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  • Cancer, what's your flirting style? Do you flirt for fun, or because you're genuinely interested?
  • So...I'm still kinda new to the more in depth view of my zodiac sign. (Cancer) After all the reading and video watching so far, I've reached a point where I'd like to hear from fellow cancers about their experiences regarding our qualities and characteris
  • Daddy's Home 2

    Dusty and Brad finally have this thing down. That is, until their dads come to town, putting their newfound partnership to the ultimate test.
  • Hello there: I’m new to the zodiac, I’m a cancer andost of my friends are. I read recently on more than one website that cancer men were emotional, they sulk, they smother women, and they are protective, and not compatible with air signs or fire signs
  • I feel like this crab is trying to hurt me...on purpose. But, I'm not sure why. This past weekend, I had a big event that he said he'd go to. Never showed up. The next day, he said "Sorry I couldn't make it. I had an issue that blew all my plans". I to
  • Hello there, I'm new to the forum but I have a situation which I need some advice. Me an Aries who happened to know a Cancer woman online for a month, we never met, but I noticed she is alone, lost and insecure (as she is studying away from home). S
  • I was in relationship with a cancer man for almost 2 years..our relationship took a turn and things weren’t the same anymore so he broke up with me BUT he doesn’t want to let go. He told me he wants me to be his friend until he figures his shit out becaus
  • Libra here. I dated a cancer on and off for two years. The common interests were great, passionate love, etc. I was and still am convinced this cancer is my soulmate. BUT We had a very toxic relationship, nonetheless. I know most people will assume tha
  • I’m a Leo woman and I dated a Cancer man. First he was so sweet and nice to me. He acted like a big baby honestly. Long story short he started acting stand off and some timing. We would get I huge arguments because he would stand me up or just be plain ou
  • I am Taurus and he is a Cancer sign. We saw each other for two weeks in November and he was the most caring and romantic guy I have met so far, then I was on vacation for five weeks (dec-Jan). He called it off during my vacation as he was not full
  • Hey everyone.. I've never posted a question in a forum, so please bare with me! I have been with my Cancer man for 10 yrs and we have a wonderful little boy together. I recently found out that he's been on a dating website since December 2017. Later to
  • amy21c Ok,,,this is the lowest point in my life, The leo guy I went on one date!! One date , slept with the same date and then messaged him immediately when he stated that he has feelings for someone else. I am recently divorced and have a hard time li
  • So I need some advice. I am currently married to a scorpio man , sun scorp and moon Libra. We havent had sex for a long long time. He never takes me out, he is sloppy and talks to me like I am a child. I hate it! I have tried telling him all this. On
  • I am in a dilemma yet again. The French man that was playing hard to get -Leo man asked me out on a date. Now I have a very high tendency to be naive. I am a cancer girl He said" lets go for coffee and then if you want we can relax at my place with mov
  • Super curious. So my bf and I went out Saturday for drinks with his best friend and my bestfriend. Something interesting happened, not too much of a big deal but I'm interested in others insight. So we were having a good time laughing, reminiscing and wha
  • This might become a long story so bare with me please bcs im desperate for some advice First of all i'm a Taurus female and this is about me and my Cancer love. Whom i cannot seem to understand.. We met in the weirdest way... about 2 years ago... i
  • So I viewed this website many times before and now I decided to sign up and post something in here .. Because I feel that whatever is written there about how the cancer being moody or flirty is not true ( IN MY SITUATION ) so I wanted to see your opin
  • So i have a bestie, she is a cancer and we have been so close for years. We consider each others a sisters. It's her second marriage. Her first one was awful. She got treated badly, cheated on and physically abused. She got divorced, her parents raisin