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  • So I've noticed the last few guys I've liked have had a Cancer moon. Do you think I am attracted to them because my mars is in cancer or they are attracted to me because of that? I don't have any other water in my chart...
  • Hey guys there is this cancer guy I have a crush on it been a while now like 1yr, he works for my dad and we see each other everyday, been trying to get close to him like be his friend but I feel like he doesn't want to. he is like in and out so I left hi
  • What is up with Leo's and the teasing??? Omg so annoying. I'm trying to get to know you and you just annoy me. Conversation is great until the teasing begins ? It's like one comment is fine but it seems like repetitive thing, wtf. Is this a norm?
  • Can one of you crabs explain - maybe some sort of detail - how Cancers deal with depression. Or maybe a sign that I might be able to see in one of my Cancer friends? Everyone knocks it off as that Cancer is a loser and is lazy.. What if it's depression?
  • I am positive Cancer man is watching my online status on a social messaging smartphone app. The question is, does it matter? No? Alright, thank you... move on... :/
  • Hey guys there is this cancer guy I have a crush on it been a while now like 1yr, he works for my dad and we see each other everyday, been trying to get close to him like be his friend but I feel like he doesn't want to. he is like in and out so I left hi
  • I recently surprised him by putting a gift onto the threshold of his door before he had started his morning shift. It was a decent, simple one, nicely wrapped, with his name on it. I feel that it showed my care and creativity which I'm pretty sure a cance
  • I love cancer women, but I don't know how to deal with them day in & day out. So much stress ? Should I just ignore them when they mood swing? problem is they still want me around even when they're irritated Give me ideas on how to ❤️ U ? in a
  • Why is that? 'Splain it to me like I'm 4.
  • Hi Guys I hope you are all well. I am curious to hear from women of all signs who have a cancer moon. I hear the moon is what dictates emotions and cancer moons are meant to be super sensitive. So how do you guys actually handle emotions when
  • I met my cancer about 4 months ago at a mutual friends party, and since then, I feel like I have found my twin, my soulmate. We are both busy with work but I see him a few times a week, and on the weekends. I have met his brother and his close friends (hi
  • What is the best way someone can flirt with you Cancerians? Lol What do you find intriguing or cute? I've heard of them/y'all being old fashion, but what is the best flirtatious moment you've had with someone? Lol I'm asking all the signs
  • I feel like we don't get enough attention on our on forum please post something about the cancer woman below a song, a picture, a question ...I will start .... People often mistake your sensitive nature as a sign of weakness and I see this as str
  • Both cancers, let's call him A. We're freshmen at uni, and we've walked past each other on campus multiple times staring at each other. I was drawn to him at first glance, don't know why. A few weeks ago, my close guy friend and I were having dinner on
  • I don't know if its a Cancer trait but when I like/love someone I become insanely jealous!!! They say the most jealous sign is Scorpio and Taurus. I DON'T have any Scorpio or Taurus in my chart. When I see the guy I like communicating with another female
  • So I had a conversation about this the other night with my pisces lady friend. I believe that Us water signs are better humans single. And Iv seen some talk about this on the cancer forum. I think when we are coupled we lose our light. Our shine... YET..
  • I will not be shy to say that I am in deep down love with a cancer guy. He was more interested in being friends, reason - dating could make him lose me but being friends is being forever. I was not ready to be just friends and we fell apart. Gradually we
  • Hello. I am a Scorpio woman, completed head over heels for a cancer man. We actually met at a mutual friend’s party, about four months ago. It’s crazy because I had always noticed him, but because I was in a relationship, I didn’t pay too close attention.
  • I need it! I crave closure! And I can't seem to get it with the crab that I've been involved with, and it seemed to adruptly vanish - this fling. I've accepted it,but I oh so love to just have a peace to the ending. I would do it so friendly and wouldn't
  • Hi I posted here recently about Cancer Moons and emotions. I am now doing a follow up post due to certain things that have happened. My ex is an Aquarius with a cancer moon. We broke due to a situation which was out of her control. She then proceed
  • I don't know if any of you watch Rick And Morty... BUT imma bring this perspective. Sometimes I feel like compatibility wise, with others not each other...cancers and pisces are the same sign EXCEPT. Us cancers.. all about ourselves... Pisces.. all about
  • So my cancer bf texted me at night and I didn't respond because the text didn't come through til mid morning the next day. Now he's been ignoring me for a week. What should I do?
  • I thought this combo was a HELLLLL NO! However, after talking to 3 couples who have been together for 20+ years and are still CRAZY about each other. I looked into their signs....all 3 were Gemini men with Cancer women. Was not expecting that. Thoughts