Natal Venus Retrograde people. How has this period been for you?

By GOATActionNovember 16, 2018 1:18pm — 5 replies

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Venus Direct
ive been felling a bit angsty and insecure this past couple of weeks does anyone know what venus going direct and jupiter in sag will bring for the leebs
Venus Retrograde 2018
possibly stupid question would it affect 7th house ppl i m a sun conj saturn 7th houser and this seems to be the only explanation as to why i m feeling this energy in my bones ppl dropping like flies from my life lmfao as a pisces and venus conj
Venus Retrograde outcome
any previous venus retrogrades experiences have you gotten in a relationship during venus rx and it lasted or did the you break up during venus retrograde and got back together when venus went direct in love spending expierences and venus direct outcom
im actually a little excited for this
Any other natal Venus retrogrades excited for this upcoming Venus retrograde?
ive never really paid much attention but apparently natal retrograded venus people should be able to navigate this period with more effectiveness than others might even bring some good luck in that department and maybe some old flames lol
Venus retrograde in scorpio
here it comes i wonder how this affects a scorpio venus when venus goes retrograde in scorpio anybody can discuss
Sudden break ups during Venus Retrograde
anyone ever experienced this or have any insight on ive read that its pretty common for exes to come back during venus mercury retrograde for closure getting back together etc but cant seem to find much info on breaking up during a venus retrograde
Venus retrograde = Easy come, Easy go
did anyone find a new love or sexual interest and as the days grew closer to venus going straight you started to lose interest more and more until yesterday were it felt like the interest dissipated completely or am i alone here lol
Venus retrograde in natal chart
anyone have this if so how are your relationships do you have challenges around them thanks x
Hey so how's this Venus retrograde goin? Kickin your ass much?
i cry a lot its a really shitty shitty time