What's the Better Choice for a Vibra: A Taurini or

an Aritaur? The Taurini is a cheerful nice lady who radiates good vibes everywhere she goes. It's always tempting to
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an Aritaur?

The Taurini is a cheerful nice lady who radiates good vibes everywhere she goes. It's always tempting to get close to her. I am not physically attracted to her but I LOVE her personality! Sometimes, my body is like being dragged closer to her and I don't hesitate to talk to her. It's like something is always forcing me to talk to her and I get sad if I'm not able to speak up. There's always that urge to talk to her and I am sometimes craving for her presence. It's sad that she's not my seatmate but whenever there's a chance, I'd go sit next to her.

The Aritaur is extra friendly. The first day she saw me, she made friends with me instantly. This girl is very attractive. She's got the looks of a model. Her eyes are very STUNNING! Like those of Ariel. She's very beautiful! She's sooo friendly to me and I could tell she's attracted to me too. I kissed her one time coz she was begging for it! @_@ I am not very sure with her personality though but my God, she's SEXY! O_O

Who's your pick?
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Posted by MrWendall
The model.

Mr. Wendall, can you shed some light why? The Taurini's cheerfulness is very infectious!
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Posted by PiscVirgAquaFish
Date the Aritaur and friend the Taurini. Though you're probably going to eventually get bored with the Aritaur and drop her, since you Mercury ruled Virgos need mental stimulation as much as eye candy. What the hell, go for it either way.

True. I'm taking things one step at a time. I'm making sure that if it's going to be a relationship, it should be a long-term one!
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When I first saw this topic, I thought you were asking what the better choice for a vibrator is!!

*gets mind out of gutter*
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Posted by tw1nk1e
Cusps don't exist.

Personally, I'm a 0 degree Gemini, so I'm a bit biased.

You can pick whatever you want, but the "Taurini" is trine your Sun the other is Quincunx.

Physical attraction is nice, but lust will go away as soon as you "fulfill" it.

That's what I'm thinking also. I'm attracted to my trines' personalities. Taurini and Capriquarius!
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Posted by MrWendall
Do u have moon square venus?

Moon is Leo

Venus is Libra

Sextiles, Ands. What do you know about this aspect?

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