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  • Lol Not yet. So my birthday is coming up and I usually don't like doing shit, am I the only cancer like that? And if some of y'all do like doing things what do y'all like to do? I sometimes went swimming when I was younger but now that's like an everyday
  • Officially charged today with aggravated sexual assault, released on a million dollars bail. Cancer man, whose life has gone completely off the rails. Thoughts on where it all went wrong?
  • This is not me saying anything negative at all. But I guess I'm totally over the moon(pun intended) about the ideation that Cancerians are sensitive/emotional and they're supposedly the kindest of the zodiac. However, I'm not totally convinced th
  • I usually attract Leos, Geminis, and Tauruses... This is my first time dealing with a Cancer. ? I'm currently dating/seeing a divorced Cancer man. He has 2 young children and has co-parenting arrangments with his ex wife. I have never been married and
  • Does this describe any of y'all? "If your partner is a Cancer: It is a watery sign. Sensitive, shy, moody, sympathetic are the keywords for Cancerians. Highly emotional and sensitive in nature. You are moody and change your moods often and frequentl
  • Hi all, I met a cancer male on a dating site. He seems pretty honest and has never given me reason to not trust him. We've been messaging each other all day for quite some time now. I noticed he was busy last weekend so I didn't want to pester him and
  • When I wake up I've caught him staring at me three or four times. I think it's super cute but why does he do this?
  • On 2 occasions, I've had a few dates with a Cancer. The first one tried to get close really quick like within 2 dates wanted to cuddle at home after going out for dinner, and meet his friends for dinner on the next date. It was moving so fast, I got s
  • So I was hyped into talking to my crush today pushed past the fear of rejection and things didn't go as planned and ive been really even more depressed than usual. So how do you pull yourself out of the dumps when you get like this? And don't say your no
  • I heard Cancers are highly intuitive. And they "know" people? Ive known them/you to never be surprised at someone's actions. It's like Cancerians can read people and automatically guess their intentions. But can they determine and guess if someone has
  • Hi. I want to ask you if you consider that you have most of the characteristics of Cancers. I think most of the stuff is accurate with me. Tell me in the following order how accurate these characteristics go with your personality. And is there anything th
  • I honestly just need to meet cancers like me I am convinced there's nobody like me in my entire state like I go through some extremely tough stuff nobody else does and it's the truth I don't know anybody that goes through my struggles alone
  • I've been involved with 2 Cancerian men before. Why and how are they just effortlessly and naturally handsome?? I mean it's like fresh air! Lol no effort given. They're never extravagantly dressed or too trendy. Just jeans and a t shirt, and that's al
  • HI:). I met this guy recently and he is Cancer with Gemini Moon/Venus and Leo Mars. We are both in our forties... He has definitely a feminine side, is a bit shy and likes to gesticulate a lot with his hands (nothing really gayish, but just some borderlin
  • I just love how we cancers are stereotyped as being weak, emotional, ugly, etc..... EVERY cancer I've ever met has always been very successful, or on their way to being successful. We are the only sign that can actually cut someone off and be completely a
  • If you didn't read my post about this guy before you'd probably be lost. But anyways, we've been messaging on fb, and so a few days ago I asked him if he would like to go out together sometime or something. He responds today with "hey.... sure.... why not
  • I've been with this cancer guy for like a month now (first time I date a cancer man), he fell for me first, after weeks I fell too and he was being absolutely awesome all the time. We had a few fights & ended up talking about things and fixing them. L
  • Hi, all! I have been dating a Cancer male (27) for 5 months. We saw each other the first time, and we liked each other first sight. He run after me to ask for my number. Met 2 days later. Everything was great, many things in common. He always showe
  • I have been dating/living with my cancer bf for over a year.. I am a Pisces. A week ago without any notice. It was the day after June 1St the rent was paid he said he didn't see a future and broke up and know he is acting really cold hearted towards me
  • Hiii I'm super confuse and don't know how to read this Cancer man. We live 6 000 miles away. We met online and spent some times together while I was visiting. He would say he wants me back, but I have explained I cannot get back to the place I've
  • So say I hung out with a Cancer guy who was clearly hinting that he felt something with me. I rushed into this hook up. I rushed into the actual sex act because I'm an entitled Leo woman who thinks I deserve some fun and so thinking that this guy actual