• My story with Cancer man

    I have an interesting story with a cancer man, i am virgo. He is 26, i am 29. We met 3 weeks ago in a teambuilding among many people that were there for learning a new job and i felt drawn to him from the first moment i saw him. He was extremely charming,
  • Cancer LOVES the attention from Aries?

    So i’m an Aries and I have a cancer friend and he’s into me more than friends? Cancer guys can really fall for the Aris woman, what’s your thoughts on that? Because i’ve had alot of cancers liking me through my life. They think of Aries going after them a
  • What does it take for an immature cancer to mature?

    What does it take for an immature cancer to mature? I'm in love with an immature cancer. She fits the description very well --- every emotion is a negation of the last, hypersensitive, etc. I'm just wondering what does it take for an immature cancer to ma
  • Cancers and cheating

    So I've whitnessed several different times another sign cheating on a few of the Cancer men friends in my life. Emotionally Cheating, (texting and talking to her ex still) and one woman physically, 2 different gentlemen. The one with the physically cheati
  • Cancer Amoureux

    How would you describe a cancer man in love?
  • Cancer and Libra

    Just to ask. Does anyone see any similarities between Cancer and Libra?
  • I think Cancer is the worst zodiac sign

    2Moon Can you prove that I am wrong? Show me cancer celebrities that are nice and smart and I will change my mind. All the Cancers I know are miserable and or stupid, it is what it is.
  • How to lose a Cancer in 6 days :(

    No one ever responds to my posts.. I know rhat people aren't psychic on here but a little feedback would be nice. To get over the pain of of the ghosting of the Taurus, I went back on okcupid. I looked through matches and a guy caught my eye. he is a
  • confused cancer man

    hello, it's my first post here but I saw a few really good advice so I thought I should ask for some too as I'm going through some confusing stages. I'll clarify first that I'm a scorpio female and I'm a tad bit obsessive. This cancer guy I met a few mo
  • It's Been a Month...

    It's been a month since I contacted the Cancer man. I ended things with him like a week prior because I wanted a relationship, and he "wasn't ready" for one after almost a year of the casual thing we had going on. I miss him. But, I guess he doesn't m
  • how did you “catch & keep” your cancer man?

    i’d like to know the first initial stages with a cancer man :]...tell me what it was like, how you got him to notice you, how you got to the 2nd date & so on. how did you know he started liking you? etc. etc.
  • Cancer Mars. What are they like?

    Tell me all about them please.
  • Should I move on or wait?

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. Hopefully I can't find some clarity. I started talking to my Cancer man in mid January. It was slow at first, but that suited me. We didn't actually go out until the end of February. But before that we talke
  • clingy cancer driven away a nice leo

    Dear All, Thank you for reading this I am a divorced cancer girl and I met this warm Leo man . we hit off so well . He is so ideal for me , I cant explain. He is French and I am an indian. Anyway, he asked me out and then he within 10minutes, cancel
  • Cancer Man Making Fun

    Recently, a cancer man that has been on and off in my life for years told me that he is with someone now. We're far away from each others, so we basically know that we're impossible to be together and decided just to talk and keep in touch without any hig
  • Cancer Girl Confusing

    So I went to a party a week ago with my neighbors and they brought some friends. One of the girls they brought was kinda interesting to me but I didn't realize until a little later into the party that this girl could be kinda cool. We definitely vibed at
  • Do cancer men always pop back up

    Do cancer men always pop back up after not speaking to you for a while?
  • Reminiscing old times

    Hello fellow crabs! Do you feel like you dream/think about the past too much? Either good or bad? Sometimes it's clouding my judgement... I feel like that I need that go a little.... Anyone has the same struggle... ? please share :-)
  • Cancer friends

    I have been posting here for a few times about a cancer. Ive crushed hard the first few years. I couldnt think of anything else than her. Told her my feelings and even told her Im in love with her. She said that she doesnt feel the same and sees me as a v
  • Cancer man mad that my ex called

    So last night I kept getting collect call . But I keep missing the call and it goes to voicemail so I can’t find out who it was . I was curious so I picked up the call which was my ex . After asking why he was calling me and why he was in jail. He said he
  • Getting cancer woman to open up

    Is it a time frame, vibe or security etc that you get from someone to finally open up to your partner?
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  • Hate

    I learned something recently that I want to share here with you all. It is about the concept of Hate. First I will talk about what exactly hate is, and then I will explain why it is just as necessary as Love. Love and Hate are a bit complicated because
  • Scorpios would you be jealous if a girl you like goes to the gym?

    If you really liked a girl and she joined the gym would you be jealous of other guys checking her out? Or jealous of the idea of the girl being around strong muscular guys. Be honest!
  • Aries woman secretly in love w scorp man

    Hey everyone. This is kind of a long story but here goes nothin. So a few years ago, I saw this scorpio man at a bar. From that moment I just knew I had to know his name. We started talking and instant fireworks— we spent nearly every night together the r
  • People's reactions when they know your sun sign

    I wonder whether you normally get a positive reaction (they come and talk to you more or try to be your friend) or a negative reaction (they try to stay away from you etc.) after they know that you are a Scorpio For me,I normally got a positive reactio
  • How to convince a Pisces?

    I currently go to a commute school/college. The thing is my parents already bought this two bedroom place near my college so I could go to school conveniently, which I'm very grateful for. However, my parents would constantly stop by and stay overnight to
  • Welcome to the Taurus season!🛀🐂🐄

    When you feel connected to the world around you, when you can feel the soul of the earth flowing through you, when you feel the flora and fauna around you, when your heart is at rest, when you feel so down to earth that you feel at one with the people aro
  • Why am I always cold?

    I always feel cold and I find it hard to get warm. This started at the beginning of fall. By October I was wearing all of my usual winter clothes when I was going outside, I got a personal space heater for my bed room and desk, and I started sleeping with
  • Aquarius Women appreciation thread

    Because it was about time somebody did this :D For all the sweet, funny, caring Aqua women here who make the effort to explain Aqua behavior to all those confused men. :P And all the other Aqua women that brighten up our lives. Thank you! https:
  • The best Polygamy combination!

    My nominee: Scorpio man + Pisces woman + Virgo woman, Pisces man + Taurus woman + Scorpio woman + Leo woman. Wdyt?
  • Anyone here female aspie Im seeing her video n I’m becoming more n more convince I might have it
  • Is it a trap

    So I'm a Taurus, aka doper the reason for the Super in Super Nintendo, anyways my ex Pisces hit me up telling me I should visit & meet her new roomate she said she was hot & also she has boyfriend she said , but it's pretty fishy situation hmmmm what to d
  • Why did he seem so heartless...... H E L P

    This is a minimal issue about something stupid but what bothers me the most is how unresolved it ended. (Shocker) and also with how responsibility was all on me and not once did he take accountability for how it made me feel. we were out this weekend
  • Libra Man and Capricorn Woman

    This Capricorn says she’s attracted to me and flirts. I’m attracted to her as well. I told her I wanted her. She told me she was single at first. After I said I wanted her she said she has a “complicated” situation still going on with some guy.. I said
  • The signs in a song

    Post a song that reminds you of a particular sign.