New here, hello! Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂 Basically I have been in a complicated situation with this cancer guy for around 8 months, met him through work (still work together). He's younger then me, Cancer Sun & I know his Venus is Gemini. I
I honestly just need to meet cancers like me I am convinced there's nobody like me in my entire state like I go through some extremely tough stuff nobody else does and it's the truth I don't know anybody that goes through my struggles alone
I have been with him for 6 years, last year we separated for 6 months, he apruptly left without saying anything really or giving any warning (although we're we're constantly having issues back n forth with the way he conducts himself on social media) .. H
He and I were together for over 6 years. He just suddenly broke up with me, at least that's how it feels. I now understand that he came to this decision after thinking about it for a month of two. He immediately wants to be friends and I feel like I can't
I just want to meet my soul friends family and mate please appear
I just made this don't mind me treetrunking things up! :)
Hi All, So I've recently read a negative trait can be a cancer (mostly males) can have a double life if one relationship isn't emotionally fulfilling. I didn't understand what I read because the cancer that I've met and what I've read on cancers state
I added this beautifully, handsome cancerian through Facebook. It was through the people you may know, and he accepted. Truthfully I only added him, because of how gorgeous he is!! He is single as well. Do I message him??? lol I've been thinking about sen
Any other cancer's getting a lot of romantic attention from older people? Like old enough to be a sugah daddy/mommy?? Or is it just me probably so.
Hello! This is a story between a Taurus Woman and a Cancer man and an Aquarius man. I met this Cancer guy 5 months ago... we are work buddies ... At first he seemed interested in me.He kept staring at me and he smiled when ever he saw me so i smiled ba
Help, I need practical advise on winning her back. Prior to the breakup, I doubted her time and again of her commitment to the relationship. She didn't seem to be because back then I didn't know the subtle ways cancers show their affection and love.
I'm a libra sun and libra moon, the man I'm dealing with is a cancer sun, Aries moon. With that being said we hit it off great started as friend about 10 years ago, stayed in touch off and on the whole time and recently reconnected and he jumped head firs
I heard this is a cancer trait that we worry about things more so than other signs ...what are some of your worries ..and anxieties
I've met this cancer man on a dating app, we exchanged numbers and got talking. I'm from Singapore and he's in Miami. We eventually moved on to video calls and voice messages but still texting whenever we can. He wants to get out of the US so he had ask
whats one thing that you wish more people understood about cancers or what ever your sign is ? one thing that I wish people understood about cancers ... my love, praise, and affection can come quickly but it can leave just as fast. one thing that I
Do Cancer men discuss their love lives with friends for advice? Or do you try to figure that stuff out yourselves? Do you look for encouragement in that area from your friends? Thanks!
So I've read cancers can be possesive and somewhat clingy when they are highly interested in/dating someone. *Just what I've read from numerous sources* Question is, do Cancer men (or women) like the clingyness or possessiveness back in return as well
RIP Chris Cornell Man i used to think he was the hottest thing with sound garden
Hi all, Met a cancer guy with the intentions of being friends, however the guy is starting to grow on me. He's very sweet and makes the earthy virgo girl feel at ease and comfortable. Started to notice he is falling fast for me though which is a con

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Brb 6'2 Brb Jacked Brb Bearded Brb Perpetual cut eyes Brb Loud af irl I rustle people by just walking into a room. especially lately with my beard and hulking build. I think it's good to be polarizing as a single man.... but now i
So I made her a surprise gift for her birthday while she is in a relationship,she knows my feelings for her but she didn't expect that and now maybe she is mad with me...Will she ever forgive me in the future? Or I am done with a horn strike?
I had asked here about my friend who is in love with a man since college and they both are 55 now. He is May 20, she is valentine day bday. They were both married to other people, got divorced. He is living with gf for 10 years, she had become single.
I've been into Astrology since 2012 and I still can't read charts to save my life. I don't know which symbol represents what sign except for Gemini. So if someone has a bunch of symbols representing their placements in their profile, I'm just like...
Everything hurt their feelings, they think are always victims and seems they are always depressed for any little issue
Of murdering his GF. Claims she choked on his massive penis while performing oral sex.
Just wanted to share this link. I thought this was an awesome personality test.. I have done it 3 times and the results were pretty much exactly the same every time. Mostly curious to see how many people rank this poorly in friendliness XD So share your s
Hello I've been on two dates with a Sagittarius man. We met online, he asked me out straight away and we had a nice first date, just talking. Gave me a little hug at the end and said we should repeat it. Then no contact at all. Nothing. Five days later
If they explained the misunderstanding even if it was something awful. Would they be forgiven ?
Say your gf left her mobile phone in your presence for the day-would you feel tempted to have a nosey? Have you ever done this? Did you find anything and how did you feel about doing it?
Hello , I've been reading this forum the past three months and yep a taurus brought me here. Briefly, I met him last year May, nothing got moving until October when i gave him my number, we talked and talked but not obsessively, he told me how mu
Hi All, Ok so questions... I hear the top 5 planets when determining if a relationship will be successful is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.... Venus and Mars standing out more. I'm coming across guys who have harmonious and compatible Suns wi
I really am baffled right now that I'm looking at my chart again from extended astrodienst chart. It says: I have Asc in sag but MC in Leo (sag 4 deg, leo 27 deg) and also am confused as to why now my 11th house is in virgo (29 deg) and house 3 in
how emotional does this placement make you? does it make you emotional? any stories
at this point I have this anticipation and the answer can make things go south I'm really hoping I get the answer that will make me happy and I'm really dreading if this answer is the opposite of happiness. Today I need good vibes please send me good v
What do you make of this aspect
i have a partner, but i just curious what sign is the best for me based on my natal chart. like who should i date? everyone is welcomed. chart is in Placidus. Thanks.
I am very attracted to a taurus woman since 3years now,I exposed my feelings for her but she is in a relationship,at some point,two months after she made her new relationship, we made a chat and she was asking me about my feelings and why i am so persiste