Hey! I never find myself on the Cancer board but I'm curious to know what you think of Aries women? I've never dated a Cancer man and never had a cancer friend. My brother is a Cancer tho. I know you guys can be very very very moody and sensitive to a
So a Leo sun Cancer moon female used me twice and i broke it off as friends completely. It's been a while i'm cool but i don't forget anything. Do i allow her back and be friends again? I'm one of those who has a close circle of friends and that
Anyone with this astro combination? Considered extremely lucky....
Hi everyone, im new to the forum and looking for advice. Im a 40 Yo pisces male with aqua moon. I was dating a cancer woman awhile back, it was awesome and we were steadily heading for marriage. I loved her very deeply and was convienced she was possibly
Past two months me and my cancer ex have been texting occasionally, after being in no contact for 4 months. He initiates most of the conversation, say 8 out of 10. He broke up with me because we argued a lot. I’d love to reconcile, I still love him and
Of all the damn Zodiacs, i must say... i see Cancers with Fire signs the most. Runner up would be virgo. So, with that being said... 1. what fire sign are you most attracted to? 2. which fire sign do you attract the most? 3. which fire sign do you g
Dam. I feel like it's too late to feel this now.. Most Taurus marry young. But man it's poetry in motion. I've never had such simple easy connection. It feels like heaven and rainbows and I imagine really awesome sensual sex. Sigh What y
I posted the other day about understanding my cancer girlfriend/ex girlfriend as I am a Pisces male. Unfortunately I don't know our rising or moon signs etc, just sun. Regardless, she is definition of cancer. She's incredibly caring and loving and seem
http://www.crystalinks.com/cancerrb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dShIJpN.jpg Cancer Archetype Core Insights for Cancer Mode: Outward (Activating, Initiating, Creating, Expressing, Illuminating) Element: Water (Imagination, Impressions, Emotion, Sou
First things, first I love you all for the most part. You guys are so kind, caring, and ridiculously funny. I've never actually dated a cancer, I usually date air signs, but I find that they usually have heavy water placements, especially cancer placeme
I have a problem. I love my boyfriend (an Aries) soooo much. I do really care for him. But... we can not be together because of his parents. So, how can I don't love him anymore? How to hate him that want me to give up & move on. We love eachother so much
Cancer man contacted me again and I told him that I would just like to be his friend to f*** him once or twice a week and that I didn't want a relationship because I had someone else who I was somewhat seeing and the only reason I say this is because he s
Do they just need love, affection and to be there?
I’ve been reading all the messages here as for a long time, before I decided to post again. Gemini sun, Taurus moon, Cancer venus, Leo Mars. Nothing really changed between us. Me still having lingering feelings, which I truly hate, and she (cancer/Tauru
I'm looking for Female Cancer advise here on how you tick, how you think and what I have to do here. I'm a Pisces sun and she's a Cancer sun (not sure other placements) and we met a while back indirectly but started dating last summer around her birth
Blimey. 3 weeks after dumping me because his ex is texting and confusing him with his feelings, he messages "hope your ok Baby x" followed with "I wanted to make sure your ok sweetheart, I have not forgotten you" ??????? Well actually no I'm not ok and
Hello, i'm new to this forum. I am cancer woman and i'm also in relationship with a cancer man. We knew each other for about 9 months and just start relationship 2 months ago. Before we're in relationship, he's just the sweetest person i've ever met. I've
I am very shy. Most the friends I have ..i have had for years. But in new social situations ...it's harder...particularly in groups.
We are going to have a baby girl and the due date is set to make her a Cancer (if all goes well and she doesn't come early.) Her father is an earthy Sag. He is more down to earth and stable, thinks about things from a logical point of view. He has tre
So I have known this guy for 2 years and met him only once for a hook up. First, we got really close texting and messaging. I kept on trying to get him on date and one night he just randomly wanted to come over. After a month of waiting him to ask me out,
North node in Capricorn...trying to get some insight.
Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun and Moon signs gives you a quick mind and a remarkable memory. You are a person with much self-respect and determination. Yet this never seems to make you at all self-centered or insensiti
Okay, so I have known my cancer since 2015. We were close but the universe put me back east and him out west. So in 2016 he stops talking to me and I accept it but still loved him anyways. He goes and has a relationship with a woman with a black heart n m

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First off I'm a Sagittarius, he's a Gemini, we have amazing chemistry. We're also both Aquarius moons so we have a close bond and really love each other deeply because we were friends before we started dating. BUT, lately he's been pissing me off quite a
First off I'm a Sag, he's a Gem, we have amazing chemistry. We are both Aquarius moons so we have a close bond, and really love each other deeply because we were friends before we started dating. BUT, lately he's been pissing me off quite a lot. He's lazy
First off I'm a Sag, he's a Gem, we have amazing chemistry, and really love each other deeply because we were friends before we started dating. BUT, lately he's been pissing me off quite a lot. He's lazy within the relationship a lot of times, never reall
http://www.sunsigns.org/zodiac-personality-traits-of-a-father/ Cancer Father – Positive Personality Traits Greatest Father Ever Baby Name Numerology Reading Date of Birth Is Child Name Given Free Baby Name Numerology Reading The Cancer mal
For those who have experienced this, tell me about it :)
Explanations please.. For me, I try to get along with everyone and treat people with respect. I'll just start by saying that I love everyone (for the most part), but I seem to be really butting heads with Virgos lately. In real life, that is.. Onlin
Talk about your experience(s) having sex with Geminis List their ASC and Mars too if you know it x
What are some good aspects to have between siblings? Like house overlays, conjunctions, trines, etc...
http://www.khaanebhidoyaaron.com/single-post/2017/02/19/Why-I-Moved-Back-To-India-after-10-Years-in-USA-Part-1 Nupur Dave Technical Program Manager, Google For Work I am, what they call, a US Return. After more than a decade living in the Uni
As a woman I say I DO! Wondering if men are the same way... Thinking of women 24/7? When I am asking he says NO - that's why I am calling! But honestly do you men think of the women you in love with 24/7? And some of women I know suffering beca
If you before you were born could choose a social contract for society but did not know what gender or race or how wealthy you would be what would you choose? Left or right? For me left. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veil_of_ignorance
I don't give a crap about Agua Taurus Virgo ...wondering why!
Simple rules.. 1. Choose a world leader, political or corporate, and replace them with their DXP body double 2. Based on their forum personality which relates to the personality of the world leader twisty part....gender doesn't matter.. :)
I was just thinking about something when I saw this interview on George CLooney... he said he CHASED amal alamuddin... could it be his Aries venus/leo mars chasing the hell out of her?? do high risk men take chances on love like that? go craz
In YOUR opinion, what zodiac sign do you think is a Sagittarius' best match?
What song gets you through your day? OR What song can you listen to over & over without getting sick of it?