Check them out. By Kalayna Price
Check them out. By Kalayna Price
Dafaq? How the dafaq I'm gonna do that? But for real has anyone ever read the art of war? Just ordered the book give me some opinions on what you took from the book.
Anybody read this? Thoughts? Only a few paragraphs in
"Holly, mistletoe, red berries, ivy, turkeys, geese, game, poultry, brawn, meat, pigs, sausages, oysters, pies, puddings, fruit, and punch, all vanished instantly. So did the room, the fire, the ruddy glow, the hour of night, and they stood in the city st
So in this book they mix all men and for the formula on how every man acting? So for $2.99 I can find out about each and every male behavior with no hidden cost or gimmicks? And I suppose it wouldn't matter who those men are by zodiac??? So is
Even though I do spotted his venus in capricorn style, but I do recommend everyone to read this book. Even a lost souls who could not understand men at all.
Nick Silver Why some prediction fail and some Prediction don't anyone knows anything about this one?
Do you listen to them in the car? When do you find is the best time to listen to them? Besides that, any favorite or recommended books/series? I've been thinking about getting into some.
Has anyone here taken grad school work online to get their M.S or M.A? Wondering how your experience was? Would you recommend it?
I live up the street from a convenient store, so naturally I am there a lot to buy coffee or toilet paper or whatever. I know the workers pretty well and one of the workers suggested this series to me. Has anyone heard of it? Is it any good? I know that i
Hi, I've recently published an E-book on Amazon about Astrology and I am willing to send that book to you as a gift for free, my treat! f you're interested let me know!
I have read this book a few years ago..and there were just about 5 to 6 pages left when I was about to board on an airpl
Have you read a book and found yourself identifying with a character? Please give book title, author, and decription.
I wanted to avoid reading this trilogy as I try quite hard not to conform to social trends. However, i got my hands on
Does anyone know where I can find the book Tennyson - Whitman Harvard Classics ?
My boyfriends older brother told me to read this book and I want some opinions on it before I tell him whether or not I
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Has anyone ever heard of or know someone who has gotten pregnant from just the tip? Even if it's just at the entrance for play?
but i wont tell you where. LOL just LOL @lunarmaiden
I don't necessarily need anyone to explain my chart to me because I've done enough research, but I want do see if any of you can get close to what I've learned or know from personal experiences by taking a look at my chart below lol. Zodiac : Tropical
I don't necessarily need anyone to explain my chart to me because I've done enough research, but I want do see if any of you can get close to what I've learned or know from personal experiences by taking a look at my chart below lol. Zodiac : Tropical
Reply with the music and a new placement Placement: Scorpio moon (lol)
Being able to seduce every woman he wants. Of course, Astrologically speaking every placements will have a target or someone who is attracted to you and vice versa but what placement would make someone close to an unanimity? Warren Beatty is one of
Jessica Alba Megan Fox,cs_srgb,dpr_1.0,q_80,w_620/MTM1MzA4Mjc2ODM2NTA0ODUw.jpg Rachel Bilson
do you think it fits you? there are both positive and negatives. Just because you have the same moon sign, that doesn't mean your mother was the same. Or typically similar. And also if you have children, checking your children's moon signs, do you
Should I start writing fake news? I heard fake news makes massive amounts of monies. Its very easy to get trump supporters frothing at the mouth about anything. They NEVER FACT CHECK I really think this can help me buy the car i want. CASH http:
my sun-Aquarius,10 house moon-Scorpio,6 house rising sign is Taurus Mercury-Aquarius,10 house Venus-Capricorn,9 house Mars-Pisces,11 house Jupiter-Pisces,10 house Saturn-Aries,12 house Uranus-Aquarius,10 house Neptune-Aquarius,9 house Pluto-Sagi
A confession from a scorpio to a taurus male. Disclaimer: This, by any means are not asking for advice. Any opinions are allowed but not to be taken. This is one of ways for me to release something. I apologise for causing stress and pressures. I'
First Decan May 23 to June 1 The First Decan of Gemini is also known as the Gemini Decante and the "Week of Freedom." This Decan is the most typical of its native Sign, meaning that individuals born during this period will most probably be of above-a
And considering your making 4 dollars a day from this site I think you need one too.
The objective of this thread is to assist in the proper and fully nuance the discussions that readers have in regards to prejudice, bigotry, and racism. The three items tend to cohabitate and nest in each other, kind of like their diametric opposites,
So recently I passed they my caps city retuning to mine and asked him if I could stop by and drop his stuff to him. He replied yes because I want to see u. This made me excited and happy that he was eager to see me. So I make it there and he's busy. I ask
My placements are Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sag, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra and Mars in Gem
I don't understand. How someone who get caught with a possession of drugs( cocain, weed, ect.. ) or caught with a weapon (gun). Receive a higher prison sentences. Compare to a person who rapes or a pedophile. I feel each sentence should be equally. I was