Which House is your Moon in?

My Moon is in the 1st House. Makes me realize how emotional I am. And why people don't get me. I'd be like "umgz, I don't feel comfortable in this place" and people would be like "why?..." and I'd just be like "because." Like I go off on my intuition, eve
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  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    1st extraverted but extreme emotions in a fire house and in a fire sign
  • Horsey
    ☉♐ | ☾♍ | ASC ♓
    7th house. apparently its the house of relationships/partnerships? not sure what having my virgo moon there means though. anw i have only few aspects with my moon...
  • solarflare
    Aries Sun☆.。.:*・° Capricorn Moon☆.。.:*・
    25 years old female
    capricorn moon in the 5th (ruled by sag), square venus, square jupiter
  • Dianna
    Aries I'm the 11th house.
    Fire in air
  • besarlalluvia
    fishy caught on a hook
    pisces in 9th and i like to be happy all the time so much that i get disappointed at small things and let it ruin my day
  • NelsonSacramento
    Sun ♏ Moon ♓ AC ♋ | Mercury ♏ Saturn ♏ Pluto ♏ Mars ♑
    33 years old male
    Moon in house 9 with many aspects

    I think no one is more emo than me on dxp lol
  • CopperDove
    Venusian Scorp
    1st house Gemini moon. I have Taurus rising, but my 1st house is intercepted by Gemini so that's how my Gem moon squeezed in there.

    I think my moon sign and position helps me to be more emotionally expressive than some Scorpios. Feelings show on my face, and that doesn't bother me. I can poker face if I need to, but that isn't necessary with most people and situations.

    I think my Gem moon in this position saves me from being weighed down by my Scorpio and Taurus placements (sun, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio in strong opposition by degree to my rising and Saturn in Taurus).

  • NelsonSacramento
    Sun ♏ Moon ♓ AC ♋ | Mercury ♏ Saturn ♏ Pluto ♏ Mars ♑
    33 years old male
    Posted by peachy06
    6th, which explain why I have such a messy health.

    Take some of my spiritual energy to help your health 🌙
  • my Moon is in the IV House - highly imaginative
  • heliumfiasco
    Sun Lib12- Moon Gem 8- Merc Lib12-Venus/Mars Virgo11- Asc Lib-Pluto Scorp1st.
    8th.... we aint alright. haha
  • 11th house
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by Lioness18881
    I have moon in 12th
    *Your own feelings and emotions are something of an enigma to you, and it is often difficult for you to share with others what you are feeling. You frequently withdraw from contact with the world, and need a healing, peaceful environment in order to blossom and come out of yourself. You identify with the oppressed, disenfranchised or underdog in any situation and want to help them or care for them in some way.

    thats me too. lol

  • Queenofthepheasantfairies
    Rising Scorpio, Libra sun, Gemini moon, Virgo Merc & Venus, Cancer Mars & Jupit
    female from London
    Gemini moon in the 8th house
  • Aju
    Posted by peachy06
    6th, which explain why I have such a messy health.

    what are the relationships with the other planets to your moon?
    Do you have any squares to it?

    With your moon here, I'm sure you are aware of maybe how much
    power your health can have on your psyche? What about work ethic, or routine?

    Did your mother work in any of fields pertaining to health or was she persistent about it to you?
  • AneemA04
    8th in cancer. Ups and downs, intense.
    Mood swings and NEED TO BE ALONE lotsa times.
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