There's so much venting that I want to do, but I know that it wouldn't solve anything. I am hoping that law of attraction will do it's part in my future, Am I the only Cancer in a emotional roller coaster? Or is there other's going through a rough
IM AN ARIES WOMAN!! So initially, my cancer man broke up with me. He insisted that I was jealous and crazy. He said we argued too much. Usually about petty things, and that I also hurt him repeatedly, with things that I have said unknowingly. He wanted sp
Hi! I've been reading a lot on this forum for a while now and finally decided to ahead and post about my Cancer man woes. (this might be a bit winded, but I want to give as much detail as I can) I'm a Pisces woman who has been pursuing an older Cancer
I'm an aries female and i've been dating a cancer female for 8 months. The first few months were amazing. Then she kept asking me for more commitment. I'd just had a bereavement in the family and i was unable to give her the commitment she wanted. She wan
So i have been texting this cancer man now everyday all day for about a month now. The first two times we couldnt go out because of me. But he asked me out again the night before but no specific plans. The next day he didnt text me the whole day and said
My cancer friend has been trying to avoid me in a sense that he does not want to work with me in projects and stuff, but he doesnt really try to stay away from me. He is able to have conversations with me concerning basic/important stuff but when i try to
Because i like various perspectives i asking my fellow cancers ( Im a moon in Cancer) My partner Leo with Venus cancer Moon Taurus I have been in a relationship with this Leo female for 4.5 yrs we have had our ups and downs but this time feel
Ok here goes. Brief as possible. We met Dec 16, dated several times, text constantly, rings me and speak for hours. He was widowed ten years ago, has 2 children from this first marriage. He remarried a few years ago but she left him for another man in se
I'm a Taurus sun, Scorpio moon with a 12th house stellium. I just made friends with a Cancer sun, Gemini moon girl. I'm honestly taken aback by how instantly open she's been with me since the beginning of our friendship. All the cancers I've e
I have seen a few very successful relationships with this pairing. I've recently met a Cancer man and we really click well. I've always thought that cancer men were a little too emotional for me but I've taken an interest to this one. He's a libra
fellow cancers! are you funny? cancers tend to have a great sense of humor and some of the greatest comedians are cancer suns examples~! patrick stewart! cancer sun/scorpio moon
Let me start by saying I'm a huge NY Giants fan. My Cancer boyfriend was going to take me to a game for my bday but decided not to at the last minute because it was too expensive. That was in Sept. A week ago, he said that he had a ticket through his
Im a Virgo man, 43 years old. Been married for 10 years, unhappily, and emotionally checked out for 3, now going through a divorce. I've known a Cancer woman for 13 years. We now live in different states. We stayed in touch, and she has always dated sc
Who was your longest relationship and why did it end?
Hi All, Im a scorpion woman who is seeing a cancer guy. We used to date 6 years ago when he was working in my country (he was the one who initiated and ended everything). In 2014 i was being sent for work to his country and 6 months ago (after 2 years
Anyone knows anyone with the folowing attributes?: D I might know someone who is def. a cancer and might be scorpio asc. Very interesting, but sometimes intimadating/confusing 'avatar' the guy has :D
Inspired by @Dastardly 's Scorpio moon club Let's cry together. Laugh together, and gush about whatever feel is in us at this moment. ♡For this is our home♡ And our moon is precise
The way you Libra's complain about us, you would think that most of you would avoid this place like the plague. But NOPE, you're here, in every single thread. Mostly just to talk butter about us. I just don't get it. You despise us, but can't stay away from
Hi everyone. I will try to be as brief as possible with this. I have been in an affair with a cancer man for 11 months and he is driving me crazy. I am married and he has a long time girlfriend. He is also 12 yrs younger than me. We met thru work as

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Go on I need something silly She is Taurus he is Capricorn. :-)
'Jupiter in Libra finds the most luck when they are fair and treat others equally. Their natural graciousness and talents at promoting and mediating can often bring them many opportunities.' I have this.
This taurus girl i know and has a crush on keeps ignoring my message since new year i dont know why and i dont want to judge her either,she just see my message then doesnt write back,when i go online she goes offline in a matter of minutes i dont know wha
So last night I text him about 3am then I fell asleep didn't reply until 10am by then I had missed 4 of his messages then he decided not to reply. You would think a libra wouldn't get so butt hurt and play little games !! Are all you libras like
I'd like to mention first this is very personal and I was contemplating posting this. I would really appreciate kindness and seriousness in your replies. I haven't opened up to anyone but I figured some unbiased and anonymity could be helpful. Anyways
Hi! So as of a few days ago, a Libra male messages me and is intrigued in wanting to get to know me. After a day or two of talking through private messages, he gives me his number and then gave him mine. He messages me a few hours later and we have be
Like these dudes. I mean at the very least, any woman can get laid whenever she wants right?
After several months, ive gotten to know a very lovely aries girl. She is so composed and sweet. She is very straightforward but not harsh on people like i've seen with other Aries before. We laugh, we jokea and goof around at work. Never a dull momen
Do you think it's sexy? skanky? romantic? What? And why does it have to be Versace? @_@
It's nuts! I do not remove my topics! It's mistake and we can continue... Or mods please un-tight it! Tjanks
I have Fortune, Lilith, Uranus, Neptune, Juno and North Node in this house.
and why does ands block her every time he signs in? i'm quite perplexed. @_@
Just finiahed, Cinder. Like a mis of terminator meets Cinderella. Loving it!