Currently going through a breakup and reading helps me a lot. Any suggestions
Has anyone read any of the versions of this book? it was recommended to me. I'm not halfway through it yet, but what are your thoughts?
Has anyone here read any Dostoyevsky or have any thoughts on him? I think I've heard that some people have to read Crime and Punishment in school, but I never did so I was able to enjoy it freely without being forced to read it I find Russia and especial
My current college doesn't offer any classes in that sort so I'm looking for an alternative. Everyone knows of Rosetta Stone but I'm trying to avoid using the computer since I'm on it about 24/7 of the time already. Has anyone used that and has it worked
Please post any prose or poetry about love...if it's not in English, please translate it, even if it's crude it's long as the essence is kept alive. Here is something from India by Tagore! I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numbe
Gotta be some fans on here? Alright, We have smart phones, which are basically our hitchhikers guides. Space travel is on the way very soon. Any day now trump will reveal his second head and his true identity as Zaphod Beeblebrox. It's all coming t
So I'm at the flea market this past weekend and I come across this vagabond looking woman. She's cool as hell, majored in philosophy, teaches at an upscale University.. yada yada.. Then, she tells me I have to read this book. [IMG]http://i66.tinyp
Looking for volunteer readers to read my 33 page short story, "The Bridge". Send me your email address, and I will send over a free manuscript. After reading please go on Amazon and leave a review. Thank you in advance. The Bridge - Riya Jordan and her
The lost city of the monkey god.
For anyone that has teenagers, works with them or has them as family members or friends, this is a great read I have heard quite a few mothers say *when they are 18, all done and dusted* Not so [IMG][/IMG]
...from the book Quo Vadis that mentioning Evnika and Petronius. Please help!
If I want to send a few chapters of the book to someone. Is there way?
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Any observations or advises about female venus pisces and male venus scorpio couple?
I want to know because straight women don't get to choose. So men or women, can you let me know why you are an a s s person or a boob person, please. Why do you prefer butts over boobs and vice versa. I don't get what the big deal is over either on
Any fans from this board? Have you ever tried it?
Any insight/personal experiences? I (Pisces moon) have some kind of connection with a Scorpio moon that I work with. I felt the connection which caused me to look at his chart. He is Aqua sun Scorp Moon Pisces Venus Pisces rising We have Pluto
Have you dated or been in a relationship/friendship with one? Your honest experience? Please include their sign and yours plus personality type.
Enough not to ever attract another Virgo? To even want to converse with me Thanks
@nikkistar @ellesbelles @Arkansassy This final challenge is what I like to call...The Tumblr Maze! At 9:05 I will be PMing you all a link to a tumblr archive. This tumblr archive has clues that will take you to other tumblrs that you need to get I'm so fascinated by their relationship, I guess because she's so fly to me and seems a bit out of his league, but he's the breadwinner(millions) while she stays home and looks after their 5 kids. They've bee
My sag and I just broke up... Feel destroyed inside. Wasn't messy, talked everything out but hurts all the same. Wish things were different but I can't fix him and he wasn't willing to try anymore..... Love hurts.
by going platinum blonde for my 30th? Yay or Nay
I'm not saying cheating. I work at a nursing home and I hear so many stories of people being engaged ed to one person aND then suddenly someone else comes a sweeps them off their feet....has this happen to anyone? How did you handle it? Are you happy with
I’m wanting it 24/7 and it’s not happening. I need to make it happen
really broke my willingness to commit now idgaf about relationships, he turn me into a hopeless freedom loving commitment phobe why he do that? is that why he came into my life to hit n quit and feed me lies? I make this thread, 2 months later bcu