I'm a taurus man and I want to know how to tell if a cancer girls is interested?
Just wondering am i the only one who gets really awkward with flirting? I can tell someone else how to flirt but i am not good at it. I am also oblivious to knowing when someone i like likes me. My pickup line should be "Do you like bread?" lol
Any fans from this board? Have you ever tried it?
Well... That’s what I need right now is problem with another man! Cancer is traveling for his business weekly. He used to make an effort to see me right before he is going to airport to fly to frigging AZ, Utah, OK... Happens that he is getting so
I consider anyone who fights for their dreams to be successful What do you do during the day that makes you so Like how do you divide up your time Curious
Hi, I am a sensitive, agreeable guy, I am a type B personality. That characteristics seem to hinder me, when I deal with your typical aggressive, domineering alpha People. When I came across "Rockstarmarkers",they could easily make me speech
We are anything negative that you imply. But NOT ALL OF US, are coming towards you for your attention. • You're so manipulating - You sure you're just not making yourself the victim and acting like you didn't just respond to a post that isn't ev
I have a friend who is a cancer - scorpio moon. This person tends to be very closed off emotionally, rarely sharing anything beneath the surface. I was wondering how i can get this cancer to open up to me / trust me.
Greetings alien crabs. I have come to learn your ways. So how do you put yourselves out there? How do you summon up the courage and grab hold of your object of affection without being afraid of rejection? How do you so fearlessly express your flood of e
Cancers... I'm currently dreaming driving through the east coast of Africa listening to Fela Kuti. In wearing sunglasses. A light brown floppy hat. White top. Light tan pants. Smiling at some dark skinned man next to me who has a blue light ra
https://image.ibb.co/gkqjvn/IMG_20180215_202138.jpg I took it last nite, yw cancers
My mom is a cancer 6/22 and she is the strongest cookiemonster I’ve seen! She is 73 and had heck of a life! Hard! When my father was sick she lived in a hospital for 9 months until he died and never complained one bit! When I was sick - she was making me fe
Had to break off engagement with Mr Crab. Couldn't handle the constant low self esteem and I didn't like being the man in the relationship. Le sigh
Lost my house. Lost my car. Lost my savings Lost most of my "friends". Lost my girlfriend Lost my savings Gave away all my clothes to charity. Lost my fancy electronics Lost my insurance Lost my credit. I'll need about $150,000 to climb out of m
Fear is debilitating emotion. Have you struggled to overcome? What steps have you taken as a crab to face your fears... Let's discuss
I just stopped by to say..... As a cancer sun... Pisces moon..... Gemini Venus... Libra mars.... Aquarius rising.... I absolutely freakinggggggg loveeeee taurus sunnnnnnnn aquarius moon That's all folks 😂😂😂😂
It's true with my little cousin even. When he gets furious his head tilts left and right almost foams and makes this weird spastic noise, like a herd of hyenas chewing flesh, why do they do that? It's enough they look sad and miserable most of the time
Hi guys! I'm new here. I've known this Cancer man for 6 months now. He texts me every day, and we meet up like twice a month. He says he likes me very very much, and eventually he wants more, but right now he is trying to work on himself/his goals. He end
You know what to do! :) I've got them, you've got them, let's share them all. Our joys, sorrows and whatever life t
Just to ask. Does anyone see any similarities between Cancer and Libra?
Hello I just recently posted about my long disrance situatuon with my cancer. How he is scared to fly and will not visit me but I have came multiple times there. Well the only time he can get off is during a period where I promised my aunt 3 months ago
Decided to make acct ask me anything im a cancer to a T. INFP too :)

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So I like a Scorpio girl but not sure about her orientation. Doesn't seem to have bf, is so focused on her sports (horse rider). Since I am so done with the dating sites and apps I wanna try to find a girl in real life. How should I approach? Yeah
Any insight/personal experiences? I (Pisces moon) have some kind of connection with a Scorpio moon that I work with. I felt the connection which caused me to look at his chart. He is Aqua sun Scorp Moon Pisces Venus Pisces rising We have Pluto
I am currently being stalked by phone by a Taurus I met online born 5/15 and I had to get the police involved. We had a couple of phone conversations before deciding to meet one day. When I met him it was less than 5 minutes. I looked down at his hand and
1. Do scorpios require time to process information. For example if the two of you are having an intense conversation for about 20minutes, does the scorpio require time out? and unable to carry on talking. I’ve noticed my scorpio usually says ‘I’ll be
I’m studying the connection between being transgender and the feminine and masculine. I am trying to figure out if there’s a way to pin point when someone switches genders in the natal and transit charts. I need more interpretations of 2 t-squares in my c
I always loved this guy, but I actually made a conscious decision to say it....to him. Well I didn’t say I love you. That would’ve been too much in one day, but I told him all the sweet things that go on in my head that my pride wouldn’t let me say out lo
or name another sign/placement even pettier...
What was your crisis catalyst? How did your spouse/ ex, family or social networks respond to sudden growth? How are you now and would you encourage others to join you? What’s your personality type and sign. Thanks
This Leo guy I've been talking to on and off is finally coming into town. But wasn't directly asking me to hang out. He was more hinting and being passive aggressive about it. Saying "I'm gonna be there for a while. I have to work one day but the other da
\(^~^) Would you feel some way if you tell your partner I love you but your partner doesn't say it back? Does or does it not affect you? I ask because I've been seeing this Cap for 5 months but been together for 1. Every month for the past 3-4 mont
A while ago I wrote I'm probably in love with my Aqua who has been my best friend for 12 years and was afraid of telling him. So we went to dinner last night, lots of fun as usual with lots of laughs, long deep stares into my soul and the occasional l
I'm still excited and I have all the feels. Sitting in my 2nd viewing and there was a line gathering at 9am in the morning. I haven't felt this much excitement over a movie in years. So excited for all the African themed So excited for all the
Seems it’s all about him.. okay I get there is stress but really does that make you not able to function? He’s had a lot going on, I try to be supportive and what I get is him only caring about him not “us”? Is this normal Cap behavior in an ongoing rela
Anyone else with 10th house siiiituationssss. What planets sign?
I’m wanting it 24/7 and it’s not happening. I need to make it happen
Hi, I get to observe several Taurus / Scorpio Relationships in my Social Circle. I noticed that the taurusses always end up calming down and nurturing the Scorpios, because they Scorpios typically get more worked up and emotional. They seem to