Have you read you profile? What the hell makes this book so accurate?? It's crazy to me. I don't think I've ever read a personality profile for a person that wasn't accurate. So weird
For anyone that has teenagers, works with them or has them as family members or friends, this is a great read I have heard quite a few mothers say *when they are 18, all done and dusted* Not so [IMG]http://i65.tinypic.com/2emdehl.jpg[/IMG]
...from the book Quo Vadis that mentioning Evnika and Petronius. Please help!
If I want to send a few chapters of the book to someone. Is there way?
I'm looking for good short stories that make a strong impact. Any theme or genre will do. Some of my favourites are: - The Lottery - Monkey Paw - The Yellow Wallpaper Thanks in advance!
it's a cookbook with family / friend recipes can't decide what to name it :(
And other resources for sex addiction and shopping addiction y'all could recommend? Just trying to understand myself better; not sure I'm ready to change though.
ISO books to read pertaining to mindset, success, growth, career achievement, entrepreneurship, money, helpful tools, inspiration, and life motivation. I'll add every relevant book suggested to my list :)
https://www.inverse.com/article/33174-john-wick-comic-book-origin-greg-pak https://fsmedia.imgix.net/19/e8/59/82/b993/4115/a2ec/5cf3f7eab530/vallettas-cover-of-john-wick-1.jpeg https://fsmedia.imgix.net/b2/38/59/e1/b71c/4b6b/96b5/d86354a24b7b/vari
A woman who is pursuing a divorce with her financially unstable husband discovers a diary kept by her grandmother. In this diary she reads her grandmothers love story on how she feel in love with a homeless boy during after the war. Through her grandmoth
http://cdn2-www.comingsoon.net/assets/uploads/2016/06/cristo.jpg Highly recommended.
It will go like this So there I was without a care in the world. Minding my own business when I saw her. I had to do a double rage because she was the girl of my dreams She was standing on the doc of the bay. The wind blowing through her over proc
Its true Love story thread made me post this.
So I'm at the flea market this past weekend and I come across this vagabond looking woman. She's cool as hell, majored in philosophy, teaches at an upscale University.. yada yada.. Then, she tells me I have to read this book. [IMG]http://i66.tinyp
I was doing some looking online after being on Damnata's thread and found this free Linda Goodman pdf: https://www.docdroid.net/f4ry/linda-goodman-love-signs.pdf.html#page=41 It breaks down each sign as human growth (Aries-infant, Leo-teenager, Virgo-a
I am about to finish the first book I love it so much so far!
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Been with this guys for 1 year . Aries/Sun -Aquarius/Moon . I am a Leo. Long story short we hit it off straight after we meet . We were attached to each other straight away. It was a pretty intense year with fights and good times. 2 months ago he came and
This thread is only for CopperDove's gifs. Rules: [b]#1 Only @CopperDove is allowed to post a gif. #2 Users can comment and like but cannot post gifs. #3 Apart from gifs, other users are not allowed to post pictures or videos. #4 All of our
Wtf is bad timing? I've been told by many it's a bad timing for us. Last night I've asked if bad timing can change and my adviser said yes. If everything will be going the way it's going - there is great deal that timing can turn and become more favorab
I'm a virgo. I was dating a libra men for about 6 months. We met online and we were in a long distance relationship. I got a lot of attention from him in these 6 months. I shared all my past with him already in texts, phone calls and Skyped. I was cheated
How do you express love? As I was contemplating about myself I realized that started to dig deeper about how I express my feelings of love. I mean, I have libra venus. Some say that libras tend to get rather shallow in showing how much they care ab
Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini. Libra is quite thrifty, too. Your thoughts?
What is that like? From your experience if you have it or dealt with someone who does.
are they all treetrunkbois? moreso asking women about their experiences vs attacking water moon men themselves.
My ex and I have been broken up for awhile now and we have maintained a pretty good friendship. We talk often, but it's usually over text. I recently noticed a pattern. Whenever I tell him to call me he won't. It's like he avoids it like I'm not even sayi
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
Gifs and art welcome. Leo and Aquarius https://i.imgur.com/EJ6Xvq0.jpg
So my three dominant houses are 8th, 12th and 11th. So, from my understanding your placements will take on characteristics from that houses sign. How much emphasis do you feel it has on your placements?
I don't even really know why...it's just like dull...but he was sweet😢
I just realized I have two slow moving planets (one is a lesser planet/comet) that changed signs in my progressed chart. Both are low degrees and retrograde AND on the cusp of houses. Jupiter is natally retrograde at 1 degree in Gemini. In my progress
I am capricorn man having a feelings for a leo woman, we were good friends and both had a mutual feelings for each other but one day I disrespected her as she said something offensive to me.. later I apologized to her as I have a feelings for her even
Any other violent Libra? I'm scared I'm gonna hurt someone or myself sometimes How do you deal with certain things and people?
What attracts you? What holds your interest? What other Venus signs are you most compatible with? I have a Scorpio Venus
Hi, what do you think about this positions? Mercury 28° Aries Venus 29° Gemini Mars 29° Libra I was born in the morning. Mercury and Libra changed to Taurus and Cancer in the evening. Mars is retrogard and stayed in Scorpio before it did go back