming year than previous years. Here, we want to use Chinese Astrology Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood
I'm new to this so I'm just gonna place some signs in my birth chart and the taurus man Im talking about. I have sun in Aries, rising in Libra, venus in Aries, and virgo mars. His is sun in Taurus, rising in Scorpio, venus in Gemini, and mars in Taurus.
I see a lot of people here who know their sun, moon, month zodiac, and even down to the minute zodiac all based off when they were born. Is there a chart online I can use once I get all my information to find out what zodiac houses and signs I am in and u
What does the 12th house mean, and what does it mean when someone asks me if my 12th house is in synastry with my boyfriend?
check out this great blog about numerology http://www.numerologyrpredictions.com/
Apparently there's a way to find in your natal chart how many children one could have . how would I go about this and is there a time limit ? Like WHEN one could have children? Is there also a way to find when you'll meet soulmate as well? Or I guess the
There is this Gemini guy that I work with and he is super shy which was surprising to me. I'm a Virgo by the way. He would hold my hand, help me out, make me laugh, share his personal life, and he even tried to kiss me but I backed away because I was scar
What does it mean if some thing is rising in sign?
Hello - Not sure what my placements are? I know my place of birth and the exact time. All I know is I'm a libra. I'd like to know my other influences so I can better know myself and how to deal with others. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Continued. So the morning of the day he goes away I ask him what time he's going. He responds and I leave it, then he says why? So I said well, sort of thinking of saying goodbye. He said how would you do that? After my response he says he feels horn
Hi, would appreciate good advice please. For three years this guy, (Aquarius), and I have been chatting on and off, mainly on WhatsApp. He's been wanting and very keen to meet. So after all that time and four weeks ago I decided that we would finally mee
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I'm making this topic because I just got through having one of many great evenings with my Libra roommate! We're different in so many ways, and yet I feel like we understand each other's strengths and weaknesses very well. Our personalities fit together l
what does it mean when a so man goes from trying to treetrunk u every time he sees u to wanting to be really good friends? And, I used to be really comfortable around my cap make friend but now when we get together, things feel awkward and brand new. However,
Perception, in tune, changeable from music alone, able to just become so uplifted. I am like this, and music is everything to me, it's not just aural pleasure, it hit's very deeply. And seemingly the faster, the hard, the better, this is why i post
Just saw the movie Control. It was so cancery, I can't even. I mean, it's a good movie, touching n stuff, but the whole story is just so tragically cancer it pissed me off. A spot on representation of a Cancer gone extreme. I'm kinda mad at myself for bei
Are better left as hobbies. Because if I were to allot them anymore time or head space, they'd loose their appeal. Is that just me?
I hung out withe Pisces yesterday. He got A Lot of incoming messages. He tried not to check his phone too frequently but still... =.=
https://youtu.be/SUGwhEt2SPU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTfn92J-uc4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7AOA6qXtXI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6loYAGC98Z0
this is one of my favorite quotes and i generally stick to it, so why can't i stick to it when it comes to this Leo...
Triple-Aqua here! (Sun, Venus, Mars) Libra moon, Pisces Merc... This cabin fever is making me crazy. Feel free to ask me anything about my paradoxical kind. I'm happy to help and I'm sure my fellow Aquas-ladies will chime in! Open-book so noth
Ok I use a roc one.. I find it heavy ..after a while it makes my skin tired it feels like weighing my eyes down....and sleepy ..puffy? I don't know how to explain ..most eye creams do this to me... I thought it was meant to help eye tiredness
I debated about posting this but I actually think it's funny. I'm finding it so hard to get over him. Sure I'm living my own life and not talking to him. Today though he said hi to me in passing and I've been walking around with a smile on my face ever si
In my experience all the Scorpios I know prefer woman with long hair. Why? Is it more feminine? Is because you can wrap your hand around it as you spank her on the ass while taking her from behind?
Any Leo Suns Cap Mooners? No..? What about Virgo Merc..? Cancer Mars...? Yeah,I figured. Your all too busy working to be on a forum...😑 Well, if you take a break (if you exist) let me pick your brain. K bye.
And what do you eat in a day? Do you monitor what you eat, or eat whatever you feel like? Do you even feel the need to eat much? Or is it all you ever think of? Are you overweight, healthy, or skin and bone? I'm just curious. I sometimes wonder i
There are so much shade over There too lol. 😂😂😂😂
Your co worker lives with you, then you move out and agree to buy new blinds for her. You both agree after you fix your car it will get done. Problem is your car eats up all your paycheck and you end up broke, instead of asking you what is going on you