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  • My ex Cancer girlfriend of 2 years left me after I blew up on her. Then I chased her relentlessly apologizing. She ignored me for months and finally texted me back. We met and she said she wanted to come back home. I thought I would be happy but actually,
  • Is it typical for Cancer who had been told no way!!! Your loss. Keep picking. I think you’re the one who’s full of shit. Fucking internet. It’s such a cesspool. And I have to say. That this site is full of ugly disgruntled scorn unattractive unwanted
  • Ok, I wonder if I was too forward, or not forward enough, with my cancer man. We've been taking things slowly (by slowly, I mean no formal relationship yet) for the past 7 months. I'd never been to his place (he moved about a month ago), so when he as
  • My Cancer girlfriend from a few months ago who walked out of our home and left me wants to finally come back. For the last three months I have been relentlessly apologizing, sending flowers, texts but she has been ignoring me. She asked me if we could
  • Hey my nurturing crabs! Can you please your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
  • So apparently Saturn is going to be in opposition of our Ascendant/Moon, while it's in Capricorn. Is there something that we should all be worried about?
  • I lived with a cancer woman, and everything was just a dream, good cemistry, understanding and so. But i didnt end my last relationship right away, i tought if i distance myself from it, it will end itself and so i dont have to be the badguy who ends i
  • I've never posted on a message board like this, and I know this is long, but I'm looking for some help in analyzing this situation. I'd really appreciate advice or insight. My first experience with a Cancer guy (I'm Pisces)...We really hit it off but
  • i am in a relationship with a cancer woman and she is super sensitive to me (the slightest thing that i say/do hurts her even if i was just being honest with her). i am just worried right now that she might blame her sensitivity to me on me --- like she m
  • So I gotta ask advice from others. I was in a relationship when I first met him and he just got out of a relationship. Slowly we started getting closer and now I just got out of my relationship. So we're both single. A big thing is we really like talk
  • I thought cancer men don't have sex right away? This cancer guy messaged me that he's in town and wants to meet and proposed me to stay with him. We never met yet and I was taken aback with his forwardness. Of course I told him casual sex doesn't interest
  • Are cancer men straight up when they say something nice? Or will they sugarcoat something to avoid being honest about how they feel? I feel like I already know the answer but curious what you guys have to say.
  • I am a Cancer, so this is weird. Went on a date with a Cancer I've been talking to for months, we finally hung out. Went bowling, he was really good, I did pretty well. He was impressed, went back to his house, hung out with his three roommates for ab
  • George Michael was one of the greatest singers and song writers of the past 30 years. Born June 25, 1963, a Cancer, he endured great challenges with the celebrity status, and of "coming out."
  • I recently broke up with my Cancer boyfriend and it was actually calm on both ends, like it needed to happen and it was a relief. But he said something which I don't want to ask him about and that thing is that he wanted a different lifestyle? This was a
  • My Cancer lady whom I previously wrote about finally texted me. After months. She moved out and hasn't spoken to me in many months. I have tried everything but to no avail. We were together for years. Finally tonight she texted me one word. "Hi" I wa
  • I'm an Aries woman and I've known this Cancer male for almost three years, we've been together for about one and a half years. We're in a long distance relationship and we're 7 hours apart (time zones). (We still talk literally each and every day) We both
  • Why am I terrified to go near the sea or even scared of sea creatures when I’m a cancer, I can’t even go near water at night.
  • Yeah, I definitely feel dumb. So I work with this gemini guy, and I think he’s cute (most of them are) lol. Anyway, he’s kind of flirty with me, and I have seen him like that with any other girl..... but i do realize just have a flirty nature. So he sends
  • I'm a Taurus. Not one to chase someone. But this cancer man has got me being very persistent. I'm not pushy but not giving up either. I doubt myself sometimes and start to feel like I should stop and then things get better again. He gives signs that he wa
  • A few weeks ago I visited an aquarium because Ive caught an interest with marine life/ocean biology 🐟 🐠 so it was only natural to meet a crab there He approached me with a joke about sea turtles and his sense of humor instantly drew me into getting to