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  • Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster. reposting because I don't think my first post got saved. I've been talking on and off with this cancer girl since march (more in a work setting). Her Venus is either taurus or gemini but I think its Taur
  • im feeling it.... i cannot even describe to you guys how my last half year has been. found the love of my life but lost so much too broke with relatives so much unjustice been done to me too walking around with a major life changing decision which w
  • Hi everyone. I decided to share my story with the cancer man i recently met. Excuse my english because its not my mother language. I met him couple week ago. He pursue me clearly. Giving hints and everything.telling me that he wanted to marry someone (he
  • Since April/May, I've been getting to know Cancer man through text, email, fb message, phone (talking lots of times), and two weekends ago we met. It was like fireworks. We live 170 miles from each other. He got in touch with me through text and called
  • gemini season is almost over!!! and thank god ... shit was C H A O S ... Im ready for crab season what are some things that you hop
  • How to deal with this placements in a male ? Can he ever let a guard down? He is very calculating and distant tho being a friend for yrs!
  • How would your life change if you could anticipate random, life-altering encounters with strangers... tap into your unlimited abundance frequency... notice cryptically recurring number patterns in the unlikeliest places... and fathom the mind-blowing ‘coi
  • Hello!! So my cancer guy has been ignoring me for a week. Everything was good before that but then I was joking around about his beard. It was by text. I said I wanted to know how he would loom like without his beard. And then he said that if I didn't st
  • I want to from all u cancerians. Do we cancer find mostly introuble than any other signs? I do feel that because we are overthinkers and much observant that makes us mind never to stop until we find conclusion and in this way we most of the time end up i
  • People are more than just their signs, but I believe they hold some truth. This guy I'm talking to is a Cancer & I'm a Libra. I've had crushes on cancers in the past & even my father is a cancer (no daddy issues here, just really like cancers). We
  • alright my fellow Cancer people, my bf birthday is on the 15th and he turns 27 so I kind of need ideas on what to get him or do for him for his birthday. I asked him what he wanted or wanted to do and to no surprise he doesn't know so I had thought about
  • i feel like i have the worst qualities of being a cancer. i'm very unmotivated and scared to make a move to better my life and i'm very emotionally sensitive, even though i can hide it. rejection really devastates me, and when i go out to be social, i fee
  • help me wish a happy birthday to a very special big hearted crab!~!! @GC06 https://me
  • Only cancer please! How when and why Would you go back to an ex ???