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  • What is your moon in your moon persona chart?

    I ran into this description describing persona charts, and it got me thinking...can this be true? The Moon and its Moon The Moon of your Moon sign is the deepest part of you. It can be the kind of person you naturally are. Maybe you’re much more arr
  • The indecisiveness of a libra moon?

    I'm a cancer sun Virgo moon and my boyfriend is a Scorpio sun libra moon! He doesn't even act like a Scorpio! He can be lazy and so indecisive about what he wants in life! He also cares about people so much that he puts everyone else's needs before himsel
  • What's the oldest and the youngest you'd date?

    And will the age range change if it's marriage? For me. I wouldn't want to date a guy that I didn't see as marriage material for me, to me they go hand in hand. But right now since Im in my early 20's I can't see myself dating a younger guy. The yo
  • Music for Unrequited Love & Longing from Afar

    Sigh...what else is there to say? My favorites: When a man came at me like this, I was undone.
  • Gem-Scorp Support Group

    Fergie Feat. Will I Am - True (50 FIRST DATES SOU…:
  • What Makes a Virgo Guy Come Back

    What Makes a Virgo Guy Come Back?
  • Part of Fortune

    Hello everyone. I can't find much information on part of fortune so I'd like to know if anyone knows something about it. I have my part of fortune in 9th house in aries. It makes a trine with my ascendant in Virgo. What does that mean?
  • My sister stealing money from me

    It’s very weird dream 😕 Anyone know what does that mean??
  • How did you begin believing in astrology?

    I use to think astrology was butter The only reason I gave it a chance was because of its religious origins. Now it’s probably one of the most common thoughts when I meet someone. Did u start from those lame horoscope things online?
  • How do you handle being ignored?

    Honesty please State your sun and mercury sign
  • Stalking ?

    How would a Tauras react to someone lowkey stalking them ? I've been doing that for a while. And I wonder how it'd be if he realises that I had been stalking him all along.
  • Aries and Leo - terrible match? Is it worth to reconsile with a Leo friend?

    Hello, so there has been some man in my life since 2015 . He is Leo. At the beginning he didnt notice me because i was only a coworker in one of his projects with a crew. In 2016 again started taking initiative and wanted to have more freelance jobs s
  • Aries and poor manners.

    Just witnessed an Aries women leave a group coffee catchup without saying bye. She does this routinely. Is this an Aries thing cos I’ve seen this play out with countless Aries.
  • I find Scorpios in my life...

    To be intimidating. Anyone else who feels the same?
  • Funny Videos Compilation 😂

    Post any funny videos you've found in the internet! B-)