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  • Quick background. My husband cheats on me so our marriage is over (filing for divorce soon) Got very close to this cancer guy who belongs to the same charity organization I do and we both have executive position. We hung out a few times, got extremely cl
  • Hello I’m not sure if anyone can help me with this one but here goes nothing. I’m an Aquarius woman who was dating a cancer woman. When we first met everything was perfect but about after a month & a half things went down hill.. she became very distant an
  • Hi there! So I met this cancer guy like 6 years ago, we became very good friends, we used to talk all the time, I must admit that I felt attracted to him and I believe he felt the same way but we were only friend. One day we went out and we starting kissi
  • Hi, so im a sagittarius girl and i recently broke up with my cancer boyfriend. I instantly met another cancer right after the break up and everything went so well! (idk whats with me and cancers) We met every weekend and was talking/flirting everyday for
  • i'm a cancer sun, cancer moon, cancer mercury, leo rising, and both my venus and my mars are in gemini. i'm interested in what i should be looking for in another person's chart. when poking around online, there's a lot of negative stereotypes associat
  • Cancer female scorpio ascendant here. How do you all deal with the emotions and passion that comes with our sign?. Sometimes I feel so unfulfilled in the shallow relationships around me. I want someone who is able to understand me at a deeper level. A
  • There is a cancer man in my life, and as with Cancers, things are slow and indirect. There was a moment a couple of months back that was almost a kiss, but no privacy. There are secret gentle touches. But he finally showed a bit of possession. On Christ
  • I'm a Scorpio woman with the sweetest Cancer man. Hasn't been too long but I just want to shoutout the Cancers, alllll Cancers for being the best signs to date especially for us water signs❤️
  • cancer is a cardinal sign which means this sign is a natural leader :D yet when I read about our sign it mostly talks about our ability to nurture or mood/emotions I don't really feel like our typical descriptions go into detail like it would be with say
  • Do you find yourself being overly sensitive. How long does it take for you to realize your over reacting or do you just think you are right? Are you generally passive aggressive or how do you handle anger? How long does it take for your anger to pass?
  • I recently dated two Cancer males, and they would both compliment me on my looks. They were very possessive too. They wo
  • Met this Cancer, hit it off, we definitely have a spiritual and soulmate connection. He told me he’s waited 35 years to meet me yet he’s afraid of commitment he’s afraid of getting hurt and he thinks that I have men lined up outside my door. The other ni
  • You Cancer men can be so confusing sometimes. I've been having major issues with the father of my the point of having to get a restraining order against him for all of us. We aren't together, and have been divorced for a while (3ish years).
  • Hello! I’m new to this and welcome anyone and any feedback. I did my birth chart and wanted to know a little more about what it means. Sun: Cancer Moon: Pisces Rising: Virgo Mercury: Leo Venus: Gemini Mars: Cancer Saturn: Taurus Jupiter: Pisces Uranus an
  • I'm a Pisces sun Aqua moon and my cancer and I have been flirting for the last 8 months. I'm 24 and he's 31. He's been through a lot this year so I've been sensitive about his space for the most part, but neither of us has came out and said "hey I like yo
  • So I was dating this cancer man born in July for a couple of months. We would talk everyday and see each other every other day. He always went out of his way to spend time with me. Recently we got into our first fight and he got annoyed that I was texting
  • Is this true? What is it about you guys that cause women to go nuts? I want to know because I have this woman who keeps
  • I had rejected his offer to go for a date in September. In November I met him at his house, he asked me to cook for him. We kissed and made out on his couch. He held my hand and took me to his bed but we did not do anything except kisses and a passionate
  • My ex Cancer girlfriend of 2 years left me after I blew up on her. Then I chased her relentlessly apologizing. She ignored me for months and finally texted me back. We met and she said she wanted to come back home. I thought I would be happy but actually,
  • Is it typical for Cancer who had been told no way!!! Your loss. Keep picking. I think you’re the one who’s full of shit. Fucking internet. It’s such a cesspool. And I have to say. That this site is full of ugly disgruntled scorn unattractive unwanted
  • Ok, I wonder if I was too forward, or not forward enough, with my cancer man. We've been taking things slowly (by slowly, I mean no formal relationship yet) for the past 7 months. I'd never been to his place (he moved about a month ago), so when he as
  • My Cancer girlfriend from a few months ago who walked out of our home and left me wants to finally come back. For the last three months I have been relentlessly apologizing, sending flowers, texts but she has been ignoring me. She asked me if we could