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  • So I went to a party a week ago with my neighbors and they brought some friends. One of the girls they brought was kinda interesting to me but I didn't realize until a little later into the party that this girl could be kinda cool. We definitely vibed at
  • Cancer man nodded his head & said “yes” when I asked him multiple times “do you love me?”... But I reckon his ignorant behaviours over text & lack of communication/contact will not cease.
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  • Was falsely accused. And after 2 years and a lot of money he was sentenced today for 2 years. Got taken right away, I had to watch his mom break down as they wouldn’t let her hug her son goodbye. Clinging to her inhaler I wrapped my arms right around her.
  • Despite their push and pull and moodiness . If cancer man love someone , do they ever just leave Ive been in the detach and attach motion with my man for the some years now . HE ALWAYS go back to normal . But even after years , it’s always a thoug
  • So continuing from this post I was planning to listen to you guys and call her but...something happened. I went out this Friday. She was there in the club, dancing with
  • Hi, I am a scorpio girl. And my bf is a Cancer, which broke up with me last May 4. It was an ugly breakup, and not a mutual decision. I don't want the breakup, but what can I do right? He said some nasty things, told me "treetrunk you", called me a t
  • Do cancer men always pop back up after not speaking to you for a while?
  • Before going ahead I will clear that I wont be speaking for all 100% cancerians. Some cases I might be biasd. Before knowing if Cancerian is intrested in you or will be intrested in you, few things must keep in mind about Cancers in genral. POINTS TO
  • She is a taurus, the one I came closest to marrying but didn't. It's a long story. I still care deeply for her, but I wont restart or rekindle anything. She has been on my mind since I have recently been trying to date another taurus. So anyways, I wanted
  • Here goes the story... I've had this girl as facebook friend and we chatted online a few times because we're in the same bookclub group. Extremely short convos. And then one night, I went out to this place I visit regularly. She was there, standing
  • gimme your best water sign tricks :D :D :D tell me how you got em ....without breaking a sweat ... seduction without saying a word ... how you gotta away with murder ... how you changed s
  • Last night talking on the phone with my gf a light switch end off and she said shell call me back. I could hear in her voice something was wrong. I asked her was she ok she said yeah. I dosed off hour later got a text, "im going to bed, feel weird upset d
  • i don't know if any of you remember the situation a few months ago where kevin was caught cheating on his wife. there was a video placed in his hotel room that caught glimpses of kevin and the women having sex. well, today they found out that his frie
  • So for the last 4 years I’ve learned to work with my cancer man taking time to himself and not being around or texting me much . He was the one who said he hated texted or communication that wasn’t face to face I’m a Virgo so after a while I enjoy tha
  • Any other Cancers have trouble with snooping? I have a scorpio Moon....and have trouble NOT doing so...
  • Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. Hopefully I can't find some clarity. I started talking to my Cancer man in mid January. It was slow at first, but that suited me. We didn't actually go out until the end of February. But before that we talke
  • I have posted a lot about this Cancer guy to the forum because he confused me so much. Recently he flat out lied to me in an attempt to shift responsibility for his past actions. He told me that I had said and did things that I 100% did not. (He told
  • It seems awfully quiet for the Cancers. I used to see you guys booming the Cancer thread every time there's a new post that relates to Cancer male problems. It seems like we are all focusing in reality this year? I been watching tarot videos... Som
  • hello, it's my first post here but I saw a few really good advice so I thought I should ask for some too as I'm going through some confusing stages. I'll clarify first that I'm a scorpio female and I'm a tad bit obsessive. This cancer guy I met a few mo
  • A while back I was seeing a cancer man who I thought was very distant, emotionally unavailable, and inconsistent. He was very wish washy about whether he wanted to be in a relationship with me or not, therefore we mutually decided to end things and to not
  • Can you prove that I am wrong? Show me cancer celebrities that are nice and smart and I will change my mind. All the Cancers I know are miserable and or stupid, it is what it is.