We've dating for 11 months

By Elle9ivAugust 26, 2019 10:34am — 6 replies
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okay so i have known my cancer since 2015 we were close but the universe put me back east and him out west so in 2016 he stops talking to me and i accept it but still loved him anyways he goes and has a relationship with a woman with a black heart n m
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very rocky relationship between a camcer man and a virgo woman why does he keep coming back is it just for the sex is it because he hasnt found anyone to replace me yet very exhausting i feel he is just leading me on for convenience
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im a cancer male 30 she is virgo libra cusp 40 she is the most beautiful woman i ever seen and ive fallen very hard over her this last year one woman who ever made my heart beat hard she works above where i work so we see each other three of more
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virgos and my fellow crabs do you have a relationship with the other and what kind how do you relate with one another
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Re: virgo and cancer
bet you anything he wonders about you too