Can anyone pls explain to me what Lilith is about? And what does it mean if I have Lilith in Taurus. And Lilith in Gemini?
saw this topic on a,..which is worse and why?.. Aquarius cold shoulder.....? or Scorpio sting...?
What does "R" mean when you see it next to a house placement on your tropical chart. My mercury is in Pisces and right next to it, it says "R".
This story is going to be long. It started back in December when he kept pursueing me until February when finally we went on a date. It went really well until and he said he wanted to see me again. He even asked introduced me to his friends and asked peop
@bricklemark Please, sir! I laid grounds for you. Now show everyone your wisdom! (You don't have to
Please help me with this guy. He is working with me and I like him a lot. Sometimes I can see from his actions that he likes me too. He even he asked me for my number. He was calling me every day, every hour and asking about me. He touches my ha
I'm a taurus female and I thought dealing with another taurus(male) would be easy but I'm facing a challenge. I've been dating him for 6 months and we get along great. We hang out all weekend and talk everyday. Hes also 4 years younger. I'm 25 and hes 2
I have two this good or bad and what does it mean Jupiter 19 degrees Virgo Pluto 22 degrees Virgo Sun 0 degrees Libra Uranus 29 degrees Virgo Venus 26 degrees Libra ASC 19 degrees Libra Mercury 26 degrees Libra Moon 15 degrees L
I used to know a good website for getting free full synastry reports, but my bookmark got deleted. Anybody know a good site for that?
How come a lot of people say that they have houses in their chart or how does someone go about reading that deep into it? All I know is.. I'm a Taurus Born on 04/30/92 But how does someone know natal charts and what house is in what!? What!?!?
Ok people post relationship Q's and they get replies like. Wow is his venus in (insert sign here), or wow he must have a (insert sign here) moon! What do these different things mean exactly. I get that your sun is your actual sign for the day you were b
Just going to put this here for safe keeping. How to find your dominant planet/elements/signs: This uses the Pullen chart from
Some people cannot learn until they ask questions and listen to the answers. For all other people who can read, let us collect here all the links we often use (the well established sites). Or recommend (the new sites to read for evaluation). So far
And how does the upcoming one affect relationships?
Heya, what actually defines a stellium? Having four planets in the same house on the birth chart? Or having four planets in the same zodiac sign on the birth chart? Also, either way, are there other rules before one's birth chart can be considered to b
Check out the Apple Valley Astrologer youtube channel, there is a tutorial section, youtuber also welcomes generalized questions and offers video responses.
What are some good aspects to have between siblings? Like house overlays, conjunctions, trines, etc...
Hi :) Does anyone have any good books or other sources in mind which would have in-depth information on relationship
HI everyone I need your help especially those Astrology experts. I want to know what are the meaning of these aspects. -Part of Marriage conj ASC by 5 deg -Part of Marriage conj part of fortune by 1 deg -South Node conj Part of Karma by 1 deg -Moon
So I'm still trying to figure out how the placement of all the planets has an effect on a person. I'm a sag and from the first time I read Linda Goodman's chapter on sag I could not believe how accurately it described me, it was as though she knew me bet
Warning! Long thread! So we have an internal "battle" /arguement in my family for some years now but i think it has got too far.My mothers husband is constantly trying to persuade me that i am the one that should fix the arguement or at least start fixin
Hello. I am new one in astrology. Im searching,reading and analysing my natal chart and transits. I have read book and many posts about the time about sell property,but didnt found something usefull. Can you please tell which is the transiting signs in ch
I found this on the internet today and it totally explains me to a T. I always thought I was different from other Cappy females...I am a lot warmer and caring than most capps. I am so intrigued. What else am I missing. I was born 1-1-1976. Thanks. Scorp
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ASK AWAY ... there's plenty of Sagittarius that will enjoy answering your questions. 🏹🏹🏹
I'm not planning on using any of this information in a malicious act, I'm just so curious. If someone got played/used by a cancer guy, what would be good revenge? I know I'm horrible for my wandering mind. This might be highly unlikely for one to be do
I sent a picture of a female celebrity my guy friend likes and i said "issa cake" lol as in she looks delicious then he replied saying "ur a cake" and i was like what kinda fked up cake is that. He was like "a cake that is u" We were talking about picku
if i have you blocked don't ask me anything you know who you are, do i ever respond to your comments, nope, that's cause you're blocked. so have some self-respect and get off my nuts permanently.
So, I was talking to a few friends over beers last night and this topic came up. Apparently, everyone likes full disclosure in a relationship. This example was used. His wife used to date this guy back in college. He started messaging her and coming onto
To shift your vibrations Pls share some if you have. I need to not bombard one person's with my energy (lmao bcoz I'm obsessed with him NO GOOD) Plus i need for protection as well. As to not
he has gemini moon aries rising cancer everything else, i'm an aries with libra moon/rising so i broke up with him out of anger then couldn't decide if i wanted him or not because of the way he responded to me talking about my issues. ttelling me that i'm
So, those who know of, experienced or currently in with a Pisces/Virgo pairing - What are your thoughts, experiences and stories? In my case the guy I am interested in is a Pisces Sun/ Capricorn moon and I'm a Virgo Sun/Taurus Moon.
Hi. I sort of believe in compatibility between signs. When I met my ex (6 years ago) it was literally love at first sight!!! From the moment I saw him, I felt an unexplainable attraction towards this person, like I knew him from a long time. He felt the s
What are your addictions and Drugs of choice !? I personally don't do drugs (vitamins are my daily drugs lol) but I do have my addictions, I can't get off the internet reading topics of my interest and I can't stop working!!! I'm addicted to eating sea
Gimmie sum wee human name suggestions
Im stubborn as *** and very independent. But sag guy makes so many points. He keeps telling me to stop being so stubborn and let him help me. That i shouldnt spend my money on others first ,he thinks its sweet, but i should spend it on me and kids. He s
I'm starting to feel like I'm never satisfied. It's like I find someone I want...they give me their best, but I don't believe it is so I pull back and put my walls up. It's a never ending cycle of push and pull. It's even worse when you're with someone th
Hello all, Anyone here a Pisces Sun and Earth Element Moon (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) ? If so... What are you like when you meet someone when you are interested in someone? When interested in someone new, do you focus only on that one person or p
Do you spend a lot of time looking after your self image like your appearance and your body, health, etc. is this an aqua trait? mine never come see me in Casual clothes..he's always in his business clothes which i love and adore... though when i we