Aquarian vs Leo

I'm an Aquarian and I have a friend who is a Leo who I had come to think more as a colleague. For some reason out of the blue we will have these crazy fights where we will scream at each other because he always tries to stand over me and takes advantage
I'm an Aquarian and I have a friend who is a Leo who I had come to think more as a colleague.
For some reason out of the blue we will have these crazy fights where we will scream at each other because he always tries to stand over me and takes advantage of me because I'm nice, placid and zen but he likes to stir me up and paint me out to be a monster....

So we've known each other for 7 years and have grown into performers through theatre, we both equally get lead roles (I'm more typecasted for leading male role than he is) He grew up in the ballroom scene and knew tap and jazz before I did commercial, jazz and a bit of ballet.

He thinks he's a better singer than me but he's not and he even sings songs that are out of his range and just blatantly ignores he fact that he's not pitching correctly. Not to mention he's a barritone and thinks he can sing tenor, he can't. It's like old man river balls dropped or something

Anyways he is unbelievably egocentric and whatever project I undertake he always tries to get in on it, anyways I've been doing drag for about 3 years now because it's something I like to do between theatre shows and I finally won my first comp this year and doors have been bursting open left right and center (for me) and this deadweight bleep is riding my coat tails.

So I've been eating,drinking,obsessing over drag for the past 3 years and have spent thousands on wigs, makeup l, fabric, jewellery to look like a characture of femme not to mention the time I put into practicing my makeup and routines into the wee hours of the morning and this little Leo man has done none of it, he is a drag queen too but relies on other queens to do his makeup and lend their outfits....anyways I did his makeup for him in the past and his reply to me then was "wasn't what I would do" and I remember thinking "I am never going to do your makeup ever again"

Fast forward to Saturday we were hired to do a charity and I thought it was a good cause and I'll do his makeup so more queens can attend and pulls the most unbelievable bullbutter, I did the treetrunkers face and she looked amazing but she lost the eyelashes I got her for her birthday and wanted my spare pair and that was strike one, strike two she waits until I'm halfway through doing my makeup to ask me to change things about her makeup that she doesn't like....and the things she didn't like were just rediculously fabricated, she literally asked me if I could diffuse her wing liner....what the treetrunk does that even mean??!? I don't think she even knew.....the last straw drawn was when she couldn't get her eyelash on and I told her to wait till the glue was finished and she said "you really left me high and dry and have treetrunked me over" and that was when I told her that I've had enough and she needs to get the treetrunk out of my bathroom and her biggest mistake was to say NO and so I counted down from 3 and she was still in the bathroom and I treetrunking let her have it. "How treetrunking dare you,you ungrateful cookiemonster, you're not a treetrunking queen you act more like a peasant who can't even pull two cents together to pull a look, how dare you spend 120 on drugs a week before and not even buy makeup for yourself and expect me to fork out for your ungrateful ass....anyways I went apebutter at her and my mum had to come into the bathroom and physically remove the dumb cookiemonster and she was acting like the victim after she tried to stand over me.....anyways I felt like I was going to have a heart attack after it happened I'm going to get my blood pressure checked out soon.

Anyways the moral of this story is that I can scream louder and I will go crazier than you just to prove a point if I don't get my way.
28 years old female
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Aw.... what a ungrateful little cookiemonster! I HATE that kind of behavior and that gets me tickin!

You don't need that kind of negativity in your life, I'd drop his nasty ass in a second and cut him off completely until he apologizes and changes!
28 years old female
♒️ sun ♑️ moon, venus r, merc ♐️ mars ♌️ asc | Married to a Cap
I drop toxic, egostical and especially ungrateful people in a minute.
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It's been said that Leos and Aquas are two sides of the same coin so that might explain the fights.

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