Yeah I know ..I know But what if ? I mean there is always possibility for everything When I see people here fight about their signs I just laughed...idk I mean I fight for my sign but now I just find it funny Is it even real ?? Have you
If a couple has the same birth chart except from their moon sign and ascendent does this usually mean they are "soul mates"
I got the idea from @JanuaryAquarius thread....and while he is busy figuring THAT out what sign do you think has the best dick game.... my guesses...(6) aries-cause they can give it hard, rough and over and over again taurus -cause they can give i
Have to do it another part of me Aquarius sun Pisces rising arch a Pisces back if a Pisces slap me
Cancer got those big ass breasts tho butter I'll bite them
Please share. The general wisdom is that Jupiter is the great benefactor and all he touches expands and does well. The only possibility of it not going well is if he expands "bad" things but even then it should not be too bad. Any stories?
what female here has facebook or messenger that's wants me to add?
[IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] There is a story about a man who was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. It was obv
Are you generally a positive or negative person? Can astrology answer this? "The negative signs associated with the zodiac are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. The positive signs associated with the zodiac are Aries, Gemini,
What is your sun sign, moon sign, ask, Mars, Mercury, and Venus and how do they influence how you show your love to your partner or crush?
Calling all 12th house people. I was doing some progressed chart work at Astrotheme and once again, I still have planets (The Sun and Venus) in my 12th house with their interpretation that my life is frequently upset by the machinations of hidden enemies.
they are the first sign and therefore have been called the "child" of the zodiac or the "leader" of the zodiac. They seem fiery in actions but when speaking they seem to have more pisces or Taurus qualities and appear quiet/soft spoken. You don't noti
Exactly as the title states. Write your ideal chart with as much detail as you want, then explain why you wish each alteration to your actual chart to be true. Go into depth and I'm sure this will be an interesting, if not moving experience.
he has his moon in cancer and ascendant taurus .. we've talked about it several times this morning i woke up and i realised i do not belong in holland i'm indonesian and i have been to indonesia once when i was 12 i never really knew what i wanted to do
Do you feel yours? If so, in what way? If not, explain. :)
No matter what sign this particular planet is in, you will have Plutonian characteristics. I had no idea about this until discovering my Scorp Pluto was in this house. I found this rather interesting.
I hate them so much I felt a need to make a thread about it in the treetrunkING astrology thread. treetrunk YOU MANIPULATIVE LITTLE cookiemonster BOYS. GROW THE treetrunk UP AND BE ME. JESUS treetrunkING CHRIST. treetrunking go back in your shell where you treetrunking came from and get TF ou
JFK has a similar chart to me. He has most of his personal planets in his 8th house and also has six planets there. He also has Neptune in his 10th house. He has Libra ASC (I'm a libra), he has Saturn in his 10th house, I have Saturn in my 7th house -


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cherokee aquarius is here in my home south carolina but florida is also my home where is yours
Just for a but of fun! Curious what everyones best/worst sexual experiences were and with what sign.

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considering Cap moons are into earthy and traditional women and Scorp venus are into the femme fatales.
So I'm an artist, and I met a collector online after reading about his collection and being fascinated by his approach to collecting paintings and the such. After back and forth communication over email, I was beginning to think this guy is pretty similar
miss my lava lamp. used to stare at it and contemplate. that'd be perfect right now
Instead of preparing an amortization table? I know there's an excel formula, I found it, I forget which data to plug in where. If anyone knows the breakdown of the formula it'd help me out, I have two more retake exams tonight to do and I do not have
So, just curious if I'm the only one or could it be because of all the fire in my chart... Do any of you guys have terrible tempers? Like quick to anger, quick to over but the damage you do when you're mad is legendary? I hate that aspect of myself!
Please share any knowledge you've read or experienced about Cancer ascendant. :) My rising sign is Cancer and it's interesting because the older I get, the more I see a water sign influence in my lifestyle. I am obsessed with meticulously creating a c
Ok, I'm a recovering Gemini addict... This isn't working out for me unfortunately😭 I have Mars in Gemini so naturally I'm attracted to them. I like witty, mysterious men... Please help? Rising-Aries Sun-Cancer Moon-Sagittarius Mars-Gemini Mercury
And she stuffed a hot pencil in my ear FOR NO treetrunkIN' REASON....All i remember afterwards was that couldn't see straight anymore....


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I did some writing and made some of my interpretations of each dragon. Somewhat inspired by DnD. Enjoy. Zodiac Dragons Aries- Fire Dragon. Ability to call armies at a whim. However they can take on an opponent by themselves. Very temperamental,
...and bagged :P Just kidding *kisses* Okay, I see that you fixed my profile and when I click on doesn't take me back to some other chic named elle who hated capricorns (found that hilarious, btw) So, thank you...NO THANK YOU...MI WANTED
How do Mars in Cancer people feel or what is your motivation? I met this Aquarius girl with sag moon and Aries Venus Mars in Cancer She randomly says terrible things like "what if we all died in a terrible car wreck?" Then she has an evil laugh
Please For those who are reading this article especially the owner of this site please don't see my message to people here as a spam or anything wrong. I'm trying to share my testimony to whom it may concern and i really want to express how happy i'm.I go
Please For those who are reading this article especially the owner of this site please don't see my message to people here as a spam or anything wrong. I'm trying to share my testimony to whom it may concern and i really want to express how happy i'm.I go
Can someone tell me if they can see my pic? I'm having a lot of trouble using this site! Sorry to be the annoying one...
There are times when you have had a good night out you end up crawling home on your eyelashes... however at some point I believe we have all been down that sad bumpy road of drunk texting. .. Who did you text? And what did you confess to them?