How compatible are we? My sun: scorpio, his sun: aries My moon: leo, his moon: pisces My venus: s

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Hunter S Thompson
the only thing ive read from him is fear amp loathing please make some recommendations or those of similar kinds of authors
@_Dazed Bonner support
the princess paralyzed with fear whimpered as she looked up into the gaze that can only belong to the beast the mouth which was lined with serrated teeth was drooling when he uttered the word silence he gave her a backhand that sent her into a diz
Same book. Different story.
ezekiel interrupted him and concluded that he and algia have a small history together but still went on with his story anyway he continued out of blind rage some of the parents of the deceased ignored her threat and ran to the altar and then algia
I need an opinion
what you think of this the snow covers the graves but i still hear the corpses lament i know how they feel trapped in their coffins with no way of escape like my mind we are in here forever no more flowers of joyous celebration now the flowers cov
Looking for Timeless Books to any given subject
hey i ve been advised to read old books that stood the test of time cause its more foundational and timeless than anything you can get on twitter or yt videos so please give me your favourite 100 year old classic that was good enough for a pulitzer o
Its not a book...
yet but it could be a book non believers they had lived happily ever after still not believing that fate brought them together and when they died walking hand in hand into eternity they were still thinking how wonderful that one the day
A Discovery of Witches
i discovered these books due to them making a tv show out of them i enjoyed the show but felt there was more to the story then what the tv had told so i wanted to read the trilogy before they came out with season 2 had anyone else read them
Sexy books
any recommendations
storybook: bedtime Tales for grave Snatchers by Tommy Richards
please tell me what you think the empty spaces in the trees bristle with a haunting emptiness that was never there before the morning sun rose with the dwindling breeze of hurricane albee the leaves swirled about the ruins in hopes of creating a beau