Have anyone ever found book that explains this attraction between 2 people that is turning lifes upside down and makes a person into somebody they never thought they can be? I mean something worth reading and not just wasting time?
Hare just recommended book and I went looking for reviews. One have a sample which is: Thus, they can stoop to a level that a classy lady would never stoop to, they can say things that a girlfriend would be ashamed to say, and they can do things sexua
do you find it comfortable to read (scientific) books on your tablet or you prefer printed ones?
Dafaq? How the dafaq I'm gonna do that? But for real has anyone ever read the art of war? Just ordered the book give me some opinions on what you took from the book.
Anyone has read it, does it help you to gain respect from men generally, and get him put effort to attain your love? I'm still reading the beginning part. I think I'm the nice girl in this whole book description, it sucks as hell and all I want is to b
Do you listen to them in the car? When do you find is the best time to listen to them? Besides that, any favorite or recommended books/series? I've been thinking about getting into some.
I wanted to avoid reading this trilogy as I try quite hard not to conform to social trends. However, i got my hands on
Just finiahed, Cinder. Like a mis of terminator meets Cinderella. Loving it!
Check them out. By Kalayna Price
Check them out. By Kalayna Price
Anybody read this? Thoughts? Only a few paragraphs in
"Holly, mistletoe, red berries, ivy, turkeys, geese, game, poultry, brawn, meat, pigs, sausages, oysters, pies, puddings, fruit, and punch, all vanished instantly. So did the room, the fire, the ruddy glow, the hour of night, and they stood in the city st
So in this book they mix all men and for the formula on how every man acting? So for $2.99 I can find out about each and every male behavior with no hidden cost or gimmicks? And I suppose it wouldn't matter who those men are by zodiac??? So is
Even though I do spotted his venus in capricorn style, but I do recommend everyone to read this book. Even a lost souls who could not understand men at all.
Nick Silver Why some prediction fail and some Prediction don't anyone knows anything about this one?
Has anyone here taken grad school work online to get their M.S or M.A? Wondering how your experience was? Would you recommend it?
I live up the street from a convenient store, so naturally I am there a lot to buy coffee or toilet paper or whatever. I know the workers pretty well and one of the workers suggested this series to me. Has anyone heard of it? Is it any good? I know that i
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Let's see who can do some digging and figure out as to why she's such an insubordinate haha. How bout dat?
Whoch one matches gems better? Tell me the pros and cons!
Why Do Gay Men Love Britney Spears? Britney's most ardent fan base—gay men—speak to the idol's enduring appeal. She's been Miss American Dream since she was 17, and while many had hoped (or feared) that the former Mouseketeer would fizzle out soon a
Yes, it's the polite thing to do? Or No, treetrunk you and your male privilege?
http://www.crystalinks.com/cancerrb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dShIJpN.jpg Cancer Archetype Core Insights for Cancer Mode: Outward (Activating, Initiating, Creating, Expressing, Illuminating) Element: Water (Imagination, Impressions, Emotion, Sou
Taurus Archetype Core Insights for Taurus Mode: Inward (Harnessing, Utilizing, Sustaining, Empowering, Penetrating) Element: Earth (Form, World, Life, Structures, Nature) Archetypal Images: Builder, Nature-Lover, Musician, Provider, Gardener,
So what do you think? I already have a straight crush on Lisa ❤ Other than her and Melissa, the rest are kind of ugly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oItixHoJAhE
I have been talking to a capricorn guy for one year. He seems to really like me and he has said it various time. And I got to know from one of his friends that he likes me. Now the problem is that he does express his love. Sometimes, he stops contact
Do you consistantly daydream of being with someone you are interested in? Is it wiser to just stop yourself immediately from doing so and (never dream of them). I feel it helps to stay in the now but sometimes I can't help it..
look at your past and present and relationships and think hard, what do others and what do you see of yourself? which one are you?? Are you Athena? http://goddess-power.com/athena.htm Athena - extroverted and independent temperament--repre
She: Taurus Sun - Me: Taurus Venus She: Aries Venus - Me: Aries Sun and Mercury She: Gemini Mercury - Me: Gemini Mars and ASC She: Scorpio Moon - Me: Scorpio Moon She: Leo Mars - Me: Leo Jupiter Funny thing, I met her when transit Saturn conjunct
I went through a terrible breakup in December. My ex moved on pretty quickly post our breakup and starting hooking up and dating other people. This kind of affected me more and it was then that I did a 30day NC on my ex. Post the NC we started speaking ag
Could someone help me interpret the cards? I am deciding whether there is any potential with this person (an old flame). I was just thinking of this person when I drew the cards online. I am not sure why certain cards appeared more than once. Thanks in ad
im libra and hes pisces, march 11th. I dont know how to attract a pisces guy? i met him 4 days ago, he acts really nice with when we are alone but he also talks about himself all the time, but when we were with people last night and another night he barel
I got a new room mate he is a Taurus and he just now put a lock on his door. I leave my things out and about like my expensive laptop, my car keys and other things that I trust him around. My father was the same way he is a Taurus. He accused me of steali
Men say this time and time again. How do you fix it?
State your Sun Moon Venus and Mars. Give an example of your flirting style. Scorpio sun Aries moon Scorpio venus Gemini mars I'm either mean and criticize/insult the person or I don't flirt. Idk how to flirt.
i'm a pisces female who had relations with a libra guy, who was a close friend of mine, about two months ago. long story short: we hooked up and told each other we had feelings for each other but when things turned sour (outside drama) he later said t