Neptune alone in 10th House

Does this make me pisces like?
  • Does this make me pisces like?
  • You have a Pisces like social life
  • Posted by raad182
    You have a Pisces like social life

    And what is that like?

  • hydorah
    - sexy s(c)andals
    46 years old male
  • I forgot to mention that I have Saturn on the cusp of my 12th house (house of pisces). Does this have any connection to the fact that I have Neptune alone in my 10th house (house of Capricorn)?
  • sorry, I meant I have Capricorn on the cusp of my 12th house (house of pisces), and I have Neptune in my 10th house (house of Capricorn).
  • rabidtalker
    My natal chart is in my profile photos.
  • Posted by Dastardly

    Thank you for bumping up all my 10th house posts! It doesn't make you look stalkerish at all that you went through and commented on all of them.

    But even though I know you were trying to be a jackass, you helped me, so good job!
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