How do you deal with an Aquarius Man!!!!!

Ok!Im a Capricorn Woman and he is the Aquarius but i don't not understand him. We Have been dating 4 months now and i do
Girl! your wasting your time, one thing I know about aquaman is that he will not show the type of emotion that you need, they do the opposite, yes they have emotions and a soul, but it's not remotely close to what a women desires from a man. I have been dealing with an aquaman on and off for 2 yrs now, and I have come to this conclusion, he will never be the way I desire him to be, he is not built that way mentally or emotionally. And trust me the man is in mental and emotional pain, and in need of a woman who accepts him the way he is, but that's a tall order and one that I can not full fill. Hell I don't have time for all that dedication to just one cause. If he can not meet me at least a quarter of he way, it's too exhausting, tip toeing, exercising patience and trying to act like you don't care. Fxok it! I need a man who is voluntarily willing to be caring, loving, affectionate, and an attentive person my Leo world. And trust me I would reciprocate ten times fold.

So I take him for what he is worth, an occasional weekend at his place type of guy, so when he comes out of his lonely shell and wants some company for a weekend, go for it! what can you loose, just use condoms every single time your with him (because this man even in his down phases, gets his in with whom ever is available at the time) so enjoy the once and while weekend getaway, then move on.

Everything I have read about Aquarian men here is dead on! Unbelievable! I have "attempted" to date an Aqua for six months now. This is my first and last. At first, we seemed like a perfect match. I'm a Gemini...and wow...what a great connection! I have to say now that this has been the most exhausting...and definitely confusing 6 months of my life. I'm over it. I have spent so much time in just a few months wondering what's wrong with me, did I say something wrong, what the hell is going on, etc.. I certainly appreciate everyone's differences, but come on. This guy has to be the most self absorbed person I've ever met. It's as if he floats through life never considering..or caring how his statements or actions affect people. If I get upset, he wonders what's wrong with me. Huh? It's crazy. Are we dating? Are we not? Why are you so emotionally shut down? You want to see go out on a limb and tell me you really care..then I don't hear from you for a week. Again, huh? It's just too much. If someone wants me, I want it to be a little more obvious. When is it that your Mr. Aqua Man will finally at least meet you half way? I believe it's when hell freezes over. lol Who has the time?
"Big dreamer, workaholic, not alot of sex probably like once a week. not a big phone person, the break up to make up syndrome..." Yep, that about sums it up.

I hate generalizing and there HAS to be some Aqua's who aren't like this but damn, every relationship I've had with one is a clone of the previous one. How boring. It seems the only people who are willing to be with Aqua's are those who have low self-esteem and are willing to make excuses for their behavior. It's a strange co-dependent, disfunctional arrangement. Not for me, thanks.
" Maybe...someday.

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I live in my own little world and I make it into whatever I want.
It either works with an Aquarius or it doesn't, no relationship should be uphill all the time, no matter what there sign.
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(( Ok!Im a Capricorn Woman and he is the Aquarius but i don't not understand him. ))

Its as good as saying I am a car salesman and I dont understand rocket science. Please acknowledge your limitations and find someone whom you can understand. There is nothing wrong with aqua men. They are perfectly ok as long its the same group trying to understand them. It wont work for you or for him. Why take so much of effort and end up hurt? Find someone else.
" Maybe...someday.
THANK YOU thelibran! GO find someone else! Not all aquas are living lonely and that means there is someone out there good enough for a relationship with them. If its not for you...go find something that is.
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A simple complicated libran. Sun: Libra Ascendant: Gemini
If I have ever come across someone sensible than a libra, it was always an aqua. But then if you dont have the minimum brain power of a libra, you wont get to understand or appreciate the brain of an aqua and will end up assuming they are crazy. Like those minimum marks you need to get into some specialized courses.
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A simple complicated libran. Sun: Libra Ascendant: Gemini
(( The least peopel can do is give advice and not put people's intelligence down! ))

Give advise and after sometime she will be all hurt, his aqua will be even more hurt and whats the point? If it dont work, it means only one thing - it dont work. Why give more information and advices and push her into further trouble? You think that is fair? There is no issues with intelligence. Its a whole different frequency and you cannot get these two to understand each other. Its not like there is some shortage for men in this world. Why waste your time chasing people whom you dont understand?
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A simple complicated libran. Sun: Libra Ascendant: Gemini
Kris "That is air sign arrogance for you !" I agree for the most part with you not all but some are so damn stubborn and arogant.

now thats the issue when a fire or water or earth try to evaluate an air sign. If we put it in our ways, it becomes unacceptable and arrogant for others. If I dilute it, it becomes a lie from my perspective. And I dont wish to lie.
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This has got to be, without a doubt, the most common topic on these boards.
" Maybe...someday.
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Intellectual arrogance with some of them .

can u tell me a better way of explaining that situation Kris? To me its the simplest explanation. Bcoz Aqua brain is an upgraded not so balanced version of libra brain.

(( You can explain all day and most people just won't get it. ))

I have explained to some people for months and still no good. I have warned people not to get into something and they were quite stubborn and didn't cared and got into something and got burned. Then once its all messed up, we have to sit back and listen to all the sob stories and cookiemonstering. At times we get more accurate explanations after things get worse. And once things go worse, they just dont want to see the other person in question as a normal sensible human being who just failed to look and sound sensible in front of a wrong match. So they label them a loser, idiot and whatever they please and I will end up defending them and go on explaining what went wrong and why it went wrong. Doesnt it look way stupid doing those explanations.

Simplest advise is always the truth if they like it or not. She shouldn't be chasing an aqua man. After 3 months, she might call him a loser and this poor dude might end up becoming homosexual thinking he is incapable for a relationship with women. If it was a cappy man chasing an aqua girl, it would have been a different story.
male from Singapore
A simple complicated libran. Sun: Libra Ascendant: Gemini
I didnt said they can understand an aqua women. They understand around 20-30% may be. Compared to the 0-10% of cappy womens idea of aqua men. Bcoz they get to understand this 30% , they end up assuming they know aqua women 100% . They have this hope that if aqua can bend a little towards his dimension of thinking, he can get a better grip at her... thats why i mentioned "whole different story".
" Maybe...someday.
It always going o be the woman bending 'a little'. In any pairing/sign relationship.
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