Mine is the Waning Gibbous Moon. Also, do you feel as though it's an important piece included in you natal chart?
28 years old female from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Mine is the Waning Gibbous Moon.

Also, do you feel as though it's an important piece included in you natal chart?
28 years old female from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Posted by everevolvingepithet
Full Moon, I'm not sure how important it is but reads nicely.

Maybe my threads just aren't hippity enough.


Full moon, Eh?

The Full Moon rises at sunset and sets at the sunrise. People that are born under the phase of the Full Moon are idealists. As this is the halfway point of the moon's cycle, those born under its power are able to see both sides of an argument and are keenly aware of not only their needs, but also the needs of others. They may have difficulty choosing between conforming while still retaining their uniqueness and personal freedom. These people may spend much time searching for philosophies and religions that they can relate to.
30 years old male
"Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag Also describe
Posted by Kalean
How'd you find out? B(

I second that question. Any easy way to find out?
30 years old male
"Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag Also describe
Posted by Sangfroid
I just googled moon phase calculator and my husband who had no faith in astrology double checked the astro moon phase findings with google Earth or something like that and everything checked out.
Ifate.com/Moonphase index
I had to remember to check the right hemisphere. I tend to forget that I was born in the SH. It only changes the side it curves to and not the descriptions of NM personality as far as I can tell.

Thanks Sangfroid.

Seems like I am a Waxing Gibbous Moon as well.

"Individuals born under the Waxing Gibbous Moon tend to be at peace with themselves. They are comfortable and content - even though there may much that they do not have. Their tend to be concerned with the greater good of all things, and they are motivated towards helping society and those around them.
The Gibbous Moon is the final phase of the moon before the Full Moon. The Gibbous often brings with it much of the steadfast willpower and unshakeable resolve of the First Quarter Moon, but combines it with the mysticism and power of the Full Moon. An auspicious and fascinating blend of mind and spirit -- the Gibbous moon in many ways represents the overall quest for enlightenment: A strong will, a comfort with what one already has, and a desire for greater enlightenment and knowledge.

27 years old
" ??? Jizzin out in love ???
Waning gibbous with 96% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.

from Neptune and Nirvana
Fourth Quarter (waning moon)

If you were born during the Last Quarter Moon phase, you have strong beliefs that you are inclined to put into action. Although you can be inflexible at times, you usually have enough insight to know when to act and when not to act.

The person born in the fourth quarter will tend to have an underlying feeling of the zodiac signs Capricorn & Pisces. You are happy to finish the projects that others start, reorganize and sort out the problems left by others. People born in this quarter often have clairvoyant insight and follow hunches rather than be logical. You can be too sensitive and become upset by the demands of others, and can also be too inclined to sit back and let things happen. You will work best in groups, you are not materialistic, but you do need job satisfaction. You may be slow to grow up, but are likely to go through some kind of metamorphosis later in life & achieve success in something unusual & completely individual.
" "
Mine is the Waxing Crescent Moon.

People born under a Waxing Crescent or "Evening Moon" are often adventurous, action-junkies. The adrenaline rush of speed and action is what gets their blood racing and their hearts pumping. They are often also very creative -- loving design, art and anything that looks fresh and feels conceptually "new". Those born under this first crescent typically make fast learners, and they consume information at an incredibly rapid rate, from a wide variety of sources: the Internet, television, magazines, etc. They have their fingers on the pulse and they exhibit a keen awareness for trends and the sentiment of others around them.

Often, those born under this moon will feel at odds with convention. Their innate love of "newness" puts them can often put them at odds with all that represents the "old way" of doing things.
35 years old female from uk
About the Waning or "Morning" Crescent
Those born under the Waning Crescent may often be described as "lacking concentration" -- but the reality is that they are deeply in touch with themselves, and the greater universe. These deeply meditative, philosophical souls may appear to be "off somewhere else", daydreaming or lost in thought -- but that is only because their knowledge and understanding covers such a wide span of human experience and perception.

These naturally intuitive souls exhibit a deep understanding of the spiritual and mystical -- often from an early age. The Waning Crescent is often seen as the moon phase of "change and transition" -- a crossing over from the physical to the spiritual -- a gateway to the unknown. Likewise, individuals born under this moon frequently find themselves aware of that which others cannot see. They are keenly observant and aware of forces and spiritual states that others cannot discern. In later years, these individuals often find extreme peace with themselves, and exhibit a silent confidence that can only come through a deep understanding of the universe and the divine.
101 years old
"Worry is the darkroom where negatives are developed.
Moon Phase: New Moon
Moon is in: Aquarius
Moon's age from new: 0.79days
Radian Distance: 63.15 days
Degrees Lattitude(Ecliptic): -4.44
Degrees Longitude(Ecliptic): 328.9

New Moon but also the Dark Moon

When is the Dark Moon? :
Also known as the "dead" Moon, this is the time when there is no solar reflection, leaving the lunar face in darkness. The dark lasts about three days before the new crescent appears.
Is this the same as the New Moon?:
For many, the new Moon begins at the moment of the Sun-Moon conjunction, but for others it remains the dark Moon until that crescent is in view. As the Moon wanes toward those final days of darkness, there's often a turn inward. In those contemplative moments, the inner reality is presented through dreams and waking visions. It's fertile ground for the new Moon intentions to be conjured.
How does the Dark Moon differ from the New Moon?:
The dark of the Moon is the most powerful time psychically. It seems to lure us toward the deepest self, the longings of the soul, and restful listening is a great way to receive these messages. It's been compared to the dormant seed under the winter snow, or the cocoon holding the butterfly. You might feel tired, or crave quiet solitude. It's important to make space for the unfolding of the spirit at this time. Like death itself, it's preparation for the new beginning that begins with the crescent.
101 years old
"Worry is the darkroom where negatives are developed.
Posted by antonarnia

Also, do you feel as though it's an important piece included in you natal chart?

And to answer your question. I feel I identify with the 'Dark Moon' description then 'New Moon' description because the new moon has a lot to do with Aries influence. However, considering that in my birth chart both the 12th and 1st house are split between my sign (Aquarius) and the fact that I have a 1st house stellium that in fact includes my moon... It would only be fair to say that I must take partial qualities of both even though I don't feel as though I identify as directly with Aries. I guess I'm just in denial.
male from United Kingdom
Virgo male interested in (western) astrology for many years now becoming intere
Almost full: I'm pretty emotional but I don't think people realise it.
117 years old
Sun in Libra Moon in Virgo
Those born under the Full Moon are balanced and precise. While many people mistakenly see the Full Moon as the end of the lunar cycle, it is important to remember that the Full Moon is the midpoint, half-way through the lunar cycle. This "half way point" creates a special mix of intuition and knowledge.

In many cases these "Full Moons" will have that rare combination of creativity, and real-world business skill. They represent the balance of past and present, spiritual and down-to-earth, logical and creative. On the downside -- the Full Moon often portends a level of emotional irrationality and great swings in temperament. One minute they may be at peace with themselves, and at another they may be deeply emotional. It is quite common to find those born under a full moon achieving success much later in life -- as they come to terms with themselves and with the great mix of forces they carry within.

Sounds pretty accurate, as I am a Libra! One minute at peace, the next deeply emotional~! And the balance part..oh yes!

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