most loyal sign ?

most loyal sign for who they love for men : ? for women : ? :)
male from q8
"my sun in aries the hero
most loyal sign for who they love

for men : ?

for women : ?

female from New York
Sun Sign: Passionate Pisces
Pisces of course
For men and women: No one offers faith, Loyalty, and love like a Taurus
Once Again Anicia, we're here >
Leos are DEFINITELY loyal...why are you such the leo hater Mr. Nice? I get along with scorpios pretty well....for the most part...we have alot in common
" Maybe...someday.
lol mr. nice already showed his ass to the new comers.
" Scorpio"
I've never cheated on a partner of mine...and the temptation to was GOOD temptation. But it was never good enough for me.

I'm a Scorpion.
male from q8
"my sun in aries the hero
yes i think cancer (women) are loyal thump up of the most

and leo girls

and aries all

male from q8
"my sun in aries the hero
yes saggitaruis women sooo loyal

but not to any kind of men

she need a true aries or leo

some one understand her

I dont think Sag women are loyal...maybe when paired with who Hii said but from what ive seen, no.

Leo women are very loyal...but not the men
Sun: Cancer Moon: Pisces Rising: Aries Mars: Cancer
I think Cancer, Scorpio & Taurus are the most loyal signs
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