I knew I've seen this cancer guy somewhere when he appeared on my suggested Facebook friends. I added him and messaged him stating he looked familiar, he messaged back stating I as well looked familiar he just didn't know where from. I was on bumble recen
I've noticed the slightest things depress me, like make me spiral downward. for instance, things that make me real depressed *not being included in an email, event, party...being on the outside... *being purposefully ignored when someone sees's me
When I heard "Lost Boy" on the radio, I instantly knew that Ruth B was something special. Then she released an album earlier this month and on it... "If this is love", and it is my favorite song right now and I am listening to it on repeat. She is
Hello, Well Ive been here for a very long time, asking about a cancer female I had/have immense feelings for. Im a gem sun, cancer venus, she's cancer sun, gem venus, we both have taurus moons. Im a cancer rising she is scorpio rising. She has been
New here, hello! Thanks in advance for any advice πŸ™‚ Basically I have been in a complicated situation with this cancer guy for around 8 months, met him through work (still work together). He's younger then me, Cancer Sun & I know his Venus is Gemini. I
Hi All, So I've recently read a negative trait can be a cancer (mostly males) can have a double life if one relationship isn't emotionally fulfilling. I didn't understand what I read because the cancer that I've met and what I've read on cancers state
I honestly just need to meet cancers like me I am convinced there's nobody like me in my entire state like I go through some extremely tough stuff nobody else does and it's the truth I don't know anybody that goes through my struggles alone
I have been with him for 6 years, last year we separated for 6 months, he apruptly left without saying anything really or giving any warning (although we're we're constantly having issues back n forth with the way he conducts himself on social media) .. H
He and I were together for over 6 years. He just suddenly broke up with me, at least that's how it feels. I now understand that he came to this decision after thinking about it for a month of two. He immediately wants to be friends and I feel like I can't
I just want to meet my soul friends family and mate please appear
I just made this don't mind me treetrunking things up! :)
I added this beautifully, handsome cancerian through Facebook. It was through the people you may know, and he accepted. Truthfully I only added him, because of how gorgeous he is!! He is single as well. Do I message him??? lol I've been thinking about sen
Any other cancer's getting a lot of romantic attention from older people? Like old enough to be a sugah daddy/mommy?? Or is it just me probably so.
Hello! This is a story between a Taurus Woman and a Cancer man and an Aquarius man. I met this Cancer guy 5 months ago... we are work buddies ... At first he seemed interested in me.He kept staring at me and he smiled when ever he saw me so i smiled ba
Help, I need practical advise on winning her back. Prior to the breakup, I doubted her time and again of her commitment to the relationship. She didn't seem to be because back then I didn't know the subtle ways cancers show their affection and love.
I'm a libra sun and libra moon, the man I'm dealing with is a cancer sun, Aries moon. With that being said we hit it off great started as friend about 10 years ago, stayed in touch off and on the whole time and recently reconnected and he jumped head firs
I heard this is a cancer trait that we worry about things more so than other signs ...what are some of your worries ..and anxieties https://media1.giphy.com/media/12Dx56OSneLU4w/giphy.gif?response_id=5921cc3e21a09cacc61c952b https://media4.giphy.com/med
I've met this cancer man on a dating app, we exchanged numbers and got talking. I'm from Singapore and he's in Miami. We eventually moved on to video calls and voice messages but still texting whenever we can. He wants to get out of the US so he had ask
whats one thing that you wish more people understood about cancers or what ever your sign is ? one thing that I wish people understood about cancers ... my love, praise, and affection can come quickly but it can leave just as fast. one thing that I

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I met Aqua who has a Cappy Moon; Venus in Pisces; Mars in late degree Libra (28 degrees I think). Also, he has the dreaded Saturn in 5th tightly conj Chiron there in Pisces while that Saturn is square his Moon by 7 degrees. His Uranus in 11th is opposite
I'm a Scorpio sun/Pisces moon, and he's a Taurus sun/Scorpio moon. Calling in all the experts do enlighten me!
i still don't figure much what 'opposites' means and how works in a match? can be the most compatible or is like 50/50?
Can everyone please tell this moron that I had been here for long enough with one account? I am not sensitive to a lot of crap but when some bozo is telling me daily i have several accountsnandnone as Taurus woman it pisses me off for whatever reason I c
kind of late but, i think its too different. things can change but still have the same vibe.. but i guess its probably because George Lucas sold it to Disney...and there barley any Jedi stuff in rogue one and you have to admit the last scene where there
"Upon entering the domain of the People's Kingdom, every soul is obligated to make an oath to God and to himself that violence will no longer be, in any form, an acceptable act. An individual who threatens this oath will find themselves alienated from soc
πŸ™„ We're you able to keep it private? What became of it?
...together? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ What would happen? I am spaced out...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVsoJP15Tm0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2oaXxvP7M8 COCONUT COUNT: @FknNerd-4 @MzSaaaag-4 @Starwars-4 @LivenLuv-3 @Effervescent-3 @Cancan26-3 @AneemA08 -3 @Ssuperman-3 @Ram416-3
To upload a new photo as my default & it's not allowing me to do it . Help lol
Does anyone else feel this way? As a person who only has fire, earth, and air placements (in that order) .. I lack a lot of water. I'm not really able to process emotions as well as others which is strange because most of my friends have a lot of water
Im a Libra myself im just curious as to did he mean it????
Aries : You have no idea how to deal with your feelings or channel your emotions. You’re all over the place. Please do everyone a favor and CALM THE treetrunk DOWN. Taurus: Everything doesn’t have to be your way all the time!! Just because someone does some
Man! Are you a woman? Realty? Why are you being successfully married sitting here since at least 12 hours engaging into conversations of people with love problems giving half-ass useless advices? If I was as you claim happily married I would DO stuff
How do you feel about the term "taking a break" and what does it entail for you in regards to relationships? How does it come across when you're on the other end of said "break"? I recently called a break on someone I'm seeing because I feel that a
https://mariaangitawagmosaakin.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/fat-daddy.png females love me so tell me why man, why?