Guys, here it what's going on. There is this guy in my university who seems to like me. I figured out he payed attention on everything I've said in class since the first day there, he remember whatever i have asked the professor. He is a really nice g
Like Dear Abby. I'm here.
Obviously my corner and unless you have something deep to share, don't bother me or my thread.
i'm a nov. 4 scorpio, very very honest, unfiltered, candid. being honest to her is part of my love for her. everything i say hurts her and she tries to hurt me back for it. i can't remember a time that i didn't hurt her with what i said. in the begi
Best Advice I ever got on dating a cancer man This how u date a cancer man All you have to do is let HIM date YOU. Period. Let him plan & lead. The most you do is just show up, be sweet & be beautiful. Do nothing else! Don't chase him, stalk him,
I gave my cancer friend who wouldnt text back etc his space. Sunday I sent a mass text explaining some stuff & to my surprise he texted back. I didn't reply went to the store & holy smokes he stopped me in the isle!! this is a large town. He seemed so ha
Ive noticed with a lot of Cancers I know, they have a hard time admitting guilt or apologizing. A lot of times it'll be a blanket apology "I did some things wrong." But when you try to actually understand if they genuinely know what they did wrong the con
Hi. I need some help. I met this cancer man online 4 months ago. We hit it off great, communicate almost everyday. I'm very lost on how to see what we have. We've been intimate and continue to be on a regular basis. He texts me everyday morning and checks
I just got back from Miami and had a crazy crazy fun weekend with friends and met amazing new people and there was this French guy in the group and first thing was he gave me a double kiss and I did a single one "Latina", he made the swing to the other si
When someone you like doesn't flirt back or show interest? If you have nothing constructive to add don't even post. Thanks :) If you have answers or insights, please share. I'm curios to hear your thoughts.
So, what sign combination do you think would be a perfect match for me??? Before joining this forum, all I thought was I should find me a Pisces or Scorpio girl. Now After reading many posts, I realized that Moon sign, Asc, etc matters too.
Where should I begin with this one...? Ugh, anyways, like always I am on and off with Dxp. But recently I've found out that my ex has already jumped to a new relationship within 3 months from the break-up. I couldn't help but laugh how he said b
I've seen posts with I must have passed the test, and even Hightide has said he might be testing you What is the
We had a falling out which resulted in him breaking up with me over because he thought I didnt trust him. First, we didnt see each other for a month, both our pasts collided, hes dealing with alot of stress at work to, and after he broke up with me I didn
So here is a refresher. My cancer man and I met in high school. Had a small thing but hadn't connected until recently. It's been 8 years and about two months ago we reconnected, would text and call each other. We went out on our first date and talked abou
Hi there, I have a pretty new situation with a Cancer guy that I like. We met online and and talked for a few weeks via text and over the phone. He's single and no kids. He likes talking over the phone and hates texting which I can absolutely apprec
So, I'm going through some butter right now. Scary butter. butter hit the fan and now I have three cases in court. All my assets are frozen, pending the courts judgments. Literally, broke. I'm not sweating it. I sleep alright. Blood pressure is slightly
Hey Crabs, Have you ever felt a magnetic attraction to someone before? The reason I ask is because of something th
Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus couldn’t keep their hands off each other while taking a romantic stroll in New York City on Tuesday night. In new photographs posted on E! News, the two were all smiles as they walked hand-in-hand, even stopping for the occa
Hi Has anyone dated a cancer sun with aries moon? And what is there best match?
So, let me clarify. I think my Cancer ex is a turd now. Had some butter come to light and I was an idiot. A lot of you called me out on that, thanks. haha But I just read two Cancer man posts about crazy blocking of mutual friends. What is the deal with
So the astrology says, cancer and scorpios are very compatible because of our common habits. We tend to be very self protected, and loyal, and hence when we find someone, it's hard to let go. About a month ago, I met this cancer guy, and although we didn'
I am an Aquarius woman going out with this Cancer man for a bout 4 months now. In the beginning he always tells me how beautiful I am and always says "I love you". I know he is busy at work and he would come out his way to see me. Sometimes he would say
I have been dating a cancer man for a month. It was going well and have enjoyed his company. He says a lot of things that he doesn't follow through with like certain date plans. We were not intimate at all until the other evening, he spent the night but n

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We should meet, have drinks & ice cream. Choose a central location. Who's in???!!!
Guys, here it what's going on. There is this guy in my university who seems to like me. I figured out he payed attention on everything I've said in class since the first day there, he remember whatever i have asked the professor. He is a really nice g
I know that I should ask my doctor but she is not in again until Friday. 2 weeks ago I had a physical. It was more like a follow up to all the issues I had in 2015. I feel fine. Not 100% like I was presurgery but not terrible. They did blood work and
Between changes and emotions I feel I need to recenter. I'm thinking of trying Reiki, anyone had experience? For now I'm going to hit yoga again, that always helps!!! :)
Like Dear Abby. I'm here.
Thinking about my dream last night and several other dreams I've had in the past, I'm inspired to start a dream thread. I read that keeping a dream log is therapeutic so maybe this'll help make sense of things...
I don't just mean 'How was your day etc.' I mean, if something your girlfriend or wife said/did bothered you, would you speak up.and say something? Or would you sit in silence, and pretend your okay? Just wondered as my husband does this.
I am a virgo guy in love with a virgo girl. Last year I told her how I feel. She took a long time to think but I waited for her and she feels the same way me too. Sadly she told two of our common friends that she loves me but isn't opening up to me about
I lost be precise, I forgot how it feels. So I'm asking you (I should probably post it somewhere more appropriate) how do you know (physically, what happens to your body), when your gut feeling is telling you sth. vs. you're just being too nega
State moon sign! 5 questions: -how do u feel love -do u think u stable in regard of emotions -do u fall in love easy or not -what u think of people in general -do u care what people think of u My answers: -All consuming, overwhelming -50%5
But seriously how do I post a picture of myself in comments or what not? lol
What do you guys think about getting hitched in Vegas? Y'all know how we Leo women can be, all grandeur and regal-like and butter LOL. With that being said I wouldn't mind a nice, spendy wedding, but it definitely wouldn't be a necessity. I'd be more concer
For the past few days I've been feeling like I'm just stuck in a dream struggling to wake up. It's always a daily thing for the first hour or so when I wake up but lately it's been going on for hours sometimes even days. Is it from my sun , moon and Neptu
lmao this is a lame ass title, but whatever I can be corny sometimes. I'm making this board because I feel like I lost myself in my last relationship and I want to get back to finding what my interests, hobbies, and BS are again. Just recently I pinpoi
1) I used to get mad when i see african american men dating white women and leaving their women. I don't get mad no more, spread those gad damn genetics. 2) I used to be mad on behalf of white people in Bellevue to see the malls and movie theaters all
This goes for all your own sun signs. How do you show interest in someone and how do you express it? For being a Gemini we show interest when we start to touch you while flirting. We are big flirts but we never touch unless we are interested. How we ex
So, I had previously posted about the dude at my gym that I'm crushing on. He has been talking to me lately and yesterday he did everything BUT ask me out. He asked me what I like to do for fun. What I do on the weekends, Asked if I like movies.. And e
Now what I mean is the one sign that is the hardest to have a long term relationship with. For me it's Pisces. You gotta be extremely delicate.. even if they happen to be wrong.